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File 151193028220.jpg - (235.41KB , 1440x847 , i heard this is a psycho horror.jpg )
12857 No. 12857 [Edit]
This VN has been getting popular lately.
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>> No. 12858 [Edit]
Thank you, OP. I thought to myself maybe I'll make a thread about this, but I didn't. I was feeling shy and afraid of negative reactions because this visual novel can only be described as overrated garbage.
It owes its popularity to four factors.
1- It's free.
2- It's on Steam.
3- English translation available from day 1.
4- Nothing controversial about it, just cheap jump scare.
That's the perfect recipe to get the most out of casuals and ``ironic weebs'' as some call them.
On a side note, I personally wish this demographic was called ``Discord teens with ahegao avatars''. It's a longer name but does a much better job of describing it.
Expect more visual novels to be released in a similar format in the coming years.
>> No. 12859 [Edit]
Haven't read it and I'm not really interested in it but I heard that it's a bad Higurashi.
Are the similarities really big or is it just another one of those comparisons that stupid idiots make because they found one aspect similar?

>English translation
Wasn't it written in English?
>> No. 12860 [Edit]
Man, I really hate the trend of super glossy art that seems to be so popular now.
>> No. 12861 [Edit]
File 151214355693.jpg - (105.83KB , 809x543 , punpun.jpg )
I'm not that fond of the contemporary art style in general. Despite the focus on cuteness in most newer art styles, there's a charm to older art that the newer lacks.
>> No. 12862 [Edit]
This picture is hilarious. I agree to some degree as well. I have seen several anime that look gorgeous that use the current style.
>> No. 12863 [Edit]
>>2131 Let's try to make "niwaka" a thing, again. As I side note, I felt a similar way toward the "Analogue" franchise, which I played hoping it'd please my love for the "2D text on a 3D plane" computer-y aesthetic (it seriously didn't, and the engine's complete ren'py dogshit to boot)
>>2137 Game's Never7, you should check it out.
>> No. 12864 [Edit]
Yeah, but don't let its fame turn you against it: It's pretty damned good. Monika best girl.
>> No. 12865 [Edit]
It's kind of amazing how it was coded. It really shows the extent to which one can use Renpy.

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