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File 148462060571.jpg - (68.06KB , 480x640 , hcEB7DG.jpg )
12328 No. 12328 [Edit]
ITT: Post all of your unpopular opinions about anything related to games.
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>> No. 12329 [Edit]
I like highly cinematic games and don't really mind long cutscenes.
>> No. 12330 [Edit]
I think that's a normal opinion, only drowned out by vocal minority.
I just never understood why those people don't just skip cutscenes (and people who hate cutscenes so obviously don't care too much for story).
>> No. 12332 [Edit]
>I think that's a normal opinion, only drowned out by vocal minority.
Couldn't you say that for just about any unpopular opinion?
>> No. 12333 [Edit]
File 148462679969.jpg - (89.66KB , 1280x720 , [DameDesuYo] Rokujouma no Shinryakusha - 06 (1280x.jpg )
Nah, for example: 'MGS2 is the best MGS', isn't opposed by a vocal minority, it's opposed by a plebeian majority.
>> No. 12334 [Edit]
But everyone knows MGS3 is the best MGS!
>> No. 12336 [Edit]
The Souls games are shit. It's Monster Hunter for casuals.
>> No. 12337 [Edit]
Can't blame you on that one.

I wouldn't go so far as to say they're "shit", as I still managed to play through them, but its by far and away the most overrated series in existence with one of the most cancerous fanbases to match. They're relatively easy games whose only real 'difficulty' comes from the clunky controls and horrible camera (particularly in the first two entries), which lead to a lot of pitfall deaths- elements that would be heavily criticized in any other game, but are heralded in the Souls series as 'part of the difficulty'.

Also, I shouldn't be able to beat the "hardest boss ever" (Ornstein and Smough) on the first blind attempt by literally facetanking with high poise and mashing the attack button, healing as necessary.
>> No. 12343 [Edit]
This is only kind of video game related but I have a theory similar to the "nostalgia goggles" phenomenon except it has to do with a game's popularity. I think, regardless of how good any "cult classic" game is, it's merely a cult classic because it was/is unpopular.

Therefore I think it's completely fair to be critical towards unpopular game fanboyism in the same way childhood games are criticized in spite of a person's "nostalgia goggles".

One of the major factors as to why any of you like games such as Mother 3, Majora's Mask, Yume Nikki, etc is because of your subconscious desire to like something different and unpopular. It's really not that much different from overlooking all of the shitty aspects of Nintendo 64 games because you remember all the good parts from when you were a kid. You overlook the game's flaws because you like how different and cool it is. fucking hipsters.
>> No. 12344 [Edit]
I don't hate the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time and I never did. I also liked the Longshot.
>> No. 12345 [Edit]
water temple only has bad design and is flawed when you're like 9 and don't know what the hell you're supposed to be doing.

majora's mask is hands down the best zelda game in my eyes. i feel that everything about that game improves on it's predecessor. the rest are okay. of course i haven't played any of the newer ones. oot is a close second but i can't just sit down and get into it the same way as mm. the world is really vibrant.

people have different opinions. it's part of being human.

i find koei slashers to be fun, interesting and simulating. whoa look at that i have an opinion that you guys probably don't agree with.
>> No. 12346 [Edit]
the sequel is always worse
>> No. 12394 [Edit]
File 149510677581.jpg - (58.04KB , 1504x209 , 20170519.jpg )
Sprites > 3DCG
>> No. 12395 [Edit]
>elements that would be heavily criticized in any other game, but are heralded in the Souls series as 'part of the difficulty'.
Reminds me of one thing I really hate, but I'm not sure if it's unpopular or not. The hard=good mentality, and it's not just in the Souls fanbase either. Persinally, I think games are good when their mechanics work well with the other elements to create a fun experience. Stupid 'gotcha' moments are just poor design. A mediocre game remains mediocre even if you turn up AI stats to make it hard and label it 'hardcore'. Unfortunately, people seem to lap it up so that they don't appear as 'casuals'.

Is that unpopular? I'm not a big fighting game guy, but I always liked the way sprites were animated more than 3D, they were always sharper and snappier in a way that 3D simply wasn't.
>> No. 12396 [Edit]
>They're relatively easy games whose only real 'difficulty' comes from the clunky controls and horrible camera (particularly in the first two entries), which lead to a lot of pitfall deaths- elements that would be heavily criticized in any other game, but are heralded in the Souls series as 'part of the difficulty'.

