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File 151630553136.jpg - (260.36KB , 1600x1066 , mining-rig.jpg )
12974 No. 12974 [Edit]
Do you think coin mining is hurting pc gaming?

Thanks to people building mining rigs with dozens or even hundreds of GPUs, supplies are becoming limited and major retailers are selling them at three times their original prices. This is no big deal to minners who buy them in bulk, but for average people who actually intend to play videogames $1000 for a 1070 is just out of the question.
>> No. 12975 [Edit]
>Do you think coin mining is hurting pc gaming?
I think it's undeniable if the question is whether acquisition of new hardware hurts PC gaming. I've also noticed the price of motherboards and processors, even older ones, have increased too; no clue if it's related or coincidental.
>> No. 12977 [Edit]
This is a pretty shitty time for pc gaming in general. Ram prices are sky high due to a shortage, CPUs are melting down, offline shops don't sell PCs anymore with a focus on netbooks, and now this.
>> No. 12997 [Edit]
Of course it is, everything is expensive unless you spend time looking around and waiting for things to crop up. Due to those high prices, people will go to the xbone or ps4 which can be had for just 2-300 usd or less. Sure, games will cost more money but the up front cost is less.

>offline shops don't sell PCs anymore with a focus on netbooks
Not if you live near a micro center. Cool place if you are near one.

Post edited on 28th Jan 2018, 9:56pm
>> No. 13000 [Edit]
Only short term. If graphics cards are in demand ideally new companies will start making them but at the very least it will push R&D as there is an incentive to produce better cards to outperform competition.
>> No. 13001 [Edit]
You know anon, that's actually a pretty good way of looking at it! Who knows, in a few years we might start seeing really low prices on cards that vastly out perform the current stuff on the market.
>> No. 13087 [Edit]
It *is* making GPU cards more expensive.
>> No. 13097 [Edit]
Well, if the coin market crashes (which it's starting to) then we'll see a lot of miners dismantling their rigs and selling the cards for cheap. I wouldn't want to buy a card used in a mining rig, but it should lower prices overall if the market becomes flooded with the things.
>> No. 13099 [Edit]
It's actually on the rebound and going back up again.
>> No. 13147 [Edit]
This trend of cryptocurrency is ruining my desire for a cheap GPU... *sigh*
>> No. 13340 [Edit]
Is building a gaming pc hard?
>> No. 13341 [Edit]
Not really, maybe in some ways? You'll have to do a bit of research upfront to make sure all the parts are compatible with each other, but that's not too hard just time consuming. Putting it together should be pretty straightforward. Parts should all snap, screw, and plug together just fine. For the most part you can just follow along with videos showing people build a pc themselves. There's likely to be a lot of stress and tension involved however, as you might worry about damaging a rather expensive component.
My own build has some complications during the build, but in the end I enjoy my pc. It's a nice feeling being able to look at something custom made to my preferences sitting there on my desktop and say "I built that, That's all me". It made all the hassle worth it.
>> No. 13364 [Edit]
Is Gamers Nexus a good source for info on pc hardware?
>> No. 13384 [Edit]
2019.. time for a new gaming pc.
**checks out Linus Tech Tips @youtube**
>> No. 13388 [Edit]

I was about to recommend Logical Incrememts, checked it out of curiosity... What the fuck happened to it?
I used it many years ago as a reference for putting together my shitty computer. Looks like something went horribly wrong with that site.
It looks like absolute dogshit now. It used to clearly display all the parts you'd ever need in a clear table, sorted by cost, with many variants and alternatives listed right there.
Now it's all split into separate articles which look like these awful top 10 lists, complete with facebook comments underneath. Just disgusting and useless. So sad.
>> No. 13393 [Edit]
At least, it's still up. Pineconeattacks is dead; it had good tutorials on console hardware modding.

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