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File 150840022975.jpg - (105.16KB , 1200x987 , DK7B3MEVwAE9BbT.jpg )
12660 No. 12660 [Edit]
The wait is finally over and the very much anticipated game Cuphead is finally out?
What does Tohno-chan think about this one?
>> No. 12661 [Edit]
Spoiler: The rest of this thread is going to be East vs West shitflinging.
>> No. 12663 [Edit]
Art and theme are great.

The gameplay is not my cup of tea.
>> No. 12664 [Edit]

No, because the rules say to not post western style pictures.
>> No. 12665 [Edit]
>Exceptions can be made for western games on /vg/.
>> No. 12666 [Edit]
That's mainly referring to 3dpd.
>> No. 12668 [Edit]

Not really, it was about cartoons, as in drawing, BUT >>12665 is right there can be exceptions here, that rule is mainly for /mai/, /ot/ and such.
>> No. 12814 [Edit]
Cuphead is comparable to Dark Souls?
>> No. 12818 [Edit]
One's a run and gun and the other is a 3d action game
>> No. 12821 [Edit]
Beautiful to watch.
Frustrating to play.
Runs great on the GPD Win.
>> No. 12822 [Edit]
another game people pretend is hard because they're so used to games where the only way you can die is if you play in a suicidal manner.
any game where death is possible through normal play gets an epic meme status now cause casualization is so bad and widespread it's a novelty.
doesn't compare at all to old platformer difficulty, isn't noteworthy at all.
people should stop compromising.
>> No. 12969 [Edit]
It's Contra.
>> No. 13472 [Edit]
Coming in 2019! Cuphead Delicious Last Course!

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