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File 155943934996.jpg - (191.25KB , 693x893 , 2f6296ba48ffcf199c71341cd29590022b3ee101.jpg )
13495 No. 13495 [Edit]
What do you think the best game console is?
I know emulators make this largely irrelevant, but if you had to have one console in your room with every game available to it, what would it be?
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>> No. 13496 [Edit]
Only ONE allowed? PC then.
>> No. 13499 [Edit]
File 155946383864.jpg - (926.83KB , 1148x2430 , bQsYe6c.jpg )
PS2, no contest. It's home to many of the best videogames ever made with the largest library of any console. It comes from a time when budgets were big enough to allow for some good looking AAA games, but not so bloated that creativity was completely stifled like it is today. In generations that followed, budgets got so big that publishers would shy away from taking chances on experimental games with strange concepts and instead opted to just copy what's been proven to work. It was the last console we had before DLC truly became a thing. There was also no installing to the system required, games could still be chucked in and played right away. There was also no shipping incomplete games and patching them latter. With just a few exceptions, Devs made sure the games were finished before they were printed, and this meant beta/bug testers were an actual paying job, The customer wasn't paying to be a beta tester. I feel like the ps1 laid the ground work, and the ps2 was the masterpiece built on top of that. I think the ps3, while nice, was a step back, and the ps4 was a leap back. They did everything right, but by then the industry changed so much it didn't matter. The industry was so huge and diversified during the ps2 days with countless devs and publishers turning out fantastic unique works. Even the likes of EA and Activation were putting out great stuff at the time, Before they started having a pissing match to see who could make the best selling dudebro shooter. It wasn't until after the ps2 era that all these publishers started to cannibalize eachother while killing off quality dev studios in the process.
Meanwhile the gamecube only had a handfull of games making it worthwhile with many people I knew at the time only owning the system for smash, same for the xbox(1) with halo. If you ask me, the PS2 was truly the sweet spot of gaming. The peek that we'll never see anything like again.
>> No. 13500 [Edit]
The original Xbox had some interesting games outside of Halo and diving deeper into the library is very reminiscent of diving into the Dreamcast, most memorable is that Steel Battalion game with the peripheral controller being larger than the already large console itself. Also interesting with the Xbox is how the very different US and Japan tried to appeal to their eachothers markets, with giants such as Konami and Capcom publishing exclusives for the console, SEGA actually publishing what is considered among fans of the sport to be the best American Football game and Microsoft actually trying to create a shōnen franchise with the creation of Blue Dragon and getting Zoids as an exclusive for the Xbox, although some of this spilled into the 360 era it was still an interesting thing to see. I do agree with you about the PS2 being the best simply due to the vast library and more Japanese dev exclusives, in fact I imagine it is far and above the best if you’re Japanese literate. The original Xbox is more of an oddity that’s worth exploring when you've seen all the known stuff, although due to how poor Xbox emulation is most people won’t. And to be fair, the PS2 probably has very obscure, eccentric lineup too simply due to the size of library. I think that whole generation was something that will probably never happen again and might have been the peak of the franchise, although I’m sure there are people who hold the torch for the fourth generation.
>> No. 13501 [Edit]
PS4 because they still make games for it.
>> No. 13502 [Edit]
I own every gen 6 console and there are at least 5 good exclusives for each of them but I would still have to go with PS2 as the best console for the crazy large library. I think that there are still a handful of great games every year but before 2005 or so there were dozens of great games per year.
>> No. 13503 [Edit]
I'd never willingly choose to play on a console.
>> No. 13504 [Edit]
PC barely has any Japanese stuff outside of emulation and doujin games
>> No. 13505 [Edit]
The PC-98 would be an exception, though I suppose many Westerners would consider a console for lack of any other use.
>> No. 13506 [Edit]
>I know emulators make this largely irrelevant
Only if you discount fifth-generation onward. And that's only if you don't value the native experience.

>but if you had to have one console in your room with every game available to it, what would it be?

Like others said, the PS2 for library alone. I remember getting it as a kid when I was 6, and I never really wanted anything else until I was 12. Besides Smash on the GameCube, there was nothing else I really wanted to play which I couldn't.
>> No. 13507 [Edit]
I'll assume you mean home consoles - at least for the PS1, Mednafen and Xebra are both quite accurate; for GameCube/Wii, Dolphin. Admittedly, the other consoles are not doing quite as well, but for Dreamcast and Xbox the situation is changing very rapidly. The N64 and Saturn will probably not see great emulation in years to come, however.
>> No. 13508 [Edit]
>The N64 and Saturn will probably not see great emulation in years to come, however.

Those were my particular thoughts.
>> No. 13509 [Edit]
I would probably choose a new Nintendo 3DS XL. I dont really know why, It is just the console I spent most of my time on. Also, it is backwards-compatible with DS/i carts and can natively run GBA roms. Because of that, the total game library is immense and also contains lots of japanese stuff.
>> No. 13511 [Edit]
Why not 1st gen ps3? Then you get three consoles worth of library.
>> No. 13547 [Edit]
File 156102650298.gif - (214.73KB , 800x400 , z.gif )
Are all PS1 and PS2 games backwards compatible in a PS3?
>> No. 13548 [Edit]
I believe so. The PS3 even provides anti-aliasing for PS2 games I think.
>> No. 13549 [Edit]
I believe it's the majority of games with a handful of exceptions, and only the original 60GB and 20GB launch models are backward compatible. They removed that thanks to retards who kept crying about the console's price tag. The 80GB Metal Gear Solid PS3 had it via emulation but I think it was removed in a softwear update.
>> No. 13550 [Edit]
If we don't count the PC the only home console I have is the Switch so the answer is trivial.
I do plan to get the PS5 though, because it can play all PS4 games, so maybe the PS5 if you include all PS4 games.
Also old consoles and retro games are overrated.

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