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File 150972573446.png - (444.92KB , 600x627 , 1470345138030.png )
12681 No. 12681 [Edit]
Don't you hate how even an idiot can complete a hard game by simply Googling it?
That's the problem nowadays, it's not that games aren't hard, it's that it is too easy to look up the answers.
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>> No. 12682 [Edit]
That sounds like a good thing. That way games could still be challenging and those who handle it poorly would google for some walkthroughs or whatever.
I think your basic premise is wrong though and games sure got a whole lot more forgiving over last 20 years.
>> No. 12683 [Edit]
Not really. A walkthrough won't help much doing something like beat Contra, playing through Halo on legendary, 1CCing a danmaku, playing Civ on deity or Xcom on classic ironman.

You need to redefine what you consider hard though. Point and click adventure games aren't hard nor are trial and error platformers. Games that allow you to build and require you to use skill such as the ones I mentioned are hard
>> No. 12684 [Edit]
Puzzle games are obsolete due to walkthroughs. There are different kinds of 'difficult', I don't know why you feel like there should only be one.
>> No. 12685 [Edit]
Give some examples of hard games that can get trivialized like that.
>> No. 12686 [Edit]
Why do you care that people are able to complete games and how they do it? What a normalfag way of thinking... "If people don't do things my way they're wrong". I do think looking for solutions cheapens the enjoyment of games, but still, just mind your own business.
>That's the problem nowadays
The only two problems with videogames today is companies allowing for liberal writers to poison the games with agenda for people who aren't really the games' target, and players supporting bad business model (microtransactions, dlcs, etc.) by not voting with their wallets.
>> No. 12690 [Edit]
File 150980779228.png - (1.05MB , 1683x1041 , 1438512640729.png )
Complex RPGs, since you can just look up a guide to find the super-secret weapon and min/max stats.

They affect the market.
There is no fun in such games anymore because the common idiot will just look up the guide to his own detriment. Then he will just stop buying such games, so then they'll just stop making such games.
Use your brain a little bit, you cry liberty but the liberty here is evident only in your skull, it is liberated of any intellect.

>What a normalfag way of thinking... "If people don't do things my way they're wrong"
>Why do you care that people are able to complete games and how they do it?
Do you see the hypocrisy here? You're telling me I am doing something wrong because I don't think like you.
Do you honestly not see it? I bet you won't, or rather, your own mind won't let you.

And there's nothing 'wrong' with micro-transactions or DLC, you are not 'entitled' to play games as we live in a Capitalist market and not a Communist one.
The simple logic of the Capitalist market is such: if you don't like it, don't buy it. If others like it, they can buy it regardless of its 'usefulness' to you (and here you repeat your hypocrisy).
>> No. 12691 [Edit]
I'm sorry but I can't agree with that. For one, most games are in fact easier these days, that's not really something up for debate. Games that try to capitalize on the desires of some gamers for dark soul style hard games are in the minority. Most are designed and made for idiots who can shut their brains off while playing. Games of old had a number of reasons for being hard. The age of arcade machines which suck your wallet dry the more you fail was one incentive to make arcade games hard as nails, which carried over into console games. That's not even to mention many old games being ports of arcade tittles. There were also limitations in technology which made much of what we take for granted today impossible back then, Such as Saving your game. There was also much less quality control. Devs could release half broken impossible to beat games without worry of bad reviews thanks to the lack of internet.
>it is too easy to look up the answers
Back in my day there were phone numbers you could call for tips, tricks, and cheat codes. Not to mention word of mouth from friends. Kids these days don't know the simple pleasure of having a friend pull out a list of cheat codes and seeing that sheet of paper in the same light as the holy grail. In many cases they wouldn't necessarily make the game all that easier though.
It's easier to look up guides these days sure, but most problems are simply due to the player being lazy or unobservant.
I recommend you watch some old AVGN vids or something similar OP.
>> No. 12692 [Edit]
I don't care. Doesn't affect me in any way in single player. I don't play online often and would only care about people actively searching the internet for exploits- which in my limited experience are short lived and get fixed. Legit gameplay tips and guides don't bother me.
Anyway I feel there is plenty of "hard games" being made and they're not in danger of dying out. I don't play them as I don't find difficulty for difficulty's sake to be much fun.

...then the fuck is your problem? Free market. Anyone is free to acquire any available information about a product they own or want to purchase, no?
You can't even play by your own rules, capitalist.
Though with your belief in hardcore free market combined with support of information control to prevent the "common idiot" from acting "to his own detriment" perhaps you should consider moving to China, People's Republic Of.
>> No. 12693 [Edit]
>Doesn't affect me in any way in single player
Really now, I asked you to use your brain just a little bit.
Come on. There's been a move away from single-player games to online. Put two and two together, you fucking imbecile.

I'm not a free-market Capitalist, those are Anarchists and Anarchs are fucking retards.
Chinese are scum.

>> No. 12694 [Edit]
File 151003229240.jpg - (133.37KB , 500x700 , 3e6e86fea8e64804ff508e10128f002f88177214.jpg )
11) Excessive flaming, trolling, or harassing other users.
- This refers to behavior that involves deliberately attacking or insulting other users. While TC is not an SJW hug box (outside of /mai/), going out of your way to upset/bother people is not cool and will not be tolerated.
- Note that if someone disagrees with you or finds your posts offensive without you purposefully trying to upset or offend them, that is entirely their problem and is not in violation of this rule.

You are violating rule 11, please note that should you continue this you are risking a ban.
>> No. 12696 [Edit]
When you've heard the same argument over and over again, you tend to just wish the people who speak them dead because clearly arguing with them results in absolutely nothing changed.
>> No. 12699 [Edit]
The easiest way to deal with people this vitriolic is to ignore them, but that seems easier said than done. Anyone could have spot them being unnecessarily rude from the first line of the OP, but others still engaged.
>> No. 12701 [Edit]
Yeah I replied even though I recognized that style right away. I'll try to avoid feeding him in the future.
>> No. 12705 [Edit]
File 151020408425.jpg - (183.86KB , 1350x1074 , d47de1cb408b15e1f9b446c20a1c3af3e5b5d3b6.jpg )
I'm the stupidest stupid that ever stpuded on this stpuid planet stupid so it's pretty convenient for me. I try and work out a puzzle myself first, really try, and if after repeated attempts I can't solve it I look up a solution.
Or I google it if I don't want to deal with it. I always broke many rules gamers held sacred but... eh, whatevs. It's a game, not a test.
>> No. 12707 [Edit]
Games and tests are quite similar, both ask you to solve the problem presented.
You might be too used to looking up the answers, like how modern humans are used to technology and wouldn't be able to start a fire or skin an animal.
>> No. 12708 [Edit]
As long as you have fun, it should be alright.
Please don't use Google though. They're evil.
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