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File 151097373948.gif - (633.89KB , 443x332 , glzWdig.gif )
12727 No. 12727 [Edit]
Do you think Sony or the other guys will ever port over their old exclusive games to pc?
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>> No. 12731 [Edit]
There has been quite a few ports to PC, specially Steam, like the Disagea games, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and so, etc. I wish more franchises got fully ported though, like Castlevania and Shin Megami Tensei.
>> No. 12732 [Edit]
Emulators work well for ps1 and two and most good former exclusives for ps3 were ported over to pc.
>> No. 12734 [Edit]
OP here. I think I wasn't very clear. I don't mean third party exclusives, I meant exclusive games published by Nintendo or Sony. Your marios, zeldas, god of war, ratchet, etc.
>> No. 12735 [Edit]
That's never going to happen. Not when they can repackage and resell those old games themselves on their own platforms over and over. Microsoft does it here and there with xbox exclusives to windows, but they've never had too many exclusives to start with anyway. If Nintendo allowed supermario brothers to be on steam, people would buy it but they'd only likely buy it once, maybe two or three times for friends but that's it. Nintendo on the other hand can sell the same game to it's die hard fans again and again in different shapes and forms on each console they release.
>> No. 12736 [Edit]
File 151106299726.jpg - (428.07KB , 850x1048 , sample_ae2a8f1ad9220e40c5a210d97e372a62422ef081.jpg )
It's possible that some first party exclusives were ported to PC and I simply don't know about this while I'm writing this but I don't fully think Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft would do that. Maybe not anytime soon, at least.

If a company ported to PC early on, then it wouldn't be exclusive. If they did that much later on, then it wouldn't be profitable as they likely would have stopped adding games to that franchise because it simply didn't work well enough as an exclusive to use to represent and sell the console in the first place. It would have already had it's chance and it failed.

So for example if God of War died entirely right now and didn't have games added to it for the next several years, then it could maybe be ported over to PC but why would Sony go through the effort of doing so if it died in the first place? What could have caused it to die would be that it maybe didn't rake in enough profit so if that were true there would be no reason to revive it, why would it make more profit on another platform if it didn't make much the last time?

You never know though, maybe one company could in the near future. If any previously dead exclusive could be modded that alone could be very profitable for a company that decided to port it if they didn't sell the IP entirely instead of porting some games to PC considering people would be picking up copies on steam for meme mods or sexy character model swaps.

Short answer: I don't think so but you never know.
>> No. 12737 [Edit]
No official emu cos SONY is a control-freak.
>> No. 12742 [Edit]
>Microsoft does it here and there with xbox exclusives to windows
Still waiting on JSRF, Gun Valkyrie and a load of original xbox exclusives port
>> No. 12758 [Edit]
They did with some back when I was a kid.
>> No. 12762 [Edit]
File 151236024094.jpg - (137.88KB , 899x1284 , 1505664032113.jpg )

Fairly unlikely.

Though, even when they are, they are a worse experience than just running an emulator. Usually adding in extra bugs that weren't there before, or making the controls unable to be rebound. Recently, they downgrade the graphics for the PC version for only god knows why.

Save states are also godly, as are some of the other fixes that have been made by the playerbase (undubs, fixes, etc.) which are built right into the .iso for the game.
>> No. 12763 [Edit]
>Save states are also godly,
No kidding. Save states make old shitty hard as nails nes era games stupidly fun and some of them are nearly impossible to beat otherwise.
>> No. 12764 [Edit]
For all of those strictly first party games, you're likely to find a very similar one available for pc.
>> No. 12765 [Edit]
I'm forever surprised by how much "fanart" there is of christ-chan.
>> No. 12770 [Edit]
File 151280967665.png - (888.67KB , 756x715 , anime reaction pic 2.png )
>Do you think Sony or the other guys will ever port over their old exclusive games to pc?

I thought they already did that??.
>> No. 12771 [Edit]
Not the first party games.

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