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No. 1922 [Edit]
The last thread was getting to be a pain to load, so I figured I'd make a new thread if that's OK.
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>> No. 2185 [Edit]
>> No. 2558 [Edit]
Portal 2 has an in-game item store?
>> No. 2559 [Edit]
File 130369115085.jpg - (150.87KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-04-24_00002.jpg )
Yeah, but it's all just aesthetic items and nothing gameplay altering. You can get a few items, like the bionic beanie, by completing the game.

Definitely no where near as bad as TF2's item store, but still sort of silly.
>> No. 2566 [Edit]
>> No. 2567 [Edit]
Gabe Newell jokes get old and then funny again in a neverending cycle.
>> No. 2572 [Edit]
Ah, that glitch. I remember when I first learned of that, I bought a Poisoned Apple from the guy in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, duplicated around 300, went to one of the cities and reverse pickpocketed one into every guard's inventory.

If you removed all other food from their inventories and the guard barracks and waited until around ~7am when they all change shifts, they'd sit down for a meal and promptly die on the spot. They could also eat at random times during the day, so the whole city was just littered with mystery guard corpses.
>> No. 2614 [Edit]
You guys have to see this one.
>> No. 2616 [Edit]

That kawaii pic...
>> No. 3323 [Edit]
>> No. 3325 [Edit]
I wish I the game could actually be that amusing all the time/I had APB friends to do amusing shit with
>> No. 3508 [Edit]
Fun with flamethrowers and choppers.
>> No. 3637 [Edit]
The World's Oldest Battlefield Player
>> No. 3639 [Edit]
Still Alive
>> No. 3641 [Edit]
>> No. 3715 [Edit]
>> No. 3716 [Edit]
Wow, Japan really does make the best games.
>> No. 3728 [Edit]

I remember playing the shit out of a similar game back in the day. Basically you controlled... 'something' and moved it on a grid composed of squares. You marked your squares just like they do in the video. The point? It was a multi game and when the time was up whoever colored most squares won. Also, you could retake squares already colored by other players by simply capturing them again.

That in itself might be boring but there were tons of power ups which made it really fun.
>> No. 3791 [Edit]
reminds me of this game. except the version I played was much older with worse graphics, I think it was just called Painters.
>> No. 3808 [Edit]
How to not play Hitman
>> No. 3840 [Edit]

I fucking came. The first MMO worthy of my money.
>> No. 3849 [Edit]
Time to destroy your dreams.

It's made by one guy, it has been in development since 2006. He stopped developing the mmo idea and instead is going around selling that atmosphere environment thing that you see in that clip to other gaming companies.

I know. I sad too.
>> No. 3856 [Edit]
Apparently this is the most fun you can have in this game. Griefing with trucks.
>> No. 3862 [Edit]
Not really, because last I heard they made it where dumptrucks can't blow up other players' cars anymore
>> No. 3868 [Edit]
So it is even more useless now? Good.
>> No. 3869 [Edit]
No, it's still good for jerks who have people outside the mission who block objectives with it, since you can't get it out of the way no matter what

Post edited on 6th Jul 2011, 8:07pm
>> No. 3906 [Edit]
Get a mustache.
>> No. 3910 [Edit]
Captain Falcon completely annihilates the Classic Mode.
>> No. 3919 [Edit]
This is so mean, yet so incredibly funny. And a perfect music choice and timing of explosions and such.
>> No. 3921 [Edit]
Okay, this was pretty funny.

Brb getting JC2.
>> No. 3928 [Edit]
Oh haruhi, he made another one.

This one is even funnier.
>> No. 3929 [Edit]
Not sure if I posted this in the old one. . .kind of an old video.
>> No. 3943 [Edit]
I was giggling like an idiot the whole time.
>> No. 3945 [Edit]
I've thought about getting GTA4 for PC for the neat mods (like the graphics mod in this video), but I've already played it to death on the 360 and also heard that it is a really shitty port.
>> No. 3946 [Edit]
It is. There are alot of videos out there that focus on the bugs. And even then, alot of the serious videos you can still see bugs and stuff, at least with what I've seen.
>> No. 3956 [Edit]
I laughed way harder at that then I needed to.
>> No. 3965 [Edit]
GTA4 videos are always funny
>> No. 3995 [Edit]
>> No. 4009 [Edit]
>> No. 4010 [Edit]
He named his daughter after Princess Zelda if I remember correctly.
>> No. 4011 [Edit]
He also loves EVA
>> No. 4012 [Edit]
I made this. It stars my waifu.
>> No. 4022 [Edit]
I think some people here will like this, albeit short.
>> No. 4044 [Edit]
I wish someone would make a mod for the GTA3 era games where the delorean would actually take you to one of the 3 time periods. That would probably be a pain in the ass to make work though, and also it would mean the delorean would have to teleport to a different location which is NOT CANON
>> No. 4054 [Edit]
>> No. 4086 [Edit]