I strongly disagree with that. The controls have a weight to them, but they certainly aren't clunky. Actions, including movement, needs to be deliberate and you have to commit to it. It's very different and jarring if you are used to playing something like devil may cry or other button mashy-type fighters.

The camera only gets retarded when you fight things much bigger than you are, and only when you are using the lock-on to face the boss while simultaneously navigating terrain obstacles.
That generaly only becomes an issue when you back yourself into a corner and then realize your mistake only after you're completely fucked but not quite dead yet.

>Also, I shouldn't be able to beat the "hardest boss ever" (Ornstein and Smough) on the first blind attempt by literally facetanking with high poise and mashing the attack button, healing as necessary.

The difficulty of that fight starts on NG+, where their damage output is too much for a full set of +15 armor to truly face tank. Four Kings is another good example of such a fight.

You may find this hard to believe, but being able to learn when to facetank the weak strikes and avoid the really heavy ones puts you in the upper echelon of players for that game.
The sad truth is most people have too much difficulty trying to keep track of two things attacking them and end tunnel visioning on one while they walk right into the other one charging up their heavy hitting move and then die stupidly and deservedly.
>> No. 12484 [Edit]
Nobody gave a fuck about Nier until they added a cute robot who you can pantyshot in it for normals to call their waifu and not feel weird.

Fuck that.
>> No. 12489 [Edit]
File 150074407242.jpg - (22.54KB , 189x266 , SMT.jpg )
The Shin Megami Tensei mainline games are better than Persona.

Also, Persona 4 is shit. The game is easy as fuck. The dungeons are linear and the characters are uninteresting.
>> No. 12504 [Edit]
File 150218064575.jpg - (54.07KB , 268x268 , more like diablo 3 than diablo 2.jpg )
Torchlight and Path of Exile are not worthwhile successors to Diablo 2. At best, they're the poor man's Diablo 3.
>> No. 12505 [Edit]
File 150266646139.png - (345.20KB , 700x569 , 1473205553857.png )

I can understand where you are coming from with your first comment, but the second one is flatly untrue.

Otherwise, I enjoyed The Surge a lot more than dark souls 3. It's so nice to play a souls-type game that isn't a shitty port and can be played naturally with a keyboard and mouse.
>> No. 12549 [Edit]
I enjoy motion controls and I've never had a problem with the combat in Skyward Sword. I even thought Red Steel was pretty fun when it came out.
>> No. 12592 [Edit]
File 150581670968.jpg - (115.21KB , 1280x720 , 1390475024293.jpg )
Souls was about environment and world feel, not combat. This is best shown in Demon's Souls, which not everyone who played DaS has played but (practically) everyone who played DeS played DaS.

Those who played DeS, and enjoyed it, pretty much enjoyed DaS but maybe not as much. The further you go on in the series, the less about environment and the more about combat it becomes, and it loses itself a bit. So those who wanted good combat are understandably (if not annoyingly ignorantly) disappointed in Souls, beucase it is indeed not a good action game but a good RPG.

