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File 150402460957.jpg - (103.64KB , 475x539 , 3211077300e346f773dea480f9a77778c7f56ebc.jpg )
12541 No. 12541 [Edit]
What do you think are some of the worst things to come from gaming?
Let's plays, micfags, old people freaking out over stuff on a screen, game memes? Feel free to post anything about the topic here.
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>> No. 12542 [Edit]
It really has very little impact on my life whether Ford drivers play videogames or not.
I'd say western story driven games or so called walking simulators are the worst since unlike the Japanese market that distinguishes between interactive-visual-novels and games there is no segregation between two mediums with virtually nothing in common to the extent that the definition of videogame loses a bit of meaning.
>> No. 12547 [Edit]
File 150405992331.gif - (129.56KB , 450x300 , 1433278672481.gif )
The culture of condoning companies peddling unfinished wares is by far the worst.

let's plays aren't a bad thing, and microphones help a lot for games that require coordination with other people.
The problem is generally the other people, from the fuckwit who thinks he is more important than the game itself and the story the game is trying to show, to the dumbshits who care more about maintaining a "positive score" than winning until the tipping point of certain loss is well passed, followed by stall tactics to delay the inevitable.
>> No. 12550 [Edit]
Are you referring to DF in your first sentence? I think the game is interactive enough to stand on it's own and complete enough, even in the "unfinished" state it's in. There's no portions where I think, "Damn it sucks this game is in beta" or anything similar. The UI is grimy but that comes with the territory, it's an ASCII game. Rather than waiting for an alpha, I think of it as being in perpetual beta with content being released regularly, something I really appreciate about the game. There's typically something new going on in DF with every major patch.

I feel like console games have become really homogeneous. It's hard to explain, it's like the camera angles and 'weight' of moving characters is the same all around (for the most part, there are exceptions). This depresses me, because I love games and I hate to see them end up like this. The "HD'ification" of video games is slowly ruining it.

I also hate how the Persona series is how most people identify the SMT franchise at this point. They're fine games and I love them to death, but SMT is so much more than just Japanese high school simulators.
>> No. 12551 [Edit]
Heavens no, well, not yet. If Toady decides to charge $60 and push out stuff that is clearly work-in-progress and broken, it may change. But I sincerely doubt it will go that direction.

The stuff I meant was the bullshit such as the "pre-order" selling of games that were clearly not finished, or alpha/beta versions of games with no intention of actually finishing the game. The broken/buggy game launches tend to also be commonplace, but at least there is some backlash against the companies when they do that. This seems to be increasingly commonplace with console->PC ported games.
>> No. 12552 [Edit]
It's funny with all this early access stuff too, it's a great opportunity for devs to tap into a massive testing group. People say that people pay to beta test but they don't. Most devs aren't using it to do that, just to get the money earlier. A good counterpoint is UGCW. Monthly updates which usually added new content on top of gameplay patches and at 0.8x I think it was, the devs reworked the campaign mechanics because early access players were very positive towards the ideas that were to eventually be implemented.

That's the power of Early Access, lots of interaction between devs and consumers allowing for the development to really follow the path towards success with players. Instead most seem to squander it with selling unplayable messes that they have no intention of fixing.

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