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File 130284947351.gif - (57.98KB , 530x304 , sunset riders.gif )
2315 No. 2315 [Edit]
General nostalgia thread.
What were your favorite games growing up? I loved playing Sunset Rider, even though I couldn't play worth a shit. I'd spend hours trying to beat a level. I just found it on a rar'd pack of ROMs I dled.
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>> No. 2316 [Edit]
I wish I had something to contribute, but I never really got to play many old games...
>> No. 2318 [Edit]
File 130285370317.jpg - (16.86KB , 300x332 , 304222-excitebike_large.jpg )
I lived off of Excite Bike and Bomberman, and some NES baseball game I can't remember the name of.
>> No. 2319 [Edit]
File 130285657789.gif - (59.71KB , 640x400 , tyrian_20006.gif )
I honestly barely remember any, and I sure played lots of them.
>> No. 2320 [Edit]
File 130285660783.gif - (37.60KB , 640x400 , 339_file.gif )
>> No. 2321 [Edit]
File 130285662524.jpg - (87.23KB , 538x650 , Crusader-no-Remorse.jpg )
>> No. 2322 [Edit]
File 130285665286.png - (367.76KB , 800x500 , Earthwormjim2.png )
>> No. 2323 [Edit]
File 130285718084.png - (59.25KB , 1024x768 , gq-2.png )
I wonder how many people out there will figure out this one.

Also, tons of games on Commodore-like 'computer'. I can't even recall them, as I was <7 when I played them. I never really knew their titles and I simply reffered to them as 'roller skates' (because there was a guy riding them in the game - it was a standard left to right platformer but you only jumped etc. as he was going forward all the time; you could buy upgrades after you finished the level), 'swords' (platformer where the you used sword to fight, I don't remeber much more), 'soldiers' (it was a rather well known game I think; you were commanding a squadron of soldiers, can't recall anything else, though) etc. Good times, I played them with my sister (we hate each other nowadays).
>> No. 2324 [Edit]
File 130285842494.jpg - (66.39KB , 600x405 , 600px-cadillacs_and_dinosaurs4.jpg )
Oh yeah, I forgot about some arcade games.
>> No. 2331 [Edit]
Is Earthworm Jim 2 that much better than the first one? My friend and I were just discussing this a few days ago.
>> No. 2337 [Edit]
File 130289176052.jpg - (38.39KB , 640x400 , rayman_1_screenshot_02.jpg )

Do you honestly think I remember them? I'm not even 100% sure I cleared them. It was long ass time ago.
>> No. 2338 [Edit]
File 130289268349.gif - (30.66KB , 90x160 , s.gif )
>> No. 2340 [Edit]

Oh man, I loved Jazz Jackrabbit.
I think Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was the first not-pirated game I ever had.
>> No. 2343 [Edit]
File 130291122075.jpg - (215.95KB , 953x473 , nostalgia games.jpg )
I always thought Hsien Ko was cute. I mostly played through Red and Blue story on Saga Frontier. I never played the second game, but I remember getting really mad when I saw the "to be continued" screen at the end of Blue's story. I think that's how I learned english, playing this game. My uncle had a dictionary, and i had to look up a lot of words to progress through the story.
>> No. 2344 [Edit]
File 130291172891.jpg - (16.27KB , 274x184 , hm.jpg )
Played it so much I'm surprised my N64 didn't catch fire. I even called the Nintendo Counselors once to ask what the point of getting those stairs that lead to your roof was when nothing ever happened up there.

There was no point to them. You need them for 100% completion but that's it
>> No. 2345 [Edit]
My mother has told me that I was obsessed with Zelda, I think she meant Link to the Past.

