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File 160394918743.png - (523.39KB , 628x353 , fdsfdsfdsfds.png )
14053 No. 14053 [Edit]
Does anyone else find it really off putting when a game proudly boasts a ton of awards? I swear the more of these something has the more it makes me want to avoid the game.
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>> No. 14054 [Edit]
File 160395240633.jpg - (155.41KB , 1200x1200 , a9f91b554eec23111ee83628f2702a4b.jpg )
I certainly wouldn't play a game boasting an edgy main character like that but the awards do rub me the wrong way a little bit. More than even that however is if the game is popular among actual people or is a triple A title. Then I just don't bother. I have a sense for these things but the games that activate it are always games I never would have played anyway.
>> No. 14055 [Edit]
I feel like any game worth it's salt wouldn't need to do that. Combined with with how sketchy the game industry is with paid reviews being rampant, it makes me think the game is probably garbage if they do that.
>> No. 14056 [Edit]
I just ignore it completely. Some good games do it too and really it;s nothing to do with the game itself for the most part, it would be somebody in marketing who decided to do it.
>> No. 14144 [Edit]
When I saw all the awards Hades had gotten, I too felt disgusted by it. It was weird because I never even knew I would react like that just because something was critically acclaimed. In hindsight, what makes it even weirder is the fact that I actively seek to watch films that are critically acclaimed.
Ultimately, I refuse to give in to what seems to be an inner-hipster and stop myself from enjoying something just because it's popular. A game's a game. Whether or not I play it will be decided by its graphics and gameplay.
>> No. 14145 [Edit]
It's certainly off-putting but I played the game while it was still in early access and it's definitely a great game.
>> No. 14149 [Edit]
File 160904788252.jpg - (310.55KB , 1888x1450 , ZNYX.jpg )
Gameplay is great but the cartoony skulls kind of ruin suspension of disbelief for me.
>> No. 14154 [Edit]
Most awards are completely meaningless.
10/10s however seem like an indication of bribery more often than not. There's not a single game that I can think of that is so flawless that it'd deserve a 10/10.

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