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File 155294877661.png - (2.90MB , 1512x2016 , rsz_3dsanimetiddies.png )
13398 No. 13398 [Edit]
Hello kind and non-judgemental image-board-goers! Please recommend some visual novels, but nothing with a super complicated plot or anything. I just want a visual novel/dating simulator with kwaii high school anime girls! Please don't judge and have a nice day!
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>> No. 13399 [Edit]
I recommend giving Princess Evangile a shot.
>> No. 13400 [Edit]
So is it on Steam. I see a version on Steam but it says all ages version, is there a not all ages version that isn't on steam?
>> No. 13401 [Edit]
Yes, there is.

Avoid Steam for VNs, whenever you can. By the way, I also recommend Princess Evangile.
>> No. 13402 [Edit]
>Avoid Steam for VNs, whenever you can.
>> No. 13403 [Edit]
Not him but I think it's because they keep flip flopping on what is and isn't allowed, and DLC for erotic VNs or even the the VNs themselves could be removed without warning.
>> No. 13404 [Edit]
File 155295986151.jpg - (418.12KB , 1683x2118 , Yuzuhara_Konomi_full_36350.jpg )
I recommend To Heart 2.
>> No. 13405 [Edit]
How is the game compared to the anime adaptation? I only ask because the adaptation was really not too great. To Heart 2 specifically, not the first. Always thought the second was oddly popular and wonder if there is a reason for it. To Heart on the other hand deserves every bit of it.

Post edited on 18th Mar 2019, 8:20pm
>> No. 13406 [Edit]
The first anime was indeed fantastic with the second being shit. I never played the games myself but I assume that has to be the appeal to To Heart 2.
>> No. 13407 [Edit]
Disclaimer: I haven't seen ToHeart2 anime. Take my opinion with a grain of salt since it's been almost half a decade since I tried the VN.
I wasn't very impressed by it. I finished 1 route then gave up midway through another one. Didn't much care for the girls who seemed to be rather bland and 1 dimensional, the relationships you develop with them feel poorly fleshed out and lacking any sense of progression, and the daily SoL conent is just bad. Also IIRC the game has a poor skip text system which makes it hard to go through another route - the common route content is so samey day in and day out that I found it really hard to tell what I've read and what I haven't and again, if memory serves the game does a poor job at helping you with managing that.
If you'd like an older VN I can recommend Canvas 2 which I read roughly around the same time; all ToHeart 2 managed to do was make me thing 'I wish I were reading Canvas 2 instead'.

Still, somebody else did recommend ToHeart 2 so if you've got enough time it won't hurt you to try it I suppose. Don't let me (or anybody else) discourage you from checking out things you think you might enjoy.
>> No. 13408 [Edit]
I watched an episode of the TV anime after finishing a few routes of the game, and I didn't like it very much. The designs in the anime look much worse than the game and it doesn't really have the same atmosphere, though I'm still planning on watching the OVAs made later.
>> No. 13409 [Edit]
As the guy who recommended it I do have to say some routes do have that progression issue, particularly Yuma's, but I think Konomi's was excellent, and I also enjoyed Lucy's and Yuuki's. I never really had an issue with the text skip or the common route stuff. Canvas 2 looks really good though, I'm going to try that out next.
>> No. 13410 [Edit]
I should've probably explained this too, I rarely go through all the routes in galge. I just read the routes of the girls I like. There's little point if I don't actually enjoy interacting with the girl in question.

It's possible that some of the more central characters in ToHeart 2 have better routes but none of them caught my fancy. The game left such a weak impression on my I can't even tell you which routes I tried. I think the one I actually cleared was Manaka's, and I was going through Karin's afterwards. Or the other way around.

As for skipping/common route I unfortunately(?) no longer remember what was the exact issue. I know it was somewhat frustrating which didn't help the already lackluster experience.
>> No. 13411 [Edit]
For Princess Evangile should I get the W Happiness version or not?
>> No. 13412 [Edit]

Steam description is misleading. W Happiness is a fan disc. It has 4 eiplogues for base VN's heroines and 5 new routes for other girls. You definitely want to start with 'vanilla' Princess Evangile.
>> No. 13413 [Edit]
Princess Evangile WHappiness includes the original game, though.
>> No. 13414 [Edit]
It actually doesn't I'm pretty sure. It only includes the first 10 or so chapters, not the entire common route. That's why I said the description is misleading.
>> No. 13415 [Edit]
I don't have to play the first game right? I would but I can't find an English version anywhere.
>> No. 13416 [Edit]
No, To Heart and To Heart 2 are completely separate.
>> No. 13417 [Edit]
Sorry to bother you but where can I get it?
>> No. 13418 [Edit]
It's on sukebei.
>> No. 13429 [Edit]
File 155333016581.jpg - (87.83KB , 600x351 , 20190318.jpg )
I read that as Princess Evangelion. Haha.

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