I remember Final Fantasy 6 and Secret of Mana topping my list too.
>> No. 2346 [Edit]
File 130291713629.jpg - (32.37KB , 425x336 , sonic_sms_vcmm_lg.jpg )
I never got really far. I think that underwater level was as far as I went.
>> No. 2347 [Edit]
File 130292623264.png - (118.14KB , 234x231 , Outpost_2_CD_Cover.png )
I loved this game.
>> No. 2348 [Edit]
File 130292652873.jpg - (48.54KB , 640x445 , Mystical-Ninja-Starring-Goemon-U-.jpg )
I played this game a lot. Probably more than Ocarina of Time.
>> No. 2397 [Edit]
File 130310777753.jpg - (25.77KB , 252x355 , Landstalker-UK-cover-lower-resolution.jpg )
This was my favourite game. I remember first playing it at some kind of Japanese culture or animation expo during an interstate trip. I was messing around in the first village and I couldnt believe how amazing the graphics were and you could ride around on dogs and chickens!
>> No. 2398 [Edit]
File 13031083744.png - (192.34KB , 256x363 , Dragon_Crystal_Coverart.png )
I also used to like this game called Dragon Crystal. It was the first roguelike game I played. I never managed to beat it.
>> No. 2405 [Edit]
File 130315910060.jpg - (11.79KB , 266x183 , king of dragons.jpg )
Two controllers, three siblings, and a whole lot of punches thrown.
>> No. 2575 [Edit]
File 130384905326.jpg - (37.22KB , 480x337 , 1-vyp7k0.jpg )
Super Mario RPG was awesome, and I played it again about a year ago and it was just as awesome. Getting a strategy guide for it was why I signed up for nintendo power
>> No. 2579 [Edit]
File 130385233677.jpg - (98.81KB , 500x353 , SuperMarioKart1.jpg )
I had so much fun with this with about the only friend I have ever had. I miss him.
>> No. 2584 [Edit]
File 130385616676.png - (203.75KB , 256x356 , Sonic-Chaos.png )

I remember playing this at the arcades.
I always chose the Mexican with the dual shotguns.



Oh shit son.
This was among the first games I played as a kid.

Contrary to genesis and up, Game Gear Sonic games were pretty challenging. You should have played Sonic 2. That shit was ridiculous. When I finally played the genesis versions, I was surprised at how easy they were.

Pic somewhat related.
This was probably the easiest Game Gear Sonic game.
>> No. 2592 [Edit]
File 13038740519.jpg - (63.85KB , 640x640 , 936full-pitfall%3A-the-mayan-adventure-cover.jpg )
This game seemed hard as hell back then and I actually don't remember getting past the second stage.

Love this game, I wish I could play it again.
>> No. 2593 [Edit]
File 130387583275.jpg - (16.59KB , 418x299 , PitfallHarry--article_image.jpg )
I played the SNES version and used cheats to get to the end. It's hilarious because when you save your dad he looks exactly like he did in the original pitfall.
>> No. 2602 [Edit]
File 130398637688.gif - (25.08KB , 256x223 , Donkey Kong Country.gif )
I used to play this loads as a kid. Just downloaded a ROM and beat it from start to finish in 3 hours without ever visiting that heroin addicted slut Candy Kong to save or backtrack to earlier levels to stock up on lives. Was still fun though, and the music was as catchy as I remembered.


I remember preferring the first, but can't think of many reasons why. The second did have some fucking annoying flight levels and was a bit less difficult but felt more polished, maybe. I was very fond of both though.

I used to play a lot of the Lion King SNES game as well, because I loved the film. Mario Kart was great but I didn't have any friends to race with in it, and my sister would only play with me if we just drove around to explore the levels and go swimming in the ponds and stuff.
>> No. 5486 [Edit]
File 132256124173.jpg - (91.55KB , 1000x753 , zero_3maxupper.jpg )
Granddaddy of all Capcom beat 'em ups
>> No. 5488 [Edit]
>found it on a rar'd pack of ROMs I dled

Can you share the DL link?
>> No. 5510 [Edit]
File 132275115482.jpg - (49.96KB , 640x480 , DQIII.jpg )
Look what I'm playing right now.

Finally changed my Wizard for a Sage.
Thinking about making my Priest -> Warrior at level 40.
My Thief will stay forever the same.
>> No. 5521 [Edit]
TMNT: Turtles in Time
Sonic 2
NBA JAM (or was it hangtime)
Ice Climbers
Commander Keen 4
>> No. 5541 [Edit]
File 132289802542.gif - (2.19KB , 281x193 , zLoderunner.gif )
I feel old now...
The sound effects are flooding back into my mind!
>> No. 5577 [Edit]
File 132343222651.jpg - (56.24KB , 800x640 , z37.jpg )
An old game still being modded
>> No. 5596 [Edit]
File 13236102703.jpg - (100.25KB , 1000x583 , z37.jpg )
Welcome to a whole new world
>> No. 5598 [Edit]
File 132368614032.png - (14.19KB , 320x200 , chess_2.png )
Battle Chess!
>> No. 5599 [Edit]
Oh man. In elementary school I was in an advanced class thing that I went to once a week and pretty much all we did was watch Bill Nye, play with clay, or play with computers. That game was one of those computer games. I remember the Queen's attack was like humping the enemy to death or something. There was also some sort of baking game where you played as a robot
>> No. 5621 [Edit]
File 132390094724.png - (49.08KB , 500x500 , Lavos _3.png )
Always had a soft spot for Chrono Trigger.
>> No. 5622 [Edit]
File 132392481523.jpg - (202.09KB , 500x350 , 4150596503_45194755d0.jpg )
Yeah. I still play these games on the emulator when I'm on nostalgia kicks. I also pretend the newer games and the horrific fanbase surrounding the whole thing don't exist.
>> No. 5673 [Edit]
File 132467101091.jpg - (37.84KB , 640x502 , z324181876321.jpg )
Warhawk: the Red Mercury Missions for the PS1

