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File 157742255754.jpg - (119.82KB , 810x456 , 541348c.jpg )
13717 No. 13717 [Edit]
What gamepads do you guys like to use?
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>> No. 13718 [Edit]
My favorite ever is probably N64, but for practical use, original, wired xbox is best.
>> No. 13719 [Edit]
Playstation 2. Recently bought a steam controller to try out but I have a feeling I won't like it that much.
>> No. 13720 [Edit]
I like the switch pro controller, though I wish it was more compatible with PC games. I have to use some strange workarounds to use it. Recently I bought a Saturn-type controller to play 6-button games so I look forward to seeing how that will turn out.
>> No. 13721 [Edit]
File 157747927255.jpg - (18.84KB , 500x497 , s-l1000.jpg )
pic related and the gamecube controller
>> No. 13754 [Edit]
File 158394661529.jpg - (496.99KB , 2000x2000 , BlackWirelessGameRemoteControllerforMicrosoftXbox3.jpg )
I remember well, how I thought "wow, a gamepad can be this pleasing to the hands?", when I used an xbox360 controller for the first time.

PS2 is just not meant to be held with big hands and original xbox is clunky and hurts after a while.

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