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File 132475314879.jpg - (76.40KB , 557x729 , zwhat.jpg )
5680 No. 5680 [Edit]
Picks and pans for 2011?
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>> No. 5681 [Edit]
I'm sort of glad not to see Skyward Sword on the list of disappointments and see it being bashed for using motion controls to the extent that it does.
>> No. 5682 [Edit]
Not surprised by this list at all. I agree with quite a few and could even include another dozen games that sucked.
>> No. 5692 [Edit]
Best games: Disgaea 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3

Worst game (for ME, in my PERSONAL opinion, of the games that I actually bought): Skyrim. It has nice environments to explore but thats about it. The actual game sucks, the writing is terrible, stupid shit is constantly happening and taking me out of the game. AI doesnt make sense. 5 carrots/cabbages in ever barrel and sack...
I cant remember what shitty games I played earlier this year.

I was hoping Forza Motorsport 4 would be better, not sure what I was expecting but I feel like it was released with little fanfare and its a pretty basic upgrade.

I havent played any of the games on that list of disappointments.
>> No. 5693 [Edit]
File 132485289433.jpg - (147.14KB , 450x636 , z3.jpg )
UMVC3 rocks!
My team is Chun Li, Deadpool and Iron Fist.
>> No. 5737 [Edit]
Good game? That seems like a sort of strange site to think someone else on TC would be aware of. Too bad it went to shit after they fired Junglist, but his new show is awesome so whatever.

My GOTY is either Radiant Historia or Ghost Trick.

Disappointment of the year goes to Dark Souls
>> No. 5739 [Edit]
It seems like I should try out Radiant Historia.
>> No. 5742 [Edit]
Good luck finding a copy.
Better hope you live in a smaller town with a gamestop that might have it or you're dropping a decent amount online just for a used copy.
>> No. 5770 [Edit]
File 13251397647.jpg - (51.05KB , 700x466 , skyrim_bacon_helmet.jpg )
No regrets from Junglist

Back on topic~ my pick is Skyrim
>> No. 12557 [Edit]
File 150440972793.jpg - (125.43KB , 1024x597 , 20170901.jpg )
KOFXIV having no sprites hurts...
>> No. 12738 [Edit]
2017 picks & pans?
>> No. 12740 [Edit]
File 151108902814.jpg - (133.50KB , 850x481 , 20171115.jpg )
Cuphead is my pick for best game of 2017.
>> No. 13473 [Edit]
File 155765961468.jpg - (92.58KB , 768x538 , 20190519.jpg )
Still modding Skyrim in 2019. Heh
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