>> No. 5781 [Edit]
File 132524826540.jpg - (106.85KB , 560x490 , zyy.jpg )
Ikari Warriors
>> No. 5814 [Edit]
File 132575060946.png - (47.44KB , 319x400 , King's_Quest_I_screenshot.png )
Play but never finished the original King's Quest....
Good times though.
>> No. 5815 [Edit]
File 132575242321.jpg - (74.77KB , 1280x960 , golv.jpg )
Golvellius: Valley of Doom.

Sure, I never beat it, and the controls are horrible, but I really loved this game.

I really want to see the rest of the game, I should probably put some effort into finishing it. Wish I still had my old Master System, but emulation will do fine.
>> No. 5994 [Edit]
File 132809417157.jpg - (50.29KB , 480x444 , zz.jpg )
25 years of Shoryuken.

Remember when Ryu had red hair and wore slippers?
>> No. 6030 [Edit]
File 132835768380.png - (388.99KB , 640x400 , powermonger.png )
I wish someone would make an updated version of Powermonger with a proper interface
>> No. 6117 [Edit]
File 13293911386.jpg - (26.67KB , 300x308 , zz.jpg )
A swords&sorcery based beat them up.
>> No. 6270 [Edit]
File 133120557387.jpg - (20.97KB , 233x266 , zSuper_Spacefortress_Macross_-_Chou-Jikuu_Yousai_M.jpg )
超時空要塞マクロス ( Chou-Jikuu Yousai Macross )
Super Spacefortress Macross

Came out in 1992 and it is waaaaaaaaaaayyyy better than the NES version.
>> No. 6403 [Edit]
File 133293639852.jpg - (63.01KB , 615x384 , z dune-2-1992.jpg )
Dune II: The Building Of A Dynasty
>> No. 6438 [Edit]
In my days we had internet and no cartridges like young people today.
>> No. 6441 [Edit]
I played Dune 2000 a lot when I was younger. Good times.
>> No. 6527 [Edit]
File 133492047970.png - (110.81KB , 300x221 , Crossed-Swords.png )
Crossed Swords
>> No. 6651 [Edit]
File 133716776355.gif - (118.38KB , 674x512 , swchess2.gif )
May the Force be with you...
>> No. 6829 [Edit]
File 133939298870.jpg - (86.35KB , 568x289 , sublime.jpg )
Zeliard ~ platformer with RPG elements. Only got stuck because of a THREE-WAY door.
>> No. 6910 [Edit]
File 134109915969.jpg - (141.91KB , 975x920 , 131933215161.jpg )
You drop us the nostalgia bomb.
>> No. 7050 [Edit]
File 134450812089.png - (18.60KB , 320x240 , kozure_cub.png )
Lone Wolf & Cub (1987)
>> No. 7219 [Edit]
File 134604274644.gif - (16.26KB , 256x224 , 28.gif )
I love the skateboard in this...
>> No. 7293 [Edit]
File 134715958062.jpg - (230.44KB , 1280x960 , azy.jpg )
Diablo 1 and 2. Hammer paladin is best.
>> No. 7355 [Edit]
File 134798861772.jpg - (100.87KB , 663x650 , 777646-spyro_ntsc_front.jpg )
I died so many times flying into invisible walls in an attempt to explore the levels.

I loved the wizard areas the most.

Favorite boss theme above.
>> No. 7394 [Edit]
File 134829200388.jpg - (705.81KB , 1366x768 , 94.jpg )
Please, hammer. Don't hurt them.
>> No. 7491 [Edit]
File 135116085936.jpg - (157.48KB , 961x1331 , acc.jpg )
I played it on the Apple II.

