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File 155118368383.jpg - (65.63KB , 720x400 , _20171214104031_32_Sensors_HTC_Vive_at_PB_Tech.jpg )
13374 No. 13374 [Edit]
Have any of you played around with VR? If so what kind of things have you used it for? and what has your experience with it been like?
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>> No. 13375 [Edit]
File 155120925325.png - (2.60MB , 1920x1080 , VRChat_1920x1080_2019-02-09_17-29-08_227.png )
I basically only play in VR at the moment since I bought my Oculus Rift.

I spend most time in VRchat. Socialising can be fun if everyone is a cute anime girl.
I actually met some Japanese people and tried my language skills and was actually able to communicate with them on some degree.

Story about pic related:
I joined a Day of Defeat Miku Avatar server to chose an avatar.
Met a group of people (mostly Japanese) with Wehrmacht Avatars trying to shout German stuff.
We somehow decided to "invade Poland" so some one opened a portal to a Polish themed world.
We met some Russian people in that Polish world (that's whats on this picture) so we decided to join a Russian world after that.
At the end we joined a random server and everyone switched to a Tiger tank avatar for a reason.

Other games and apps I can recommend are:
Serious Sam VR collection (buy it in a steam sale it was 90% off in the last)
Shooting lots of enemies buy pointing guns at them is fun. Aiming with the controllers works really well. And having two Miniguns is just fun.

Google Earth VR is a really nice experience.
With the new 3D cities (most bigger cities in important countries are in 3D now) it is really nice to move trough them.
Street view is also nice with the higher field of few.
Of course I spend most of my time in Google Earth VR in Japan.

Some other games I want to play but I can't really at the moment:
Subnautica is just beautiful in VR but I get VR sickness very fast because there are no methods to prevent it in that game and the controls are really awful. But it's beautiful.

Minecraft has a VR mod but it does only support older versions. But I don't really want to continue playing on my old server right now.
>> No. 13391 [Edit]
File 15528015009.jpg - (624.01KB , 1920x1080 , s2.jpg )
VR helmets seem like a poor substitute to the VR rooms that USAF uses for pilot-training.
>> No. 13464 [Edit]
File 155642655560.jpg - (313.04KB , 850x1190 , 20190512.jpg )
Warframe FPS mode with VR would be fun...
>> No. 13490 [Edit]
I had an opportunity to try it for the first time yesterday on a Playstation setup.
I expected to be impressed, was disappointed.
It's a gimmick and it gets old fast.
I'm actually kind of upset because I used to be excited about VR.
I imagine the only genre where these goggles could theoretically make a significant difference is combat flight simulation, in practice the resolution is so low they would be a hindrance. In the end TrackIR and a good monitor would beat goggles in all aspects except novelty.
I'd like to have VR at home... but only for porn, and I'm not even sure anymore if it would be any good. As it is it's outrageously expensive for a sex toy. I'd consider getting one it was sold for like a quarter of current price.

Everything sucks. Fuck this world.
>> No. 13494 [Edit]
The tech is in its infancy and you are paying to be a beta tester. That said Resident Evil: Biohazard absolutely terrified me when I tried it in VR and I do think it will eventually get good once devs learn how to make games that push our current boundaries.
>> No. 13553 [Edit]
File 15611056813.png - (1.52MB , 1920x1080 , VRChat_1920x1080_2019-05-07_17-05-43_772.png )
I started spending all of my weekend in VRChat now, I don't really do anything else anymore.
Haven't played any other game in months and didn't watch any anime in months.
I made a lot of Japanese friends and I talk with them a lot, even though I still struggle at understanding and speaking Japanese.
Most East Asian people don't speak English but it is surprising how many of them know Japanese, especially Koreans.
I think I have more Korean than Japanese friends buy now and most of them don't speak English.

For the technical side of VR, the Velve Index looks really promising, it costs more than 1000€ but I think it's worth it.
The new Oculus Rift S seems to be nice too and much cheeper.
The Oculus Quest is completely standalone and doesn't need a PC but it only has a mobile chip and can't play that many games.
>> No. 13554 [Edit]
I don’t really think that’s that surprising considering the cultural proximity and overlap that simply happens due to the region being the way it is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chinese was more metropolitan among East Asians though.

I have to ask, how different is the Asian internet compared to the western one?
>> No. 13555 [Edit]
Wouldn't it be weird to be in a virtual world of anime girls only for them to speak with the voice of men?
>> No. 13556 [Edit]
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 13560 [Edit]
File 156157864651.png - (1.88MB , 1920x1080 , VRChat_1920x1080_2019-06-08_15-42-58_920.png )
>I have to ask, how different is the Asian internet compared to the western one?
What do you mean? Asian people on the internet? Asian websites? Asian internet connection quality?

