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File 157742255754.jpg - (119.82KB , 810x456 , 541348c.jpg )
13717 No. 13717 [Edit]
What gamepads do you guys like to use?
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>> No. 13718 [Edit]
My favorite ever is probably N64, but for practical use, original, wired xbox is best.
>> No. 13719 [Edit]
Playstation 2. Recently bought a steam controller to try out but I have a feeling I won't like it that much.
>> No. 13720 [Edit]
I like the switch pro controller, though I wish it was more compatible with PC games. I have to use some strange workarounds to use it. Recently I bought a Saturn-type controller to play 6-button games so I look forward to seeing how that will turn out.
>> No. 13721 [Edit]
File 157747927255.jpg - (18.84KB , 500x497 , s-l1000.jpg )
pic related and the gamecube controller
>> No. 13754 [Edit]
File 158394661529.jpg - (496.99KB , 2000x2000 , BlackWirelessGameRemoteControllerforMicrosoftXbox3.jpg )
I remember well, how I thought "wow, a gamepad can be this pleasing to the hands?", when I used an xbox360 controller for the first time.

PS2 is just not meant to be held with big hands and original xbox is clunky and hurts after a while.
>> No. 13789 [Edit]
I own the PS4, Xbox One and Switch Pro controller.
At the moment the PS4 controller is my favourite one for most games. The Xbox One controller is nice for racing games because it has rumble build into the triggers and they kinda feel better as gas than the PS4 ones.
The Switch Pro controller is nice but doesn't even have analogue triggers.
I like the layout of the PS4 controller with the two thumb stick on the same hight the most and the PS5 controller looks very promising in my eyes.
I can't really recommend any controllers because hands are different, you have to try them.

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