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File 129739360642.jpg - (790.17KB , 1536x1293 , upcoming_mmos.jpg )
1266 No. 1266 [Edit]
Pick your poison.
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>> No. 1267 [Edit]
the Secret World, because it looks like it has a modern setting. There's also the APB relaunch, which will hopefully be better than it's last release (can't see how it could be worse)
>> No. 1269 [Edit]
Guild Wars 2
>> No. 1275 [Edit]
Why no love for Blade & Soul or Archeage?

Anyway, I'll go with TERA. I had a blast playing it during the KOBT.
>> No. 1466 [Edit]
Don't know how the APB beta will turn out and if other Brohnos will join but I'm definitely trying this too.

Posting some GW2 after this because that's going to be my definitive MMO.
>> No. 1467 [Edit]
Just look at this, it's ridiculous.
>> No. 1468 [Edit]
Guild Wars 2 looks the least crappy, so I'll go with that.
>> No. 1469 [Edit]
I think I'll go with Guild Wars 2 if I can get a friend to join me.
>> No. 1475 [Edit]
I have to admit, GW2 looks pretty impressive. Also, apparently AreaNet promised to keep their 'no monthly fees' policy. Then again, I still have 2 unopened boxes of collector's editions GW expansions. They were on sale (10$ each) and I bought them on a whim.
>> No. 1481 [Edit]
Just decided to get Rift in the past hour. Have yet to try it, but it looks okay. I don't really play any games anymore because I just find them all so bland, so an MMO will kill some time.

The Secret World looks great, and I've been following it's development for years. It looks really interesting. Funcom has put out great titles like Anarchy Online and The Longest Journey.
>> No. 1484 [Edit]
I don't think you're showing the best part of Tera Online OP.

Elin, loli catgirls is a race you can play. That should very well be enough of a reason for some people here.
>> No. 1525 [Edit]
Why has no one told me of this.

Playing. Playing. Playing.
>> No. 1526 [Edit]

They're changing them/taking it out.

Don't expect them to be the same
>> No. 1531 [Edit]
Well fuck that game then
>> No. 1545 [Edit]
I'd advise you to go with any of the korean grindfests over rift.
>> No. 1546 [Edit]
to be precise it was suggested they could make clothing less suggestive. but that's speculative and nothing is decided yet.
>> No. 1563 [Edit]

Ok, I've been playing Rift for a couple days now. It's a real fun game IF you approach it knowing that 80% of it you've seen before. It's not at all a Korean grindfest as some would imagine and it's always a dynamically playing field. In PvE your side can be invaded at time by hundreds of guys attacking towns and outposts as well as "Rifts" opening up and guys coming out from there. It has a real extensive class system using 3 "Souls", not much in itself but each individual one has so many different things you can invest points in to, to unlock other stuff. I've been playing since launch and still haven't really left the first zone yet. I hear the next bit of land over looks all like England and such.
>> No. 2648 [Edit]
Well, TOR looks like it's shaping up to be pretty bad
>> No. 2791 [Edit]
New video for Guild Wars 2, showing a new city "The Lion's Arch".
>> No. 2905 [Edit]

Well fuck. I was really looking forward to that one too. Back to scorning Bioware for no KotOR 3...
>> No. 2906 [Edit]
MMOS I'm looking forward to:


The Secret World

The totally rad mmo idea I've had since I was 15 and will totally get around to making somehow
>> No. 2909 [Edit]
The Agency looks kind of nice too but I haven't heard anything about it in a really long time. Also SOE
>> No. 2910 [Edit]
It was cancelled a month or two ago I think.
>> No. 2911 [Edit]
That sucks since it look neat. Yet another case of an MMO dying/being shitty because I looked forward to it
>> No. 4471 [Edit]
So it turns out a facebook account will be required to play The Secret World, and also EA is now the game's publisher. It's as if they had a focus meeting about how they could make me not want to play it.
>> No. 4472 [Edit]
The Secret World. Ragnar Thornquist is the man.
>> No. 4475 [Edit]
Actually, it turns out the facebook thing is just a game...a game that you need to play if you want into beta.
>> No. 4476 [Edit]

If this is true, that's a real shame. I won't be getting it then.

Too bad, Funcom has seriously some of the best writers in the history of games, and that made them so involving. Just look at Anarchy Online, or The Longest Journey/Dreamfall.
>> No. 5130 [Edit]
APB sucks. (cash shop) / bugs / cheaters

GW2 = population, will be a long running game (servers will still be up thanks to developers / company backing them up)

the secret world is a nice concept
but it will crash and burn and be relaunched as a cash shop game. with very horrible consquences same as APB.

STAR WARS: TOR (i HAVE SOME FAITH IT WILL last about 2.5 years if they keep updating it constantly with fresh content and higher levels and balance out the pvp shit. it may last awhile before it turns into SWG horror reborn).

RIFT (oh dear god what a terrible game, nice graphics though).

dark millenium (never heard of it)
>> No. 5131 [Edit]
>APB sucks. (cash shop) / bugs / cheaters

It's also going under again, in a very similar way that it did the first time (sudden mass layoffs with the devs saying "oh no no everything is totally fine!")

Post edited on 31st Oct 2011, 10:27am
>> No. 5133 [Edit]
Did they not learn anything from the first time APB went under?
What's the point of resurrecting a sunken ship if you're not gonna fill the holes in it that made it sink in the fist place?
>> No. 5134 [Edit]
I guess they figured maybe people would be more likely to play a low quality game if it was free. Turns out people still don't want to play it
>> No. 5677 [Edit]
File 132469578827.jpg - (250.38KB , 500x500 , z324181876321.jpg )
STAR WARS: TOR may do ok just because it is star wars. However, Phantom Menance killed Star Wars for me.

May give Guild Wars a go though. I prefer sorcery&swords MMORPGs to sci-fi ones.
>> No. 5700 [Edit]
I'm mildly interested in GW2 and PSO2. I'm still going to wait a few weeks after launch, though. I want to see where GW2 goes with its supposed "cosmetics only" cash shop.
>> No. 11628 [Edit]
File 14462731654.jpg - (225.56KB , 1600x900 , z20151103.jpg )
>> No. 12044 [Edit]
File 146024740129.jpg - (228.12KB , 750x322 , g20160502.jpg )
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