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File 158009744734.jpg - (1.27MB , 4096x2304 , 2c08f550b677c8f9fd0bcf25c505e36e.jpg )
13737 No. 13737 [Edit]
Is there a Doctor in the house?
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>> No. 13738 [Edit]
This game is way too addictive!
>> No. 13739 [Edit]
What about it?
>> No. 13740 [Edit]
The "just one more try" idea while I try to figure out the best way to clear a map. Maybe I'll try this, maybe I'll try that. Maybe this new unit will do the trick. That sort of thing.
>> No. 13741 [Edit]
I guess, I'm playing it at the moment and that aspect of it is alright but I'm not so sure that it's enough to make up for everything else, the characters being one of the issues.
>> No. 13742 [Edit]
File 158063158923.jpg - (428.50KB , 768x1024 , f87cc0613942e33a461ce4f3771057cb.jpg )
What's wrong with the characters?
>> No. 13744 [Edit]
File 158107400480.jpg - (306.82KB , 850x1275 , sample_41b040fcbe61ac6ce3016301c468c99e.jpg )
As much as I like the game and enjoy it's mechanics, I feel like it's very lacking in content. I'm not sure if this would apply to more casual players but I'm not exactly a hard core obsessive player either. I'm just about done with the story mode, material farming modes, and even the recent side story event only took a day to knock out. Another day of grinding it has given me all of it's exclusive furniture for the dorm. Once you finish those things and fully upgrade your base, there's not much to do other than grind and level up your character collection and maybe build up a resource stockpile. really, that's about it. The game only came out in ENG/JP less than a month ago but it's been out in CN for a year and a half, I expected a bit more (even if what's there is good).
>> No. 13745 [Edit]
Yeah, everything feels too easy to get. The only thing that actually limits my progress is the in-game currency, something I rarely have had to grind for in other games but constantly find myself doing in this.
>> No. 13746 [Edit]
File 158116228698.jpg - (684.69KB , 2436x1370 , 1581155604638.jpg )
I've been seeing ads for this all over the place, including places that you wouldn't think would be interested in animu games. Seems like it's being pushed pretty hard.
>> No. 13747 [Edit]
I need one.
>> No. 13748 [Edit]
File 158132213137.jpg - (830.46KB , 849x1190 , bb1f357c3b20fb1277a0b66d3b694f18.jpg )
>> No. 13750 [Edit]
File 1581564124831.webm - (2.63MB )
Here's hoping the game gets a live 2d update soon.
>> No. 13753 [Edit]
File 158338241270.jpg - (115.13KB , 822x1024 , 1583377015965.jpg )
Cafe colab!

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