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File 151357537140.png - (107.81KB , 911x635 , DDcMI4oXYAAIUbA.png )
12789 No. 12789 [Edit]
Hey, I got a PS4 for Christmas, and with it, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.
I have decided I want to commit myself and understand this game inside and out. I want to master it and have something to be proud of. I have never been good at anything in my life. (And the possibility of swindling money from normalfags with my skills is nice, too)

Would anyone like to join me? It is utterly useless to play against the AI. I need a human opponent, someone at my same zero skill level, we can grow together! We can share resources! We'll play and discuss Guilty Gear every single day!
If you master one fighting game, you master them all since they are fundamentally the same. This is an invaluable opportunity!
I'm going to EVO 2018, I am carpooling with someone for free, and maybe by that time we'll be confident enough to even compete!

What do you say? I currently play Kum Haehyun, but I still may switch to someone else.
Add me on Discord if you are interested. フードファイター#3019 <- my discord ID.
I don't currently have PS+ so I can't play online yet but I'm too new to waste my time fighting you right now, anyway. I am spending a lot of time in tutorial mode first.
I will delete this thread once I get someone to partner up with. If this thread is up, I am available.

Post edited on 17th Dec 2017, 9:40pm
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>> No. 12790 [Edit]
Sorry, I didn't mean to post with a tripcode, that was supposed to be my discord ID in the namefield but I had forgotten that # is the trip password.
And yes I realize this is probably better suited for reddit or something but I don't want to play with a faggot that's going to invite me to play minecraft and Dota 2 and talk about his girlfriend as well. If I can't find a partner here, I will probably just play alone forever instead.
The game is on sale for $20 brand new at GameStop right now.
>> No. 12794 [Edit]
Guilty Gear probably isn't the best game to play if you're trying to master a fighting game or even get good at fighting games as a whole. It's very matchup dependent which means that fighting game fundamentals may not help you against certain characters, and you may develop bad habits in other games because of how you need to approach certain matchups in this game.

Not to mention, Guilty Gear is probably one of the harder games you could've picked to master. It's easily the most popular airdash game out there, meaning there's also a ton of competition. In addition to that, the competition is among the strongest out there. If you decide to pursue this, you'll be up against Japanese players that play REV2 every single day in the arcades, American players that have been playing Guilty Gear for decades and know the system inside and out, and character specialists that will make you question if you're even playing Guilty Gear.

I don't want to completely dissuade you from going for it but it might be better to try to be the best at a newer game with a smaller playerbase. If developing fighting game fundamentals is what you're after, I'd recommend playing Street Fighter V to start. If you don't want to give money to Capcom, which is understandable, try playing older Street Fighter games on fightcade like Super Turbo, Alpha 2 or even Third Strike. Since it seems like you're on PS4, you might want to check out the Fighting EX Layer beta going on now. It can get a little goofy with the Gougi system but it's fundamental Street Fighter at its core. Street Fighter 2 is the base that all other 2D fighting games are founded on, so if you can understand a Street Fighter game at a fundamental level you'll have the mindset you need to approach basically every other fighting game.
>> No. 12796 [Edit]
The bigger the playerbase the better. You need opponents. If the game is heavy on matchup knowledge, you need opponents even more desperately. It's about learning the game, not looking for a weak opponents to beat.
>> No. 12797 [Edit]
It's better to play a game you want to play than to play a game that you're on the fence about but is easy to pick up. It's a question of motivation.

I for one think GG has way cooler character designs than most fighters. The cast is really unique and interesting, it's what made me pick it up (but I haven't played since before Revelator was released).

not op btw just putting in my .02
>> No. 12798 [Edit]
Normally, I would agree with you but it seems like OP is trying to climb a very tall, very steep mountain when he's at the point where he can barely climb a ladder. It's better to set smaller, more reachable goals that will help in the long run rather than tackling the game through brute force.

I'm just trying to warn OP that this will be a whole lot harder than he might expect. I hope I get proven wrong and OP gets top 8 or even top 64 at EVO though.
>> No. 12800 [Edit]
But this is exactly why more opponents is better. To have goals you can reach you need to have players you can likely beat some day. The more there are opponents, the more there are weak opponents, and beating them will be the first goal. Then comes beating the guys who are stronger than the weakest guys, and so on.

But I guess you're mostly worried about how GG is a legacy game. Sure, OP is gonna spend at least two years getting destroyed by legacy players. These guys have been playing for decades. But the upside is that ArcSys has supported that OG skillset for two decades. That gives confidence that effort in Xrd will matter in the next GG, too. That's very important when you're sinking endless hours into practice mode.
>> No. 12801 [Edit]
Xrd is the only good game at EVO.

By the way, I've just discovered PS3 and PS4 are crossplay compatible in Guilty Gear, so PS3 players are welcome to join me, too.

Post edited on 21st Dec 2017, 12:11pm
>> No. 12802 [Edit]
There's also Tekken 7 and BB:CF.
>> No. 12803 [Edit]
>> No. 12804 [Edit]
The first clip is a boss match against the AI. Why are you hating on Tekken so hard when you know nothing about it?
>> No. 12836 [Edit]
File 151483351498.png - (336.42KB , 638x357 , 1454118776673.png )
BlazBlue is a bit more lax (so I hear), and has plenty of waifu-material girls.
Also made by the guys who make Guilty Gear, as I recall.
>> No. 12842 [Edit]
File 151491989130.jpg - (98.52KB , 1280x720 , [Scriptum] Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou - 07 [BD 720.jpg )
>> No. 12852 [Edit]
Maybe BB really is a bit easier in the long run, but you get a faster start with GG because basic combos are easier and deal better damage. And GG has many cute girls, too! Actually, I'd say GG has the best-looking cast there's ever been in a game.
>> No. 12970 [Edit]
I would have been interested if you were on PC but I don't own a console, sorry.
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