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File 131556948452.jpg - (30.44KB , 848x352 , uguu.jpg )
13006 No. 13006 [Edit]
So, HongFire is down and the guys in the IRC saying that the DDL and torrent section will get

removed because Honk don't want to deal anymore with the DMCA bullshit. Don't know how much

of this is actually true, but anyway. Somebody asked me once in the tc IRC to post my

VN/Eroge links, so I'm doing this now, feel free to add, what you are thinking is missing.

Note: some of my links are quite well known, like the tokykotosho one, but please be aware

that not everybody is so well educated on this matter, so this thread could be a nice start

for people that are new to the scene.

I start:

For Download, we have: xt <- Note: It's */list DOT txt* at the end (I have no fucking idea why it don't show up ),5.0.html

Paysites: <- Not a download site, but you see the latest releases from N+ USA and where to buy them


Amazon for Eroge gamer:


For news: <- Guy is posting almost every week about the latest stuff that he thinks it's worth knowing, a nice starting point <- News about the latest releases <- They don't send outside of Japan, but still worth to check out, tons trailers, trials etc. <-Trailers <- More Trailers <- Sales Charts <- Don't need to explain, right? <- Japanese version of vndb, but ugly as fuck <- List of releases this month, just use the navigation, it's pretty self-explanatory <-Links to japanese eroge blog post, reviews, news etc. <- AGTH code database <- Translation news <- Wiki for past and current Translations

Blogs worth to check out (Some of them posting only every few months, it's normal because some games take some time):

Yep, that it so far, I have probatly forgotten tons of others.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2011, 6:10am
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>> No. 13008 [Edit]
jaja so sad
>> No. 13009 [Edit]
jaja so sad
>> No. 13011 [Edit]
I'm a bit sad it's down and probably won't be back up, but that's a price we have to pay I suppose. Thanks for the lists to alternate sites though, some of these are new to me so this was a great help.
>> No. 13012 [Edit]
Google search for Hongfire is still pretty effective regardless of the downtime still if you do this: "visual novel's Japanese name"

To demonstrate: "グリザイアの果実"

All you have to do following this is click on the Google cache link and it'll take you to the download page. This only works with DDL, and if the user that uploaded the VN set the links to only be viewed by registered users, you're out of luck. It's still not too bad provided you're not searching for anything obscure.

I really hope Hongfire doesn't remove their DDL/torrent sections, though. It's my main source for VN downloads because finding untranslated VNs with DDL is hard outside of Hongfire. I have no idea if there are some Japanese equivalents or just a general 2ch thread for something like that, and I'm too lazy to search around and find out. I'd really hate to resort to Share/Perfect Dark for downloads.

Oh, and excellent post. Tons of stuff I want to check out.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2011, 3:01pm
>> No. 13013 [Edit]
So, any updates?
>> No. 13014 [Edit]
HF is back up, and the DDL and torrent sections are indeed gone.
>> No. 13016 [Edit]
the torrent section is still available
>> No. 13017 [Edit]
I hope they keep at least the torrent section up. I had access to the direct download section still until today, but not anymore.

How long does Google's cache archive pages for?
>> No. 13019 [Edit]
What are the chances of a "new" Hongfire popping up? Hongfire pretty much has no reason to exist anymore and people have to have somewhere to go, so when will the void be filled?
>> No. 13020 [Edit]
>>709 is currently pretty much the way to go.
>> No. 13021 [Edit]
File 133321816140.jpg - (845.57KB , 740x1030 , 893680-60L062B.jpg )
The historical genderbender eroge Eiyusenki is out! Full steam ahead to bed-head Beethoven route! Get it here:
>> No. 13022 [Edit]
Oh boy, I'll fuck over the whole round table so badly.
>> No. 13023 [Edit]
File 133374212284.jpg - (143.50KB , 640x480 , ADreamOfSummer-3.jpg )

Here's a short work I found adorable and touching. Definitely worth your time to play it.
>> No. 13024 [Edit]
File 13409792431.jpg - (119.81KB , 600x450 , locgP.jpg )
Just started Okujou no Yuriei-san, though it's yet to be translated. So far I really like it. Lots of cute girls everywhere.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2012, 7:16am
>> No. 13025 [Edit]
anime-sharing is good way to go,and just found 2 sites can download vn too and

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