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File 150368151939.jpg - (58.23KB , 700x577 , 0856b61191511fa5f6475ed1690cd38dab180dc2.jpg )
12535 No. 12535 [Edit]
What things do other players do that make you angry in video games? It can be anything at all.
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>> No. 12536 [Edit]
People talking about their personal life or relationships in online games.
>> No. 12537 [Edit]
When people don't know the fights, and get you killed.
>> No. 12538 [Edit]
Just the whole climate of being a smug wanker really. A little bit of good will goes a long way to making everything just that wee bit more pleasant. Also when one guy is noticeably better than the rest and everybody starts figuratively sucking them off.

That's just from memory though, there were probably more but I haven't played multiplayer in a long time now.
>> No. 12540 [Edit]
When some random jack ass says that they're going to get a certain build, but then lies and gets a shittier build than yours so they're not only a worthless liability but a waste of time because of how bad they are.

Can you believe that this shit actually tried to blame me for them not only dying constantly (lol) but not doing any damage when that build and character is meant for other things such as support because they're playing tank.

On another game, I'm sure that this applies to a good amount of other games, however, is when people pay so little attention to the any instructions and have no idea in what they're doing. I mean, I understand not knowing what to do and wanting to get your feet wet first, but there are a good amount of things to know BEFORE doing certain things which can only help instead of being a clueless nuisance.
>> No. 12543 [Edit]
I'll take an "I play 4fun" useless player on my team over a smug asshole any day of the week. Not being toxic really goes a long way in improving the experience for everyone involved.
>> No. 12544 [Edit]
What did you mean by this?
>> No. 12546 [Edit]
File 150405386238.jpg - (56.85KB , 540x695 , I_play_for_fun.jpg )
I mostly disagree. If I'm playing a multiplayer game where winning is the purpose of the time spent, then I'd rather have someone in my team who is willing to try to win. Sadly, for a lot of people nowadays "fun" comes at the expense of others' time, effort, mood and interest.
>> No. 12548 [Edit]
File 150408945977.jpg - (367.26KB , 1333x1000 , 1394008514805.jpg )
Complain about other players being "toxic" while being absolute garbage at playing in a team game while on my team.

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