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File 129264317995.jpg - (391.00KB , 1400x970 , moe 102862 sample.jpg )
13027 No. 13027 [Edit]
Umineko Episode 7 translation patch will be out tomorrow. 50% translation patch is already out. Be sure to mark spoilers if you're going to discuss anything.
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>> No. 13028 [Edit]
Citation needed on 100% patch. News just says something recent about the Epitaph being translated differently.
if troll, i'm gonna cry
>> No. 13029 [Edit]

It might be next Saturday, to be honest, but I think it'll be tomorrow.
>> No. 13030 [Edit]
File 129264464094.jpg - (33.96KB , 175x173 , 1241548597339.jpg )
Tomorrow is saturday though.

>my face when i won't be sleeping tomorrow night
>> No. 13033 [Edit]
Yeah, but they might be fags and just hold it back until next Saturday because it's Christmas. TLWiki's doing it for G-Senjou no Maou and some other project, and MangaGamer has Da Capo II coming out on Christmas Eve. Plus both Chronotrig (in an earlier post this week) and Klashikari went out of their way to say a Saturday, not specifically tomorrow.
>> No. 13035 [Edit]
The 100% translation patch has been released.
>> No. 13036 [Edit]
and then i remember i only had ep 6 downloaded...
and, of course, my download is only going at 30kb/s...
>> No. 13037 [Edit]
Now that I'm done reading I'm remembering every theory thread I've seen so far, and there are only two conclusions I arrived to: Either those guys were lying and they don't know jack of japanese or this translation is all wrong.
Because those theories about what will happen in episode 8 make no sense to me.
>> No. 13038 [Edit]
I blame it more on how convoluted the series has gotten. I like reading Umineko, but I'm not sure I like the place Ryukishi's been taking it from ep5 on.

In any case I can't read 7 for a few more days, so I'd better avoid relevant boards until then.
>> No. 13039 [Edit]
I just started reading episode 7 (only about 4 hours in), and it gets even more convoluted. Can't really say I'm happy with the way it's progressed, but episode 7 has been more interesting than 6, at least. The music has been fantastic, too, as always.
>> No. 13040 [Edit]
File 12928177376.jpg - (4.83KB , 251x205 , 1290407463971.jpg )
i'm so lost right now. it's more interesting then ever though
>> No. 13041 [Edit]
File 129282303742.gif - (2.03MB , 320x180 , 1286264836748.gif )
Oh god during this Yasu stuff, these servants. look at the characters listing and you should see it quickly

fucking made a new thread instead of posting here...
>> No. 13042 [Edit]
Not done with it yet either, but I love the new music too. It seems a lot more subdued this time, which is maybe fitting.
>> No. 13043 [Edit]
I can't believe all that Shkannontrice talk was actually right.
>> No. 13044 [Edit]
It was pretty obvious from ep6's Trials of Love, and there were some earlier hints Kanon and Shannon being the only ones in 4 who knew about the different worlds when they shouldn't have for example, though that could have been explained another way. I was kind of hoping it would be someone else, but at least it was handled well.
>> No. 13045 [Edit]
Yeah you're right. I really gotta read through the whole thing in one-go once the final 8th episode is out and translated.
>> No. 13046 [Edit]
I don't like it primarily because the entire thing revolves around wordplay. For example, in Episode 3, Shannon and Kanon's deaths were confirmed with red text. However, that only counts for their personalities, not Yasu! It's annoying.

Also, What is Yasu/Shannon/Kanon/Beato/whatever elses real appearance supposed to look like? In the real world, that is, how Battler and everyone else perceive her physical appearance. Did she always look like Shannon to them? Or did she look like Yasu to them from the start, but Ryu07 just went with Shannon's appearance instead to mess with people, i.e. the readers?
>> No. 13047 [Edit]

The wordplay thing was already confirmed when Battler asked if the title of Kinzo could be inherited.
I think that was EP3.
>> No. 13048 [Edit]
Yeah, I remember. I know there's sufficient enough evidence for it to work, just saying I'm not really a fan of it.
>> No. 13049 [Edit]
Maybe that will be answered in episode 8. I have to admit the solution does feel kind of cheap so far, but I'll wait until it's all over before I judge it that way.
>> No. 13050 [Edit]
Why did everyone go stupid over the "choices" R07 mentioned?

It seems pretty obvious to me that we get to choose a good ending or a bad ending.

In other words, Battler's story or Bern's story.
>> No. 13051 [Edit]
I think i'd rather read Bern's first if it lets me.

deal with a pure mindfuck story followed by the good end Battler wanted for Yasu.
>> No. 13052 [Edit]
Both will likely co-exist as answers. Like the dual-truth thing from the fifth episode.
>> No. 13053 [Edit]
So it'll probably start with one side and go into the other side. Or maybe do a back and forth throughout the whole episode.
>> No. 13054 [Edit]
I can see two possible endings:

In one, someone messed up turning the keys on the Q-U-A-D-R-I-L-L-I-O-N puzzle, it set off the bomb, no one was the killer, everyone died from stupidity, etc.