Really infuriating when you try to explain how Demon's Souls is better, then action fiends go on about epic combos and MLG PvP in DaS. It was never supposed to be about the action.
>> No. 12595 [Edit]
I prefer Das2 to the first one because they moved more of the focus onto action. I loved Demon Souls for the atmosphere and it is by leaps and bounds my favourite of the series but by the time the sequels rolled around I was burned out on that and jut wanted more action.
I don't think a sequel can give you the same impression after you already are familiar with it from the sequel and think they were right to focus on gameplay for the sequels. I never played online on any of them since Sony banned me for piracy so can't comment on that.
>> No. 12605 [Edit]
Not all games let you skip cutscenes for some reason, and I find that it's not uncommon for a game to either be gameplay-oriented or cinematic, at the detriment of the other
>> No. 12606 [Edit]
Can't stand colorful cartoony graphics in western games, even brown+bloom was better. Quality doesn't matter, it's big serious business so having a style (no matter how shitty) and being recognizable to plebeians counts.
>> No. 12609 [Edit]
I guarantee that ninty percent of games (not including shit like Barbie games and such shit) made post-2000 let you skip cutscenes.
>> No. 12610 [Edit]
I find steam and similar shit in general very unappealing.
>> No. 12634 [Edit]
I find jrpgs tedious and boring. I want to like them but the repetitiveness and endless grinding makes them insufferable.
>> No. 12635 [Edit]
That's a fairly popular one.
>> No. 12695 [Edit]
One of the annoying things I notice all the time is badly applied asymmetry in 3D facial animation.
I know what they're thinking. "It's a smart trick, nothing IRL is perfectly symmetrical so this instantly makes my work more authentic and lifelike", bullshit.
It's commonly taken too far to make all characters look almost like they're gasping for air with one side of their faces or doing shitty Stallone impressions. Subtlety is unknown to these talentless hacks.
It's rarely the worst problem when it comes to graphics but it's prevalent and such obvious cheap trickery only makes the bigger fuckups more jarring to me.
>> No. 12739 [Edit]
File 151108859889.jpg - (412.71KB , 839x1117 , 20171115.jpg )
Allowing "E-sports" to dictate gameplay design is ruining vidya gaming.
>> No. 12766 [Edit]
Fuck co-op and multilayer. I want more games to focus on single player stories. Interacting with humans in games is annoying to say the least.
>> No. 12768 [Edit]
Single and multiplayer are different genres really. They run on different design principles. Or they should at least. I don't have a particular issue with multiplayer games so long as thought is put into them. Even if I don't particularly like the title, if a game does what it wants to do, then that's good.

To me that's the problem, that online features have a nasty habit of cropping up where they aren't needed, and on the flipside, ridiculous and unplayable singleplayer modes attached to multiplayer games to say that they have singleplayer for marketing. You'd think that the industry would have learned that the needs of an offline player and the needs of a connected player are different, but they haven't and continue to try and force the two together when it so rarely works.
>> No. 12777 [Edit]
File 151298929872.jpg - (90.78KB , 620x767 , 20171231.jpg )
It could be like the early fighting games where single-player is arcade mode vs AI with a cutscene for beating the last boss while multi-player is 1 vs 1 to kick you off the arcade machine. Heh.
>> No. 13083 [Edit]
Daigo Umehara is washed up
>> No. 13135 [Edit]
File 151981902617.jpg - (51.79KB , 960x396 , 20180301.jpg )
Overwatch is a fun team game.
>> No. 13137 [Edit]
The most important thing in open world games is how fun it is to roam around. GTA3, Far Cry 2 and Dying Light are my three favourite open world games of the last three console generations respectively, GTA3 doesn't have fast travel, Far Cry 2 has such an awkward to use fast travel its really only useful if you want to move from one corner of the map to another and Dying Light only has fast travel between the two maps and it isn't needed because moving from A to B is such a delight in those games.
>> No. 13207 [Edit]
File 152492190065.jpg - (191.16KB , 600x949 , 20180501.jpg )
Old isn't necessarily better
>> No. 13232 [Edit]
File 152712308475.jpg - (76.66KB , 962x448 , Dark Souls - RM.jpg )
Iv'e heard that the reception was a lot more negative than expected, but this seems a little extreme.
>> No. 13252 [Edit]
File 152889802360.jpg - (325.53KB , 2074x2300 , pDfc2U5PVMAA7Bdv.jpg )
RYU is best NOT in a capcom game...
>> No. 13273 [Edit]
File 15314802918.jpg - (48.17KB , 354x474 , 20180722.jpg )
By CAPCOM, I mean modern day Capcom past about the year 2000.
>> No. 13389 [Edit]
I started playing monhun for the first time and i've had this old post on my mind the whole time through. I feel like you probably just have some hangups about the soulsborne fanbase if you actually believe this, they're both extremely different games with different design goals
>> No. 13395 [Edit]
File 155280217825.jpg - (85.78KB , 1024x577 , hqdefault.jpg )
KOF beats SF in terms of 2d fighting gameplay; unfortunately the numbers are against me. *sigh*
>> No. 13864 [Edit]
File 159888367444.gif - (440.12KB , 240x240 , 20200920.gif )
Cammy is cute but hard to play
>> No. 13941 [Edit]
File 160137848547.jpg - (60.34KB , 974x690 , 20201004.jpg )
Hard doesn't equal good but I like gameplay with a low skill floor but high skill ceiling.
>> No. 14122 [Edit]
File 160714885983.jpg - (88.78KB , 715x890 , 20201227.jpg )
Also CAPCOM USA is very different to CAPCOM JAPAN
>> No. 14159 [Edit]
File 161163251097.jpg - (101.33KB , 519x707 , k1.jpg )
That's not an unpopular opinion but FACT
>> No. 14268 [Edit]
File 162212225898.jpg - (50.74KB , 679x228 , 20210613.jpg )
>> No. 14274 [Edit]
File 162291488084.gif - (447.88KB , 1200x500 , sf3 vs 4 art.gif )
It's not entirely that sprites look better (although if you are talking about Street Fighter they almost certainly will), but that Capcom is shit at 3DCG.
>> No. 14275 [Edit]
>> No. 14276 [Edit]
File 16230180979.jpg - (245.42KB , 650x500 , 80a5284bce2dc8caa6dc69f13d030c54.jpg )
That article is interesting, but the writer is trying to justify bending the knee to the lowest common denominator by calling it "speaking their language", sidelining the minority of people who do appreciate good pixel art. It unintentionally points out how bad "their language" is at discerning quality since anything 3d will be praised more simply because of it, so how much merit is there is in speaking it? I also don't really like the writer's character design.

