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File 160778637673.jpg - (64.81KB , 1280x720 , cyberpunk_2077.jpg )
14128 No. 14128 [Edit]
The rest of the internet won't shut up about it. Does it live up to the hype?
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>> No. 14129 [Edit]
Played it in console (because I'm poor and miserable and dirty, I'm sorry), and it's an absolute disaster of enormous proportions.
Problem is it doesn't fail in one thing or two, but in everything. Performance is bad, but graphics are bad too, but it also has bugs, but it also crashes, but the AI is unexistent. It's kinda irredeemable and you can see they didn't give a fuck about it.
Beyond the atrocious console ports it seems like a pretty game, extremely demanding on hardware, with a nice narrative and worldbuilding but also poor mechanics, not too many ways of playing, kinda liveless city beyond the first impression (it doesn't even seem to follow the minimum standards of all sandbox games of the last two decades like it shows the lack of car AI), weak stealth and most of the mistakes that were already aggravating in The Witcher 3 like sponge enemies or tons of useless lot like finding a weapon with +1 damage every two steps.
I don't think it's a masterpiece ruined by atrocious ports and premature release, but an extremely overhyped production with it's strong points but by no means a masterpiece or a revolutionary game, kinda like a weaker and shorter The Witcher. In consoles it's basically an scam, it's the kind of shit that could kill a company if the public had some memory. Overall, really disappointing and a waste of money.
>> No. 14130 [Edit]
File 160779073249.png - (1.89MB , 1366x768 , uqoQqCcU.png )
I've heard the console version is an unplayable train wreck. I guess now we know why they kept pushing the release date back. The initial clips and screenshots I saw looked like huge exaggerations, just jokes from elitist pc gamers, but no, the game really is -that- bad.
>> No. 14131 [Edit]
File 160779572119.png - (1.14MB , 1280x842 , bid1x9.png )
Game of the year material I'm tellin ya.
>> No. 14132 [Edit]
First time I have laughed in weeks, thanks anon.
>> No. 14133 [Edit]
File 160779829751.png - (4.97MB , 1920x1080 , 5768586.png )
Even after paying full price and getting literally sick after playing I can say I've been laughing a lot with the game, sometimes it's so silly you can't help but taking it like that.
>> No. 14134 [Edit]
Remember kids: Don't pre-order or buy at launch.
>> No. 14139 [Edit]

They apparently shipped out pc version with console limitations.
>> No. 14140 [Edit]
The PC version might be the best version, but it still seems buggy as all hell.

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