Oh my god.
>> No. 4088 [Edit]
>> No. 4159 [Edit]
It's not everyday that you get hit by a house on Mars.
>> No. 4202 [Edit]
I had no idea there were so many special lines for if you play fat. He's out of breath all the time!
>> No. 4203 [Edit]
I think more then half of those were scraped in the final version of the game, which is something I noticed with some of the other character voices, like the Ballas, they only used like 20% of the voices they had recorded, you can easily put 100 hours in and never hear most of the stuff said in this vid.
>> No. 4226 [Edit]
>> No. 4234 [Edit]
>> No. 4239 [Edit]
This is so awesome.
>> No. 4240 [Edit]
Neat. I'm probably in the minority but I thought MM was better than OoT
>> No. 4241 [Edit]

I think so too.
It's my favorite Zelda game followed closely by Wind Waker.
>> No. 4242 [Edit]
I agree, I never liked OoT as much as I was supposed to.

Majora first and then a close Twilight Princess in second. Zelda 2 is probably third.
>> No. 4243 [Edit]
File 131295284019.png - (98.49KB , 443x201 , emulators.png )
Back in days, I just played MM in my console and I utterly loved it (very probably my N64 favourite, thougth I liked Conqer's BFD a lot too). But I always felt that I was missing the real deal, that came first and started it all; so, 15 years later, now that I'm an old motherfucker shut in bastard, I've finally been playing OoT in my laptop...

I'm currently undecided about which one I think is better (is REALLY hard to decide: OoT seems more mature/poetic at times and the map feels somehow bigger; but MM is... apocalyptic -and has a reversed gravity dungeon! on wich you fall into the deepness of the sky!! and the HERO MASK!!!...). When I finish OoT, I'll let you know my side.

I also tried to play TwilightP on Dolphin (as GameCube, not Wii), but I still can't make to function at a decent speed.
>> No. 4256 [Edit]
I know there's tons of mods for the game, but this was still very unexpected.
>> No. 4268 [Edit]
Wow, that looks really good.

I didn't know SA had that much in it.
>> No. 4269 [Edit]
Just like to hop in and say another +1 for Majora's Mask. The depth of that game is unfathomable; Both story wise and side-quest wise. So many secrets in that game.

I bet without a guide most people would never get beyond 13 hearts, and I assume most people didn't use one, then they went around spreading rumors about how it is lesser then OoT, when finding those hearts is half the fun. I myself am stuck at 19 hearts, 2 peices I can see, but can't reach, 2 totally unknown. I'll get them someday...

also people complaining about the "OMG I HAVE TO START THE LEVEL AGAIN!?,"/save system crap is always annoying.

also I bought TP gamecume version for 2.50$ factory sealed awhile back, but have yet play it, because no controller.
>> No. 4270 [Edit]

Dammit, now I feel like playing Majora's Mask again.
I'd stream it, but I don't think anyone would be interested...
>> No. 4445 [Edit]
full length version would be just rad.
>> No. 4448 [Edit]
This was rather sweet. A guy proposes using a custom portal map, and they even got GLaDOS's VA to participate
>> No. 7678 [Edit]
Chad Warden is a hikikomori

what a lovely lullaby
>> No. 7834 [Edit]
A hilarious glitch in STALKER: Call of Pripyat. (Linked instead of embedded to change the start time)
>> No. 7838 [Edit]
STALKER glitches are always cool.
>> No. 7840 [Edit]
Hahah oh wow.
>> No. 8214 [Edit]

I wonder how a TC kickstarter fund raising would look like.
>> No. 8215 [Edit]
Nichijou: My Electronic Arts Life
>> No. 8216 [Edit]
What would TC raise funds for?
>> No. 8217 [Edit]
Virtual reality development?
>> No. 10467 [Edit]
File 139164486462.jpg - (75.36KB , 1280x720 , link is dead.jpg )
Could this be the actual meaning and value of Majora's Mask?

It'd be great.
>> No. 12774 [Edit]
This video makes me so nostalgic, it was great seeing somebody mess with mass AI and keeping it all in sync so well. I watched this one a long time ago so it's very special to me.
This thread takes a while to load, should we make another one?
>> No. 12778 [Edit]
Is not that long of a wait, unlike /mp3/ threads.
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