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File 151477076592.png - (897.42KB , 942x704 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
12826 No. 12826 [Edit]
I'm bored. I'm going to do a playthrough of UnReal World.
It's a survival simulator set in the iron age. The goal of the game is to survive the winter.

I rolled these stats after 11 minutes or so of rerolling. The starting stats are very important because they can never be changed, unlike your skills. Intelligence and will both only affect skills, so I don't need to worry about those.
The most important stats are Speed, to get across the area quickly and flee from things, Eyesight, to see enemies before they see me, and Endurance, so I don't get as much penalty from swinging or running a lot.
I'm happy with them for the most part. I would have preferred maximum speed, that's the most important, but high everything is not so bad.

I chose the kaumolainen tribe because they have a chance to spawn with the best knife or spear in the game. Let's hope I get one or both.

My character's name is Fudo. Japanese romanization of Food. And also the name of a great protagonist from Hokuto no Ken. This is not actually a selectable portrait in the game and I'm not using mods; it's just the actual portraits are 3DPD and I'd get banned, so I'll be pasting Fudo's face over my portrait in each of the screenshots.
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>> No. 12827 [Edit]
File 151477123615.png - (1.12MB , 939x702 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
There are Gods and spirits in the game. It's really the only fantastical element, the rest is pretty realistic.
These starting incantations I got aren't so bad. I've never been attacked at night before regardless, but better to lower the chance of that happening even further.
I'll be able to learn more in the future. There's one that allows you to pray to the fox God to spawn a fox for you that's very easy to capture if you lay traps for it beforehand. Let's hope I roll that one soon. The incantations you learn are entirely RNG.
>> No. 12828 [Edit]
File 15147728512.png - (0.96MB , 940x705 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
Your character already has some skills at start based on your stats and background. You also have five skill points to distribute to increase them further.
I chose spears, to get it up to Master level, traps, because you can't go wrong with effortlessly placing some fucking twigs on the ground and coming back to find an elk, fishing, which I look at as a guaranteed emergency food source when I can't find food elsewhere or my character is too wounded to hunt, and hideworking, which will get me pelts to keep warm, pelts to trade, and leathers to make armor so I can walk through arrows and blades.
I thought about putting a point into knives as well so that if an arm is broken and I'm unable to stab with my spear, I can use the one-handed knife. However I've never had much luck with those knives before when I thought back to past games... If I lose an arm, I'm dead either way.

A lot of people think physician is the most important skill, but I disagree. I find often the things that kill you are completely unpreventable. For example, if a hostile villager hits you with a club and breaks your arm and you fall unconscious from the pain, your 100% physician skill isn't going to help you, because he's not just going to walk away and leave you to heal, he's going to stab you in the heart to finish you off. Same goes for animals. It's a waste of a point. Besides, shamans will completely heal your minor survivable wounds for free.
>> No. 12829 [Edit]
File 151477555499.png - (826.11KB , 943x704 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
Started on the coastline because the traders here are, dare I say, overpowered. You can find salt on the beach which is very useful for meat preservation.
>> No. 12830 [Edit]
File 151477817571.png - (634.53KB , 937x703 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
You choose your scenario here. I am doing "unfortunate hunting trip" just for the role-playing.
The easiest one is lonely settler.
Slave escape, helpless and afraid and there be robbers are all just challenge ones.
I've won there be robbers a few times by utilizing corners so they can't surround me, and it wasn't worth it. All of their gear is cheap and ruined.
>> No. 12831 [Edit]
File 151477934628.png - (570.07KB , 942x706 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
I'll have to give father a proper burial... right after I kill the bastard that did this!
>> No. 12832 [Edit]
File 15147802145.png - (666.18KB , 940x705 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
The coward is fleeing through the woods. I'll have to track him if I want my revenge. This could take days.
Tch... To think Pops would be done in by a little coyote! He was getting too weak for these adventures.
>> No. 12833 [Edit]
Nice thread, OP.
Haven't heard of that game, it looks interesting.
>> No. 12838 [Edit]
File 151485338965.png - (575.83KB , 940x700 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
I tracked the coyote as far as I'm willing. About two days, two slices of bread and almost a pound of smoked meat were wasted looking for him. (All items I had at start.) I don't think animals in this game can despawn to allow for realistic nomadic hunting spanning across entire years, but this coyote seems to have disappeared nevertheless! His paw prints were nonsense winding patterns and the trail just came to a dead stop.
I give up! I have failed Pops! I will never redeem our family name now. If I were to continue after this damned coyote, I would starve.

I don't have the stamina to bury father... We'll give him a cremation instead.

