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No. 12779 [Edit]
I just finished Nioh. Or the vanilla new game, anyway. I do plan on continuing into New Game+++ and the DLC and shit of course, which seems to be a lot better than the normal game from what I've heard.

It's my favorite game of all time. It definitely has some problems, most notably the poor music (none of the bosses have a unique theme) and cutscene budget (the final cutscene was disappointingly cheap), magic being overpowered and boring, and the loot system … also being boring. But these latter issues seem to be fixed in NG+ so I'm very excited to get into the actual game here now.
Last problem I can think of that I have with the game is that there isn't enough incentive to wear Light armor. I went through half the game using light armor and it was insane, you die in one hit. Which is good in some ways. I really like seeing a game make armor actually fucking matter. I am tired of games like Dark Souls where there is little noticeable difference between wearing heavy plate armor and running around fucking naked. The difference is definitely noticeable here.
But I don't feel like Nioh got the armor right, either. There just aren't enough benefits to wearing light armor. Ki (stamina) is the only big bonus you get for wearing light instead of heavy armor, with the exchange being dying in one hit to even random encounters, and it just isn't enough of a trade off. I never have a problem with ki management even using an ax and the heaviest armor in the game. I would have really butted heads with the devs over balancing this had I been there with them…

But I guess that is just kind of nitpicky. There are people who make the light armor work, it is actually seemingly the most used armor class for some reason? Maybe I am just severely retarded.

I'm a big fan of Team Ninja and Monster Hunter, you can really see the Ninja Gaiden influence everywhere, of Japan, Asian history, and demons. This game is kind of like a wet dream.
I went into the game blind and didn't know what to expect and as soon as I saw the opening cinematic, I was hooked.

When I heard that the main game is over 100 hours long, I was very scared that I had made a mistake buying it.
I cannot stand the Souls' series for releasing unfinished games. I am a content creator myself and the notion of publishing glaringly, insultingly unfinished material is disgusting to me. I think they are disgusting for allowing their names to be accredited to such stinking piles of shit. Over and over again. Souls games keep being rereleased, still ufninished each time. They make new games instead of finishing their old ones. I despise them.
And I thought for sure Nioh would follow the same fate, being that they are very similar and Nioh was vaporware for the longest time. I thought 15 hours would be playable give or take, and the other 75~ hours of the game would be shitty unbalanced bosses with a single attack and nonsense level design and recycled assets and what have you. Standard Dark Souls treatment.
To my amazement, at no point in the game did I ever feel that an area was hastily designed, let alone unfinished. The quality remained very consistent. There are sub-missions which take place in areas from the main missions you have already seen, which sounds horrible on paper, but you'll find that the reused areas are changed just enough to feel brand new. And are of course optional.

My favorite part of the game was learning about Oda Nobunga, a real historical figure who's a major character in the game. I was ignorant of him before, and that was a great introduction. There are several entire levels dedicated to painting him as a genocidal maniac, a classic "unite the nation by killing everyone" type of dictator. He has been dead for years already in the setting of the game, but the damage he had done to Japan when he was alive can be seen everywhere.
However, very late into the story, you speak with characters who adore the man and you are even introduced to Nobunga himself when his corpse is reanimated, who is surprisingly depicted as intelligent and thoughtful, and it gives new perspective. It is rare that I give a shit about a game's story. I loved it. I'm typically more of a fan of graphicless, storyless rogue-likes.

Anyway, just wanted to write a bit and I have no friends to talk to about it...
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>> No. 12780 [Edit]
>I am a content creator myself
What do you make?
>> No. 12781 [Edit]
Fanfictions of my waifu.
You wouldn't think so since my OP is so shit. I didn't try, I wrote it at 4 AM.

The video I had meant to embed was the Nioh opening. I tried reposting it just now and it wouldn't let me. Oh well.
>> No. 12856 [Edit]
File 151524529772.jpg - (121.75KB , 850x879 , 20180105.jpg )
Nioh is so japanese-y even with a white guy protag...
>> No. 13585 [Edit]
NiOh 2 looks good.
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