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File 156010379827.jpg - (88.62KB , 800x450 , e3banner.jpg )
13524 No. 13524 [Edit]
It's that time of year again!
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>> No. 13525 [Edit]

Destroy All Humans is getting a Remake, count me excited.
>> No. 13527 [Edit]
Anything even worth diverting my attention for a minute or is this just another hollow ceremony in honor of the almighty market and corporate culture?
>> No. 13528 [Edit]
Microsoft Flight Sim is back if aeronautics/transport is your thing
Other than that it’s mostly cashgrabs so far.
In my opinion, hype like this is bad for video games.
>> No. 13529 [Edit]
The only thing I am looking forward to is Bannerlord which probably won't make an appearance anyway(I think it did at another E3 though).
>> No. 13530 [Edit]
File 156021741244.jpg - (110.97KB , 625x720 , 1454812172127.jpg )
Only really bothering with Bethesda.
Too much mobile garbage all around. They need to split off the mobile shit into a separate damn event.
Doubling down on fallshit76 with an added battle royale mode was fucking hilarious. First I cry from how my sides are hurting from laughing, and then the reality sets in that it will work and make them a shitload of money and then I stop laughing and as my sides recover the bitterness eminating from my eyes just won't stop.

Onto a more positive note:
Ghostwire looks promising.
I love the style and overall theme, it would make a great X-COM style of game if they took the base of X-COM 1 and didn't fuck things up with stupid shit like those devs did for X-COM 2, and then for every good thing they added something retarded in the expansion.

Doom Eternal looks good, as expected. The angel reveal in the trailer is amusing, wouldn't mind seeing how they handle Saint Peter getting his skull shoved up his ass by doomguy. On one hand, I am optimistic about the 3-d platforming. On the other hand, they seem to go nuts with it and make it like mirror's edge maps breaking up the combat sections.
I would rather boot up cs1.6 and go through a good few kz_ maps for a 3-d platforming experience.

That's good news. Are they doing the Elite Dangerous thing where you can VR yourself in the pilot seat with a HOTAS setup?
I'd love for something that is less arcade style and more true simulation.
>> No. 13542 [Edit]
File 15606750537.jpg - (121.85KB , 1440x763 , BanjoKazooie-SmashBros-Addition-Trailer-10.jpg )
I was really disappointed to see Sony really wasn't there after all. This felt like the most underwhelming E3 to date. Mostly everything was boring or uninteresting stuff we've seen before with not much new. No more heros3 and banjo in smash are the only things I found interesting.

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