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Recent News Post: Thanks again to A.F. by tohno - 9th Mar 2017
File 148462060571.jpg - (68.06KB , 480x640 , hcEB7DG.jpg )
12328 No. 12328 [Edit]
ITT: Post all of your unpopular opinions about anything related to games.
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>> No. 12329 [Edit]
I like highly cinematic games and don't really mind long cutscenes.
>> No. 12330 [Edit]
I think that's a normal opinion, only drowned out by vocal minority.
I just never understood why those people don't just skip cutscenes (and people who hate cutscenes so obviously don't care too much for story).
>> No. 12332 [Edit]
>I think that's a normal opinion, only drowned out by vocal minority.
Couldn't you say that for just about any unpopular opinion?
>> No. 12333 [Edit]
File 148462679969.jpg - (89.66KB , 1280x720 , [DameDesuYo] Rokujouma no Shinryakusha - 06 (1280x.jpg )
Nah, for example: 'MGS2 is the best MGS', isn't opposed by a vocal minority, it's opposed by a plebeian majority.
>> No. 12334 [Edit]
But everyone knows MGS3 is the best MGS!
>> No. 12336 [Edit]
The Souls games are shit. It's Monster Hunter for casuals.
>> No. 12337 [Edit]
Can't blame you on that one.

I wouldn't go so far as to say they're "shit", as I still managed to play through them, but its by far and away the most overrated series in existence with one of the most cancerous fanbases to match. They're relatively easy games whose only real 'difficulty' comes from the clunky controls and horrible camera (particularly in the first two entries), which lead to a lot of pitfall deaths- elements that would be heavily criticized in any other game, but are heralded in the Souls series as 'part of the difficulty'.

Also, I shouldn't be able to beat the "hardest boss ever" (Ornstein and Smough) on the first blind attempt by literally facetanking with high poise and mashing the attack button, healing as necessary.
>> No. 12343 [Edit]
This is only kind of video game related but I have a theory similar to the "nostalgia goggles" phenomenon except it has to do with a game's popularity. I think, regardless of how good any "cult classic" game is, it's merely a cult classic because it was/is unpopular.

Therefore I think it's completely fair to be critical towards unpopular game fanboyism in the same way childhood games are criticized in spite of a person's "nostalgia goggles".

One of the major factors as to why any of you like games such as Mother 3, Majora's Mask, Yume Nikki, etc is because of your subconscious desire to like something different and unpopular. It's really not that much different from overlooking all of the shitty aspects of Nintendo 64 games because you remember all the good parts from when you were a kid. You overlook the game's flaws because you like how different and cool it is. fucking hipsters.
>> No. 12344 [Edit]
I don't hate the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time and I never did. I also liked the Longshot.
>> No. 12345 [Edit]
water temple only has bad design and is flawed when you're like 9 and don't know what the hell you're supposed to be doing.

majora's mask is hands down the best zelda game in my eyes. i feel that everything about that game improves on it's predecessor. the rest are okay. of course i haven't played any of the newer ones. oot is a close second but i can't just sit down and get into it the same way as mm. the world is really vibrant.

people have different opinions. it's part of being human.

i find koei slashers to be fun, interesting and simulating. whoa look at that i have an opinion that you guys probably don't agree with.
>> No. 12346 [Edit]
the sequel is always worse

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