Atari ST had nicer graphics though.
>> No. 7565 [Edit]
I don't exactly remember the titles of the games...

But there was this one Sega(?) game that was co-op. It had the same feel as Resident Evil but the plot was more crimefighting than zombies.

There was also another game for some arcades. It had you as a raptor I'm guessing and you ran around fighting other dinosaurs, it also had a top-down view.

Those were real fun.
>> No. 7567 [Edit]
I loved that game, until my brother's dog pissed on the cartridge.

What a shame.
>> No. 7595 [Edit]
File 135367203026.jpg - (70.76KB , 624x240 , abrawlhist02.jpg )
Double Dragon!,_part_1
>> No. 7596 [Edit]
File 135370108981.jpg - (40.40KB , 535x465 , 191265.jpg )
I remember playing this when i was young, i remember playing it a lot. I'm trying to get it to work but i think i will have to use a virtual machine
>> No. 7598 [Edit]
Is it for Windows? I suggest using 3Danalyze, as it's probably much faster than most VM solutions anywhere(are there any even capable of decent 3D acceleration?). I've only tried it with Omikron: Nomad Soul, and it runs like a charm.
>> No. 7639 [Edit]
No, it doesn't like 64-bit operating systems that's all.
>> No. 7642 [Edit]
I've been playing super metroid and even though it's great and I like the exploration, I've gotten lost and needed a guide like 4 times. No wonder 8 year old me played it for 15 minutes and quit
>> No. 7759 [Edit]
File 13564412119.gif - (51.50KB , 541x325 , 2G_W9e1db2f2c164d168.gif )
Game & Watch
>> No. 7833 [Edit]
I thought Super Metroid had a map?
>> No. 7875 [Edit]
File 135917602285.jpg - (85.73KB , 500x500 , aTekken-1-cover-front.jpg )
Tekken~ what badass 3D models!
>> No. 7916 [Edit]
File 136015334479.jpg - (87.48KB , 640x764 , 196957_41907_front.jpg )
Westwood's Command & Conquer
with music by Frank Klepacki
>> No. 8046 [Edit]
File 136183532773.jpg - (90.88KB , 600x600 , Croc - Legend of the Gobbos [U] [SLUS-00530]-front.jpg )
Croc 1 and 2, which I have just started replaying after maybe 8 or 9 years.
I love the atmosphere in these games, the design is great.
>> No. 8070 [Edit]
File 136213575838.jpg - (241.01KB , 1024x711 , Wonder_Woman_Origin_by_AdamHughes.jpg )
Justice League Task Force!
>> No. 8081 [Edit]
File 136221185712.jpg - (70.09KB , 600x338 , snake.jpg )
25 years of Metal Gear
>> No. 8082 [Edit]
File 136221222759.jpg - (8.67KB , 217x232 , snake25.jpg )
>> No. 8132 [Edit]
File 136359859686.jpg - (59.79KB , 654x393 , 1missile_command_2600_comparison.jpg )
Missile Command~ MAD politics in a video game.
>> No. 8174 [Edit]
File 13647985664.jpg - (57.63KB , 622x240 , 21100810154530754.jpg )
Still remember the original StarCraft?
>> No. 8212 [Edit]
File 136550521810.jpg - (13.43KB , 320x233 , 25chess.jpg )
Killer Instinct
It was mindlessly fun... for a while
>> No. 8227 [Edit]
File 136619690858.jpg - (118.17KB , 511x700 , 23.jpg )
Moon Patrol!
>> No. 8246 [Edit]
I used to play this shit all the time in middle school, it has the best opening of all time too.
>> No. 8284 [Edit]
File 136892876818.jpg - (156.02KB , 1280x850 , UMDorDSC02892.jpg )
Need for Speed!
World neeeds more fun car-driving video games!
>> No. 8528 [Edit]
File 137621964152.gif - (16.68KB , 125x108 , Guy-ffmoves.gif )
Having to fix old console hardware so you can enjoy the nostalgis is hard work but rewarding.
Here's how;
>> No. 8532 [Edit]
I really liked the Phantasy Star series, especially II and IV.
>> No. 8556 [Edit]
File 137691308362.jpg - (901.95KB , 2103x1436 , h1.jpg )
>> No. 8596 [Edit]
The sequel
Ikari II
>> No. 8628 [Edit]
File 138042080349.gif - (136.24KB , 313x475 , guieHD.gif )
What's with remaking older games but keeping none of the charm?

