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File 165353493454.png - (808.44KB , 1700x1850 , score.png )
14522 No. 14522 [Edit]
Lets see how well versed TC is in vidya!
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>> No. 14523 [Edit]
File 165353509964.jpg - (1.78MB , 1700x1850 , gaymer score.jpg )
Used stars for the ones I've only played a little of, and hearts for the ones I <3.

(I have no life)

Score would be a little higher but I've only played demon souls, and don't really count that to dark souls. (I'm not big on the whole "omg so hard" pissing contest stuff.)
I own copies of or have installed some of the games that are marked as unplayed, but just haven't gotten around to them yet.
Some of them are definitely on my bucket list.

Post edited on 25th May 2022, 8:53pm
>> No. 14524 [Edit]
I can't tell if this is a joke or not considering the majority of those list are huge titles.

A better question: what are some niche games (either indie, abandoned, or "just never got enough traction) that have simple mechanics and are fun?
>> No. 14525 [Edit]
You over estimate normies and the modern generation of young gamers. Both of which would be hard pressed to have played half of these. A lot of these haven't had an entry in more than a decade. It would also involve a lot of cross platform play.

I find it interesting though that you're so confident for someone who hasn't filled it out themselves. Why not put your money where your mouth is?
>> No. 14526 [Edit]
File 165353635464.jpg - (93.52KB , 903x983 , nongamer.jpg )
I've tried some of these but never stuck to them for long, so I only put the games that I've played one or more of and actually completed it or spent an obscene amount of time on level one as a child, to the point where I can be a professional speed runner in that level alone (Jak and Daxter)...
Should probably play more games outside of specific franchises or random dojin downloads.
Cute editing
>> No. 14527 [Edit]
File 165353662638.png - (754.05KB , 1700x1850 , score.png )
I'm not a gamer. Didn't grow up as one.
>> No. 14529 [Edit]
File 165353906335.png - (828.48KB , 1700x1850 , 165353493454.png )
I played a good chunk of the unmarked ones very briefly.
>> No. 14530 [Edit]
what can you tell about me?

Post edited on 26th May 2022, 11:06am
>> No. 14531 [Edit]
File 165358854188.png - (760.71KB , 1700x1850 , Wvog.png )
>> No. 14532 [Edit]
File 165362534983.jpg - (615.47KB , 1700x1850 , Untitled.jpg )
Tried to use old drawing tablet, pen input is really finicky, I blame Windows.

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