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File 131709344090.png - (3.60KB , 480x320 , ziggy.png )
4807 No. 4807 [Edit]
I searched every board and could not find a thread for this. Either I am blind or there is not one. Yes, I know there's a Dwarf Fortress thread, but that is not the same thing.

My favorite game is Nethack and I never get a chance to talk about it. I suppose I sometimes do in the IRC, but IRC is too fast for me.

Anyone here play Nethack?
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>> No. 4808 [Edit]
Nethack is my favorite too. It's been some months since I last played it(or any other roguelike), though.
>> No. 4809 [Edit]
Ive played a bit of Nethack but I've never got past the quest level. I usually try to play a knight and get excalibur, I suck at that game.

did you see JADE was finally released?
I have been waiting YEARS for this game. but it sucks so far (very early build), I dont know if its supposed to have actual content yet or it was just bugged when I tried to play but all the dungeons were really boring.

I think Dungeons of Dredmor has some cool ideas (haters gonna hate on it).

Other roguelikes I like are ADOM, IVAN and UnReal World.
>> No. 4810 [Edit]
I played Dungeons of Dredmor, I like the idea of roguelikes but I don't like the fact that they have no graphics
It was fun, but i figured out most of the game strategy in a few days and finishing it became a battle of attrition. I got bored and messed with the game data files to give me the high score on steam
>> No. 4811 [Edit]
I play a lot of angband. I've yet to kill even Sauron though. so far getting my ass handed to me by

d d

Only a lance and then I die.
Need to grind up. Do want to try nethack though.
>> No. 4812 [Edit]
there is something deeply wrong with you.
>> No. 4911 [Edit]
File 131879249040.jpg - (111.58KB , 728x546 , St_Katharines_Screenshot.jpg )
There are quite a few roguelikes with graphics out there and plenty graphical interfaces for the open-source ones aswell(of course, most graphics are done by programmers and they sort of suck)
Not to mention all the games which essentially play like a roguelike if you force permdeath and high difficulty. Diablo I and Transcendence(here in my pic) are even listed as roguelikes at the roguebasin.

Speaking of Roguelikes with graphics, anyone ever heard about Aqua Style? Touhou Wiki says they have done some Touhou Roguelikes. I have browsed through their page, seems the art is pretty well done, but didn't bother to download a demo because my japanese sucks.
Anyway, their page, if anyone wants to give a try, is
>> No. 6613 [Edit]
File 133632905128.png - (374.82KB , 806x628 , oh great.png )
I come home and there is a bear in my backyard. I should be preparing for winter but I will be probably injured badly if I try to kill the bear.

Unreal world is a fun game but I'd like to play something else for a while. Does anyone know other good survival focused roguelikes?
>> No. 6627 [Edit]
I played that game a lot. even before they made a tiled version. so much fun burning villages to the ground and creating mayhem with a battlesword.
>> No. 11421 [Edit]
File 142594635454.png - (267.98KB , 800x496 , cars.png )
I don't think this is a roguelike, but you guys should check out Cataclysm; Dark Days Ahead. Its a post-apocalyptic survival game.
>> No. 11422 [Edit]

cataclysm is a rogue like.
A damn good one, too.
I haven't played it in about a year, but I remember it being a tad bit open ended, with balance being a tad wacky (depending on your path, you may make yourself stupidly overpowered and murder Dune wyrms with lasers firing out your bionic ass or you are just barely above the zombie masses scavenging for food/ammo indefinitely as you hit the plateau of choosing a different route)
>> No. 11448 [Edit]
I started playing Cataclysm lately but I haven't progressed past the point of dicking around and dying on the first or second day.

Even when I sort out my food, shelter, water, weapons etc. I just end up getting bored and doing something stupid.
>> No. 11453 [Edit]
You really have to read the help section. Otherwise the game will be a pain in the ass to play.
>> No. 11493 [Edit]
File 143082720411.png - (167.41KB , 600x450 , amecha.png )
Does Path of Exile count as a roguelike; especially with the extra difficulty of connection lag? XD
>> No. 11496 [Edit]
File 143119018070.jpg - (45.47KB , 809x530 , Dorf Halls.jpg )

sir, please take your non-ascii bullshit back to its proper containment thread
>> No. 14255 [Edit]
>> No. 14306 [Edit]
File 162415324639.jpg - (68.34KB , 558x590 , 20210620.jpg )
Does DiabloI and DiabloII count as rogue-like? It even has a rogue class in the games.
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