Mmm... Nostalgia tech.
>> No. 8659 [Edit]
Ikari III - The Rescue
>> No. 10361 [Edit]
File 138450326773.jpg - (287.41KB , 719x479 , z1384232799059.jpg )
That pic reminds me that I have to get SF2HDR.
>> No. 10362 [Edit]
Oh yeah, that was a really, really good remake.
>> No. 10363 [Edit]
More info here;

>> No. 10365 [Edit]
File 138468443288.jpg - (334.40KB , 1600x1956 , za3338781f45b4cf5c6e3c57aa06dee8a0.jpg )
Hyper Fighting was when it was best!
>> No. 10366 [Edit]
When throws were forward+HP/HK rather than lp+lk....
>> No. 10384 [Edit]
File 138587083799.jpg - (53.52KB , 500x318 , SFIII.jpg )
Playing Roller Coaster Tycoon.
Nice, relaxing simulation...
>> No. 10386 [Edit]
File 138590286115.jpg - (553.39KB , 1836x2448 , Imeiji.jpg )
We have to go further back in time..
>> No. 10387 [Edit]
Nice reddit pic
>> No. 10406 [Edit]
Doom, every episode, including fan-made ones.
I especially liked to load a custom WAD file(OUTSIDE2.WAD comes to mind), with the "no monsters" setting enabled, and then just walk around in an empty level, watching the scenery.
>> No. 10441 [Edit]
>> No. 10443 [Edit]
3dpd is never relevant here.
>> No. 10454 [Edit]
File 139072680087.jpg - (616.18KB , 600x2043 , z2014.jpg )
(Metal Gear Solid Snake voice)
Pokemon.. Pokemon never changes..
>> No. 10472 [Edit]
Now a browser game?
>> No. 10493 [Edit]
File 139365750550.jpg - (252.27KB , 754x999 , zDoD.jpg )
Gouki signalled the end of SF2.... Zero/EX/3/Versus to follow
>> No. 10503 [Edit]
File 139485298316.jpg - (51.54KB , 323x495 , ze kamui sathi.jpg )
Dragon's Lair with Dirk the Daring
Installed it, played it, finished it and uninstalled it. 1st ever interactive movie game?
>> No. 10514 [Edit]
File 139546456191.jpg - (177.76KB , 480x328 , zSelectScreen.jpg )
Remember when fighting games had less than ten characters?
>> No. 10539 [Edit]
File 13966691075.jpg - (35.41KB , 476x470 , divine_divinity_game_wallpaper-normal.jpg )
>> No. 10545 [Edit]
Kill the Mutant Master.
>> No. 10731 [Edit]
How much can you mod Skyrim before it stops being Skyrim? Cos I <3 Skyrim.
>> No. 10733 [Edit]
File 140526383558.jpg - (84.89KB , 700x858 , 265405.jpg )
>> No. 10766 [Edit]
File 140694017084.gif - (788.38KB , 350x203 , zDP.gif )
EVO Moment #37 (2004)
>> No. 10783 [Edit]
File 140756364295.jpg - (180.42KB , 850x1208 , ysKjO0nX.jpg )
Remember when 3D graphics looked like this?
>> No. 10793 [Edit]
File 14080993976.jpg - (37.96KB , 200x200 , yBubble-Booble.jpg )
Bubble Bobble
>> No. 10794 [Edit]
File 140810086514.jpg - (148.31KB , 250x320 , yesParrot.jpg )
Prince of Persia (1990)
>> No. 10795 [Edit]
File 140814447879.jpg - (6.14KB , 138x143 , ySTARS.jpg )
Resident Evil / バイオ ハザード (1996)
Started the survival horror genre. Didn't like it when the franchise got too action-focused; survival horror works best when you can't steam-roll through the zombies.

>> No. 10796 [Edit]
File 140814574455.jpg - (29.79KB , 359x310 , ySTARS.jpg )
>> No. 10922 [Edit]
File 141057968945.jpg - (97.94KB , 469x640 , yplanet.jpg )
Dem feels.
>> No. 10939 [Edit]
This video brings back a lot of memories, Midtown Madness was probably one of my favorite games as a kid. The only game I played more than this was The Sims.
>> No. 11015 [Edit]
Borderlands was fun.
>> No. 11109 [Edit]
This game is awesome.
>> No. 11863 [Edit]
File 145344872454.jpg - (99.97KB , 1047x764 , a20160125.jpg )
StarCraft: Brood Wars is the best competitive RTS ever.