I think there's an argument to be made that modern technical limitations aren't sufficient to drive artists to improve and make the most of their technology.

Post edited on 6th Jun 2021, 3:28pm
>> No. 14277 [Edit]
>Yes those are wonderful, popular, great looking games. However, their core audience is retro gamers. They’re not only getting a pixel art experience, but a gameplay experience they’re very familiar with. A 17 year old young woman with an iPad, though, might download shovel knight and think “what’s with the pixelation? I’d better call Apple Care.” The point is, even if that number is smaller than I estimate, those who feel that way are not to blame. Creators are.
>Well, I can’t stress enough how my attitude is never to look at the audience as inferior or lesser than. I think it’s harmful for the arts to see other people as anything other than smart, capable of being challenged, and discerning. Maybe that’s naive of me, but that’s my operating philosophy.
What a tool.
>> No. 14278 [Edit]
>I also don't really like the writer's character design
Yeah, nothing of value was lost.
>> No. 14320 [Edit]
I wish the videogame industry would stop calling expansions "seasons", as if these games were TV shows or something.
>> No. 14321 [Edit]
TV is like a media black hole that tries to suck everything into its shitty format.
>> No. 14322 [Edit]
I think it's more than the publishers want players to view it as something which regularly and continually have new content, which players should keep coming back to.
>> No. 14323 [Edit]
I don't want "regular new content". I want the whole game in one package.
>> No. 14331 [Edit]
File 163100241265.jpg - (554.11KB , 1877x2638 , cooler2.jpg )
If the character creator has too many options, I won't play play your game because I will be permanently stuck in "dress-up" mode.
>> No. 14819 [Edit]
File 170064305526.jpg - (207.57KB , 1920x1080 , 20231123.jpg )
A free2play can be good if the income stream was limited to cosmetic or non-gameplay items. cf Path of Exile or War Thunder
>> No. 15031 [Edit]
The first Helldivers is better than Helldivers 2.
>> No. 15033 [Edit]
Breath of the Wild is insanely boring, even genshin is kinda more fun
>> No. 15034 [Edit]
Can't speak to Genshin Impact since I don't play it, but I too found BotW to be rather boring. The breadth of the world is cool, but it's got the same issue as all of these vacuous open world games.
>> No. 15035 [Edit]
After playing Hitman:Blood Money (my first hitman game) I decided to watch the 2 movies based on the series. I can see why they were hated but I liked them as short, mindless action movies. Not sure if I can say that they are good with all the clichés and predictable story, but I think they are definitely cool and the cinematography is impressive. You just have to let yourself be seduced by them to enjoy them (or be young and impressionable).
>> No. 15036 [Edit]
Dragon Age 2 is better than Dragon Age 1
>> No. 15037 [Edit]
I think the entire series is bad.
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