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File 165317180353.jpg - (56.57KB , 640x428 , 91e1umx69n621.jpg )
14507 No. 14507 [Edit]
Have you played any older games recently? ie, nothing made within the last ten years.
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>> No. 14508 [Edit]
>nothing made within the last ten years.
Ten years is a little soon. I'd say at least 15 years to be considered "older", and even that's pushing it.
I've played a lot of Morrowind. I wasn't satisfied from my first full playthrough of the main quest because I exploited the systems far too much.
I might try Symphony of the Night soon. I enjoy the genre, but it's still fresh.
>> No. 14509 [Edit]
File 165317866051.jpg - (46.32KB , 512x512 , hola.jpg )
I just played the original Halo. I've never much liked xbox or microsoft, so I've avoided all... what, four of their note worthy exclusives? But after all this time I figured I might as well put the console war stuff behind me and give it a fair chance now that it and it's squeals on PC. After all, I'm not the play station fanboy I once was.

Trying to get this started wasn't doing much for my impression of Microsoft. I couldn't care less about multiplayer and only wanted to play single player, but the game wouldn't let me in until I signed up for a Microsoft account. I tried to find a work around but said fug it and made one. Then when I came back to the game the next day, I couldn't start it because they locked me out of the account I made. They asked for a phone number, which I gave, then deleted my account? wtf? So I made a new disposable account, which has been holding up okay I guess?
Anywho, as for Hola: Combat Evolved. The story felt a little... missing. Especially for the first half of the game. There's very little context given for much of anything going on. With what is there, I guess Mass Effect must have drawn a lot from it. For better or worse I could see elements from a lot of FPS in this. I think this was where recharging shield/health when out of combat came from? and I'm guessing the two gun carry limit too.
Somehow, after all these years, the nature of the ring and the whole zombie thing was never spoiled for me. Not that it was all too surprising. Did help to mix things up a bit by the end.
Guns all aim like crap. Found myself having to run right up to enemies a lot for bullet flavored hugs because of this. Getting the shotgun as a result felt very natural, at that time I was used to having to go point blank anyway. grenades seem OP as hell, which is something I vaguely recalled from the past. One good toss and you're insta dead. vehicles are, not great for the pc version. I understand why they'd point where the cursor is pointing, but as someone who's played a ton of car games this just doesn't feel right at all. Makes sense for something like a tank at least.
Cortana ranged from being annoying to being a condescending bitch, why people like her so much I don't know, squeals maybe? As for halo himself, I like him, he kill alien and don't afraid of nothing.

Mater Chaf: How do we take control of the weapon?!
Cortana: It's not a weapon you barbarian!
Cortana: We have to stop this weapon!
Master Chaf: how?!
Cortana: Blow it up!

Not exactly the best story to it I gotta say. All in all it's a very "okay" game. Not bad by any means, but also doesn't feel like the console selling/saving grace mega smash hit that would be the face of the companies gaming division and even influence their other divisions from then on. Or why so many games would line up to try and take on the role of "halo killer" (that was literally a tag line put on the box of the game Tribes.). I guess it's all about the multiplayer, but since I don't much enjoy playing video games with people that aspect is pretty lost on me.

Currently playing Reach since it's a prequal, then I'll hit up Hola 2 and then 3.
>> No. 14510 [Edit]
Halo is alright. I think what really made it so notable is that it's fairly accessible. I think multiplayer was a big deal too.
>Guns all aim like crap. Found myself having to run right up to enemies a lot for bullet flavored hugs because of this.
Halo CE doesn't really have very many good weapons. Only guns really worth using are the pistol, the sniper, and the shotgun. It gets a little better with the sequels. The first three games all feel pretty a bit different.

Even as someone that mostly played Xbox back when Halo didn't suck, I'll tell you it's nothing that special. It's not really anything to put any thought into, as it's simple in every way. Just shoot the space aliens dude. The games do get better, but don't expect anything game-changing. Just don't bother with anything released past Reach.
>> No. 14511 [Edit]
>The story felt a little... missing.
That's one of the things I really like about it actually. It's more atmospheric than really plot-heavy.
>> No. 14512 [Edit]
File 165318582589.png - (630.33KB , 1172x896 , Fire Emblem - Seisen no Keifu (J)-220515-014918.png )
I started playing Fire Emblem 4. It's a much more in depth game than I imagined it would be, even having played a few of the others.
>> No. 14513 [Edit]
It's the kind of thing you had to grow up with I feel. Halo was the first shooter I ever played, it was the first 3d game I ever played it amazed me, then Halo 2 comes out and amazes me all over again, then Halo 3 comes out and it does it all over again. Each time the graphics are better the world is bigger the gameplay is better. I think Halo 1 was always my least favourite though, it always felt lacking even though it was so revolutionary for me. But as the other poster said, everything past Reach is pretty bad.
>> No. 14514 [Edit]
FE4 is really cool. It's my favorite of the series. It's very unique compared to the rest.
I don't know that I'll ever play it again though. It's a very exhausting game.
>> No. 14515 [Edit]
I've definitely gotten that impression. A single map is such a commitment. It's wonderful but exhausting.
>> No. 14516 [Edit]
I only play older games, modern games are all terrible
>> No. 14517 [Edit]
Try Japanese doujin games.
>> No. 14518 [Edit]
I really wanted to play it at one point, but I feel like I've already become too spoiled on its mechanics and secrets and become jaded towards it.

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