Alternatively no one actually died in the bomb blast, they all managed to escape and have only been pretending to be dead, playing an elaborate practical joke on Ange (and the readers) all this time.
>> No. 13055 [Edit]
I think a lot of people really want a bad ending since that's the kind of ending that would seem most logical, given what's occurred up till now. But a stark "everybody dies" ending wouldn't be much of a resolution to me. I'm not saying it has to be a Higurashi-style super-happy ending, but at least have some positive point to finish on.
>> No. 13056 [Edit]

I think going for a bittersweet kind of resolution would be best. A super-happy, everyone lives ending would feel off, but I'm not sure how you could make a super-tragic, everyone is murdered/dies miserably ending dramatically fulfilling at this point. So some kind of mixture of happy and sad elements would be ideal, I think.
>> No. 13057 [Edit]
About that. I can't tell if Ryukishi meant for the epitaph to be solvable by the reader (assuming the reader can work out kanji-based riddles and knows about the history of Imperial Japan-era Taiwanese railway station names.) I remember the "quadrillion" inscription was mentioned before, which makes me think he did mean for it to be solvable, but I can't remember if he ever mentioned whether Kinzo lived in Taiwan, which would be a necessary hint.
>> No. 13058 [Edit]
It was obviously meant to be solved by Japanese readers. It's a much easier task for them than for the English ones. He gave his blessings towards Witch-Hunt for their translation efforts, but that was obviously way after the inscription was created.
>> No. 13059 [Edit]
It's still extremely hard even for Japanese readers. I was impressed that someone managed to get most of the major points. Though I guess you can still say it's much easier than for English readers, since it's impossible for them.
>> No. 13060 [Edit]
If anything, it's easiest for Kinzo's children. It requires knowledge that they likely would've learned at some point, given their age/when they were born.
>> No. 13061 [Edit]
Finally finished the whole thing. I think Bern's really outdone herself in being just a total bitch this time around. I'm hoping for, well, not necessarily a happy ending, but a fulfilling one for the last episode.
>> No. 13062 [Edit]
It should work. Witch-Hunt usually gets out a compatibility patch quicker than this, but they're waiting for the 50% translation patch this time.
>> No. 13063 [Edit]
File 130508121324.png - (126.41KB , 400x400 , bern_n10.png )
50% translation of episode 8 is out!
>> No. 13064 [Edit]
File 130509330373.png - (80.57KB , 450x350 , 1281946462533.png )
Hell yes!

I'm still going to wait for the full patch, though. I hate getting halfway through the episode and having to stop. I can wait one or two more months for that.
>> No. 13065 [Edit]
Surprised nothing was said about the full ep 8 patch coming out.
It was pretty damn good.
>> No. 13066 [Edit]
Oh damn, I forgot all about Umineko due to KS hype. I guess I should go read the final episode once I'm done with KS.
>> No. 13067 [Edit]
I just finished reading EP8. The "trick" ending was more fun than the true "magic" ending, but I was pretty reconciled with the end. It wasn't very earth-shattering, but it was nice.

I think I just gave up on the series and the mystery. How much did Ryu just give up on actually making every room solvable? With his level of quizzes and closed room fights, the whole thing was a disappointment. I wish Shkannon had a better resolution besides one of the pair killing the other to live in the catbox.

The ending was ridiculous--I imagined that Ange had dressed up the orphans in Halloween costumes so that they were the Uroshomiya family... haha. But the only thing that felt forced was the "catbox at the bottom of the sea" = "golden rose" and Ryu's self-inserts.

The last episode returned to the premise of the first, which is my favorite, which I think is the series' only redeeming point. I miss the mystery, even if I am a fantasy fan.
>> No. 13068 [Edit]
File 135812739780.jpg - (67.43KB , 652x511 , ghj.jpg )
Arise, thread!

Umineko is over (unless Ryukishi decides to make an extra fanservicey story like he did with Higurashi.) But 07th Expansion is still active.

Has anyone else read Higanbana? It's pretty interesting. It's got a strong Umineko feel with the mix of physical and supernatural worlds, but each part is broken into seven short stories. It almost has a Twilight Zone feel to it.

The first two parts have been released, but the project is apparently on hold right now because of another project. Part 1 is also translated into English. Just something to read if you liked Umineko and wanted something in the same vein.
>> No. 13069 [Edit]

Yes, I really like Higanbana and now I'm waiting for the translation of the second night.

>another project

You're talking about Rose Guns Days.

The trial is out and the translation of the VN is halfway.
>> No. 13070 [Edit]
File 145461327651.jpg - (637.07KB , 885x885 , 8ec6036d5f8185899f41328f2badc80c651b3370.jpg )
Voyagers a cute

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