Thank you. The game is freeware. I will try to write helpful information as much as possible during my playthrough.
>> No. 12839 [Edit]
Nice thread OP. Is this game able to be modded?
>> No. 12840 [Edit]
File 15148642767.png - (713.30KB , 941x705 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
After the ceremony was over, I made haste. I moved to the nearest source of water, made a small camp for the night, and fished a bit so I have food for the journey in the morning. I must head for civilization and think about my next steps there.
I'll do a proper review of inventory in the morning and see what of my father's possessions I could trade. Hopefully I will be able to get a fishing net to make life easier.
There is no currency in the game, only belongings and domesticated animals for trade.

You might be wondering how I got the fish!

There is something of a tutorial in this game for beginners to play through that teaches you the basics of survival, but it is actually useful for experienced players who have already beaten the game as well, because the tutorial for fishing will give you a fishing rod for free. It is one of the few tools you are unable to build yourself and must trade for. As is a fishing net. I guess if you were to make a character that never interacts with humanity and wanted to be a fisherman, you would have to depend on smashing fish with rocks or stabbing them with a spear, which is pretty unsuccessful, generally.
Or just do the tutorial like me.

I've never used any.
I believe you're also able to go right into the game's files and rebalance things how you please.
>> No. 12841 [Edit]
File 151487647487.png - (1.13MB , 1884x696 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
The journey to civilization has been Hell.
I overestimated the cold and thought it safe to travel over an icy river, and fell through the ice and nearly drowned. I made it to shore and started a fire before consciousness failed me. I don't seem to have fallen ill from the cold, yet...

The day following this trauma, a pack of wolves came upon me.

I have fine weapons and furs to trade; two handaxes, a 13 pound fur coat, a fox pelt.
But things are going so badly, and I still have at least four day's journey to the nearest village. I'm not sure these will do me any good.
>> No. 12843 [Edit]
File 151493544878.png - (2.61MB , 2820x696 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
Things are on the up and up, I'm shocked to say!
I survived the wolf attack easily, the only cost being I lost one of my arrows in the process, a very valuable resource. I launched the arrow at one of the wolves and it pierced its hip and the pack dispersed in fear, carrying my arrow away with it in its body. I tried following for a bit thinking the wounded animal would be an easy kill, but the wound didn't seem to slow it down much and I decided I should consider this a miracle and left.
I'm not sure what sort of rolls determine a pack's behavior but they are sometimes extremely aggressive animals and attack you on sight. I don't know why they chose to leave me alone on this particular occasion.

The rest of the trip was smooth sailing.

When I reached the villages, the first thing I did was take up an oddjob to fix the villager's sauna. Which basically meant I had to go and collect some stones for them. They paid me handsomely for this easy work.

And with that, and my father's possessions, I was able to buy quite a few things:
A fishing net, precisely what I set out to get!
A pot for boiling food.
A trident. This was especially necessary, because unfortunately I started with no spear at all, despite spears being the only weapon class I'm good with. The trident is not so great, but no other spears are available to me right now.
Beans and peas. This food is cheap and can never spoil and you can buy it in bulk, it'll give me some time to figure out what to do for permanent shelter and get my feet on the ground and not have to waste any time hunting or fishing.
And some furs which I was able to craft into clothing.
You can see in the third screenshot here that my entire body is now protected from the cold thanks to my new clothes, although I could definitely do with some socks. I'll have to trade for those.

You'll now start to see that my character is going to be profusely sweating almost all the time from my warm clothing. In real life, something like that could kill you, but luckily for balancing purposes in the game, being hot doesn't cost you stamina or hurt you health or anything. Cold is all you have to fear here.

But my most important purchase in the village of all were three medium sized hunting dogs.
Dogs are invincible. They can't die and you don't have to feed them!!!!!!
I named my dogs Granva, Lin and Dempsey. They'll serve me well.

I almost feel like this adventure is going TOO well...
>> No. 12844 [Edit]
I want to apologize as I have given two pieces of misinformation. Firstly, salt cannot be collected on the beaches as I had previously thought, it can only be traded with people who live near the beaches, and pots cannot boil meat, they can only be used to make soups.
I will try to fact check before writing more. It's been a while since I've played this so the details can be blurry.

Post edited on 2nd Jan 2018, 5:39pm
>> No. 12849 [Edit]
File 151513788478.png - (194.46KB , 939x701 , you should watch hokuto no ken it's the best .png )
The dogs are fucking savages.
Some players have more than just three dogs, some roam with a dozen, the madmen. I can't imagine it, because just these three mutts have so far destroyed a bear and just now a Njerpez warrior, which are sort of the Mongol empire of this universe? They came from the East and they're hostile to everyone and typically have some expensive, sometimes foreign weapons and armor.
Anyway, the bear was only a small bear, but even still, small bears have killed me in one hit before. It was an impressive feat.
The Njerpez warrior actually fled from me when I unleashed my dogs, haha. I have never seen one flee from anything before. He only got three steps before they started ravaging him.
In both instances, the dogs really led the battle and I was just a benched player. I only moved in for the killing blow after they were largely incapacitated; fatigued or fallen.

