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File 15669978963.gif - (49.33KB , 640x400 , 106E4ADA-E371-4F6E-943E-69B0B73954C6-15486-000010B.gif )
13624 No. 13624 [Edit]
What do you think about "pixel shit", especially in indie games? Pretty much every /v/ board automatically rejects anything with pixel art. When I made the mistake of starting a thread about a game with pixel art(cross code), that's practically the only thing people talked about. Pixel art in many indie games have been lazy, uninspired shit used as an excuse for bad art, but it seems regardless of the artistic quality, people will reject the game if it has it. Admittedly, there are other problems's with crosscode's art and I wont defend it, but some of what's in the game does look impressive to me.

Pixel art is not necessarily simplistic or bland as many pc-98 games have shown. The technical capabilities holding pixel art back on other systems from the time don't exist now either. Is not "getting with the times" just bad in itself? Is "progress" a goal in itself and necessarily a measure of quality? I think being frustrated with an over abundance of something shouldn't blind a person's ability to judge quality.
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>> No. 13625 [Edit]
Pixel art is one of my favourite kinds of game graphics. Honestly, nothing makes a game better than pixel art. I don't really keep up with video games, so it's surprising to know that people reject pixel graphics.
>> No. 13626 [Edit]
>it's surprising to know that people reject pixel graphics.
I don't think that's the case. Most likely, people have grown tired of poor to middling pixel art in a lot of indie games. I think anybody would be up for some high quality old school beauty.
>> No. 13628 [Edit]
File 156704131943.gif - (483.35KB , 872x632 , 495BBC82-DCDF-4D6D-A95F-D36FCB59648B-15970-000011A.gif )
What do you consider old school and what do you consider good quality? The famicom didn't have particular pretty art in most games. Some super-famicom games looked pretty, but they're nothing compared to the intricacy and movement in pc-98 games as far as a I know (if there are some good examples to say otherwise, please tell me). Pic is something that appears in Crosscode. Would you consider that good? Not sure, but I doubt v likes shovel knight either. I think most people agree undertale looks like shit.
>> No. 13629 [Edit]
File 156713026533.jpg - (106.41KB , 1000x1067 , 1406235006019.jpg )

to reiterate the other anon's main point -- there are so many lazy RPGmaker games with pixel graphics that you are sorting through a pile of mostly shit looking for the rare gem. In most cases, pixel art is chosen due to it being cheaper and easier to work with than other alternatives (e.g. 3-D models). Generally, those games lack in the art department overall, and are quite lacking in everything else, too. Also, most people bringing up those games on /v/ are shills trying to publicize it for advertising purposes. The rare thread on a good indie pixel art game by people who genuinely enjoyed will be something like violated heroine on /vg/d/ or somewhere else where cult followings won't get drowned by the shithole that is/v/ to begin with.

Most of the pixel art in pc-98 is less about it being "pixel art" and more due to the color pallet limitations combined with 640x480 pixels stretched to take up most of a 12" by 12" CRT screen.
They were drawn by hand the regular way, and then painstakingly converted into 256 color bitmaps by hand in order to be rendered into the game.
>> No. 13630 [Edit]
>They were drawn by hand the regular way, and then painstakingly converted into 256 color bitmaps by hand in order to be rendered into the game.
Wasn't that the dominant way of making pixel art for a long time?
>> No. 13631 [Edit]
I'm familiar with how often pixel-art is used as a crutch. Doesn't really justify irrational hatred. I'm pretty sure people are more accepting of pixel games if they're not made by westerns, epecially if they're eroges. I figured people didn't generally make art for the pc-98 starting from pixels, but it's still impressive and has a unique look none the less. If i'm remembering right, I prefer how yu-no looks on the pc-98 to windows.
>> No. 13645 [Edit]
File 156993941470.jpg - (56.11KB , 620x313 , 20190922.jpg )
This thread is Blasphemous!
It's 2D Action Platformer by The Game Kitchen with great pixel art.
>> No. 13646 [Edit]
Looks a little interesting. It reminds me of Dark Souls.
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