"Pinecone Attacks" website is dead...
>> No. 11978 [Edit]
File 145774262677.jpg - (738.31KB , 1634x2048 , c20160314.jpg )
>> No. 11979 [Edit]
I have fond memories of Digimon World and also some happy ones while playing Pokémon games on my old game boy, i still have my GBA with pokémon crystal and boot the game every now and then.
I don't have my PSOne anymore though, just a SNES and a N64 with very few games, my family was kind of poor so i had to carefully pick games to not buy the 'wrong' ones back then.
>> No. 11982 [Edit]
>> No. 11985 [Edit]
I don't know what to think of this, the OSX support is nice. They screwed up a lot of 3rd party programs. A lot of them are working again. Some new bugs were added also. Blizzard claimed that they dropped these old games completely. This patch is suppose to be a work in progress. There are so many bugs in this game that just became part of it, if they acutally patch in game bugs or add new items. That would be insane. This has to be one of the oldest games in existence to get something like this.
>> No. 12004 [Edit]
File 145872064782.jpg - (111.60KB , 503x1016 , c20160405.jpg )
How old should a game be before it can be considered worthy of nostalgia?
I say 10 years old minimum.
>> No. 12005 [Edit]
I'm inclined to think it depends on how old you were when you played it.
>> No. 12008 [Edit]
I'd have to agree with this.
>> No. 12040 [Edit]
File 145984791990.jpg - (164.03KB , 800x1100 , g20160425.jpg )
Best approach is to make in work on win 10 and OSX without any gameplay changes or bug fixes.
>> No. 12093 [Edit]
>> No. 12301 [Edit]
Street Fighter 4 Revival
>> No. 12316 [Edit]
File 148374633550.jpg - (442.03KB , 1500x1346 , 81gJjjk5SFL__SL1500_.jpg )
This game is my childhood. The only real flaw that I'm willing to admit it has are incredibly dated graphics. I also personally dislike how the characters have next to zero customization, a party prepared for the final boss will look the same across all games, no matter who is playing. There's also a lack of optional quests and stuff like that, it's a very linear game.

The story and world are really neat. The story itself is admittedly a composite of various popular RPG's but the environments are really original and neat for the most part. I also appreciate the heavy super sentai influence in a fantasy setting. The battle system itself is neat with the "additions".

A really dope aspect that I've grown to appreciate more is how the dragons are decidedly un-dragon-like, they more resemble insects or machines.

Meru was my first video game crush. I had a dream about her, it left me really confused.

The battle system was mostly beyond my motor skills as a child, I was like 10 and could only accomplish up to the tier 4 additions. I can do them now, but some characters still give me trouble.

It's a wonderful game, it's just a ps1 game and it's now 2017. I still pick it up sometimes. Kind of abandoned my last run in the middle of disc 4, maybe I'll finish it someday soon.
>> No. 12318 [Edit]
I remember that game. I liked it a lot, although I haven't played it since 2003. I've heard that it looks a lot better when you play it on the PS2, because the graphics on the game require a faster processor to render properly, or something like that.
>> No. 12358 [Edit]
>Kind of abandoned my last run in the middle of disc 4, maybe I'll finish it someday soon.

the end part turns into a real grind, sadly.
I recommend getting around that by using the trainer for infinite hp -- running in circles grinding to level up characters to fight back to back bosses gets super old, super quick.

it really is a great game, though.
>> No. 12419 [Edit]
File 149725193859.jpg - (84.79KB , 1022x427 , 20170610.jpg )
Remember when Capcom made good games other than just Monster Hunter?
Capcom after 2010 sucketh.
>> No. 12420 [Edit]
If by 2010 you actually mean 2005, then yes, I remember.
>> No. 12556 [Edit]
File 150440678562.jpg - (236.52KB , 896x968 , 20170902.jpg )
Opps, got the date wrong.

Also BLIZZARD trading *hard* on nostalgia with Diablo2 necro (now with female model!) and StarCraft Remastered (HD graphics and 5.1 stereo sound but no gameplay changes).
>> No. 14287 [Edit]
File 162341890023.jpg - (91.96KB , 690x688 , 4444coff2.jpg )
Should have made Street Fighter 3 look like the anime movie.
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