It does have some major downsides. The dogs do pretty light damage, making damaging and killing very slow, and each attack lowers the quality of the animal pelt/clothing.
If the damage to the pelt/clothing is bad enough, it can be destroyed and unsalvageable sometimes, even.
Which seems to be what may have been the case with this guy. He dropped what would have been extremely expensive iron upper body armor, basically the most expensive things in the game, and all of it is so damaged I don't think I'll be able to trade it for shit.

On the subject of clothing and armor, I personally don't care for the smithed and fancy tailored clothing. Fabrics such as nettle, wool and iron can't be crafted by the player in any capacity and can only be traded. And this also means you can't repair them!
I have some minor obsessive-compulsion regarding item durability, and wearing things I can't fix is just unthinkable to me.
So, for that reason, I prefer using leather armor which I can mend easily by getting my hands on... more leather!

I feel like a complete idiot for using that bear's pelt for its fur instead of turning it into leather. I could have a nice helmet right now if I had contemplated it for a moment. Helmets are the most important in my opinion because, well let's just say I've had a bad experiencing involving a small child kicking me in the head and knocking me unconscious and I lost sixty hours of progress because of it. You could argue hits anywhere to the body can knock you out, but I don't know... Seems to me like that's the weakest point.
Maybe I'll even ignore my OCD regarding durability for this one thing and invest in an iron helmet for this reason.

Post edited on 5th Jan 2018, 1:06am
>> No. 12850 [Edit]
That downside seems like a nice dev decision to not let the dogs break the game while being pretty realistic.
>> No. 12853 [Edit]
File 151520304190.png - (369.11KB , 626x274 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
It's true. And speaking of dog balance, I've given a third piece of misinformation: the dogs are not invincible after all, just very highly resilient and heal quickly, making you think they are.
None of my dogs have died, in fact I bought a new fourth one called Tobo, it's just I saw a screenshot from another user whose dog did.

Years ago, I was doing an anarchy run where I was killing every NPC I could, and at one point, my dog was surrounded from all directions by a mob that were beating the living shit out of him. (including from behind which increases damage by like 100%.) I thought for sure he was dead. But, as you can see in this screenshot here, he was alive, somehow. I actually struck him as well because he had become hostile to me for some reason, and he survived my additional blows. So I don't know what it could take to kill a dog. But they can die.

Anyway, yes, I have four dogs now, but I don't plan on bringing all four of them with me. Two of them are staying home to defend another new addition of the family: a cow!
Cows can be very easily killed, in one turn even, by wolves and lynxes, both of which can walk right under fences. Hopefully two dogs accompanying it will protect it a bit.
Cows are great because they give you milk every 24 hours which extinguishes thirst and some hunger. And if I'm ever in a serious situation during the winter, I can slaughter it and get a good couple hundred pounds of meat.
I've never actually had any livestock during the wintertime in this game before and I'm a little scared. I hope I'm not expected to keep them inside a building.
I was able to buy all these animals thanks to the things the Njerpez dropped. The armor wasn't wholly useless after all.
>> No. 12854 [Edit]
File 151521678675.png - (818.69KB , 939x697 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
This is what my camp looks like right now. A 1/4th finished log cabin built right on the shoreline. The location is perfect, I'm just a couple kilometers away from lots of villages, and also a "no-man's land" which is where foreign traders, vagabond thieves and njerpez typically spawn.
Construction is going gruesomely slow because my axes, timbercraft and building skills all suck. It takes me three to six days to make just one wall.

I'm going to postpone the house construction and focus on making a pen for the animals right now, because I fear tying them to the tree could make it harder for the dogs to protect the cow.

I think it's also about time I made a raft. I'll be about to float into the middle of the sea and finally use my fishing net that I've had lying around since week one of my game.
>> No. 12984 [Edit]
File 151687092774.png - (872.98KB , 956x744 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
Finished the animal pen. I forgot you can't carry lumber over a fence (obviously) so I don't know how I can continue building without letting the animals out, heh.

I've been busy with waifu related shit and hospital shit and haven't been up for playing but I'm back now. The game will continue till this character dies, or I get bored after I've already survived out all of winter.
>> No. 12985 [Edit]
File 151687163522.png - (797.17KB , 956x744 , you should watch Hokuto no Ken it's the best .png )
I also finished my raft here you could see at the bottom of my above screenshot.
Here's my first catch with the fishing net.... It sucked! I hope to get some salmon passively with this, the most nutritious food in the game.
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