Cute avatars are still cute if the player is male.
There are a lot of mute players that don't use their mice or use text to speech.
And there is a surprising high number of female players I'd guess maybe 1/4.
People with voice changer also exist but are easy to recognise.
I'm mostly speaking about the Asian community, the only westerners I have as friends are Weeaboos, Koreaboos and people that learn Japanese.
>> No. 13561 [Edit]
Asian websites. Is it that different? There’s a crowd that acts like textboards and futaba are the promised land but it doesn’t seem that different.
>> No. 13788 [Edit]
File 159013740470.jpg - (169.97KB , 1136x1136 , 823500_screenshots_20200516171004_1.jpg )
2020 is the year of VR!
No actually. The percentage of players with a VR headset on Steam more than doubled this year already.
The Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest are sold out in most places since the end of last year and you have to wait months for your Valve Index order. Some of that is also because of Corona related production issues.

Half_Life Alyx is definitely a system seller for VR, it's the first real cross platform AAA VR title (the others were Oculus exclusive) with a Single player campaign that is as long as you would expect from a modern shooter if not longer (longer than a CoD campaign) and now even with Workshop support.

But the best VR game for me is still Boneworks.
In Boneworks the player, the enemies, the weapons and the objects in the environment are physical objects. You can grab enemies or kill them by hitting them with your rifle if you want to.
You don't hit enemies with just waving our arm through the air. Weapons have weight and collide with the enemies. You have to use both hands to use a heavy weapon or it's uncontrollable and you sword gets stuck in the enemy and you have to pull it back out.
The fact that your body is a physical object too has some interesting effects not only can you push yourself up using your hands you can also hold the headcrab enemies and smash them against your head (be careful not to hit your headset in real life) or against each other to kill them. It is so satisfying to catch them when they jump on you mid air with your knife.
Also there is a slow motion button that you can press anytime to do cool action movie things.
The single player is shorter than Alyx but has way higher replayability, hidden rooms, short cuts, alternative solutions for puzzles or just climbing places you though were unreachable but I still wish it had more content or workshop support.
Also the enemies are less interesting than the Alyx ones.
>> No. 14498 [Edit]
File 165298101155.png - (2.50MB , 1920x1080 , VRChat_1920x1080_2022-05-19_00-17-18_097.png )
I've been going kinda hard into it lately. Life's been a dumpster fire for the last couple years. While my life got flipped and turned upside down and lead me to starting over far far from home, My PC and VR setup were among the few things I brought with me.
It's been helping me cope with avoid my problems and escape reality. All the problems I've been dealing with just seem to melt away.
specifically vrchat, which without a doubt probably has far more content than any other vr game out there. Sure the thing is clunky and feels like it's held together with digital ducktape, but for the price (free), who can complain? I like exploring random worlds alone, some of them are pretty great after all. The western made maps can often range from shitposts to interactive deviant grade trash, but sometimes those can be good too. I've noticed a strong tendency in western made maps to make half a proper map, then fill the other half with selectable avatars, mirrors, portals to other words, photos of the dev and their friends, and massive displays of the map's credits.
It's a bit funny how obsessed people are with mirrors in the game. I mean, people do put a lot of time and money into their avatars, so I don't blame anyone for wanting to see it. Heck, I bruit forced myself to learn my way around unity so I could go crazy customizing my own avatar, both in appearance and with little gimmicks.
>> No. 14499 [Edit]
Please stop, you're making me want to purchase a VR headset and I'm someone with a credit card and no money. I'll just go read negative VR reviews now.
>> No. 14500 [Edit]
File 165298310755.jpg - (286.67KB , 627x784 , VRChat_1920x1080_2022-05-18_23-54-55_057.jpg )
I'm not exactly well off myself (been a NEET for 2 years now). For what it's worth, I took a pretty ghetto route to get where I am even having a job before.
I started with a $4 phone box unit, pretty much a slightly better version of google cardboard. Then got a much better phone based unit that was like $20 I think? Re-sold that after a while and got myself a Pimax 4k off ebay for like $150. It was a pretty crappy Chinese VR headset that has better resolution than the other sets at the time but was worse in pretty much every other way. After reselling that I picked up a used Vive for I think $250, I forget exactly. I'd love to get an Index but there's no way in hell I can afford one. Even used they go for more than $600 it seems.
The guy I know who's most into VRC has been a NEET since pretty much forever, and seemed like he spent a lot of time saving up for and hunting one down for a decent price.
But yeah, you'd need a half way decent GPU to do VR too, which can also jack up the price a lot.
>> No. 14501 [Edit]
You say you explore the worlds on your own. How does that work? I would have thought you'd have no option but playing on servers. I guess you could find empty servers though.
I've never touched VRChat. I have no idea how it works. It's a bit intimidating.
>> No. 14502 [Edit]
File 165298760296.png - (3.43MB , 1920x1080 , VRChat_1920x1080_2022-05-17_01-16-07_900.png )
It's online with a server yeah, but what you do is create an instance(room if you will) on the map you're going to join. You can make this instance public, friends only, or private, which is what I tend to do. There you can run around doing whatever you want and no one will bother you.
>> No. 14503 [Edit]
That's pretty cool. Maybe I'll try that someday. I've always enjoyed exploring custom maps and the like on other games. I bet it's even more fun in VR. All the more reason to get off my ass and get a job.
>> No. 14504 [Edit]
It's also worth pointing out that you can play VRchat without VR, which plenty of people do. The game lets you select which version you want when you launch.
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