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File 147842789019.jpg - (248.08KB , 1280x720 , hdnrebirth0910141280jpg-3a4af5_1280w.jpg )
12278 No. 12278 [Edit]
I think we all need a little more Nep-Nep in our lives!!
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>> No. 12281 [Edit]
of course Nepu-chan always is necessary. Playing now V, the time travel to the 80s and that old humor is great, even use 2chan memes, of course play in japanese
>> No. 12309 [Edit]
Just bought Re;Birth1 and 2 on the steam sale. Can't wait to give it a try.
>> No. 12311 [Edit]
I suggest picking up Megadimension, as well. It's the best in the series and is normally 50 dollars, currently 20.
>> No. 12374 [Edit]
Neputinia is so comfy to play
>> No. 12388 [Edit]
I love how they've managed to make so many of these games without changing the central cast much at all over so many years. Not unless you count the villains or the add on side characters anyway.
>> No. 12398 [Edit]
I agree. It's great for people who have a character from the series as their waifu because they've got all these games with them and are guaranteed many more for years to come. It's reliable in the sense that if you love the series, you'll always be able to look forward to more of it.
>> No. 12799 [Edit]
File 15138495008.jpg - (648.47KB , 2560x1440 , 20171219215548_1.jpg )
Do megami get turned on if you poke them in the eyes?
>> No. 13164 [Edit]
So it seems the next nep game is being made in mother fucking Canada by a no name studio for some odd reason.
>> No. 13333 [Edit]
File 154347411197.png - (1.28MB , 1256x707 , Screenshot_2018-11-22-04-02-30.png )
nepnep azur lane cross over, yay!
>> No. 13336 [Edit]
File 154369731858.png - (152.62KB , 738x500 , Neptunia-Artist-Tsunako-Leaves-Idea-Factory-and-Co.png )
Tsunako, artist behind Neptunia, is leaving leaving Idea Factory and Compile Heart. But on the bright side they've said they'll keep working on Neptunia projects.
>> No. 13351 [Edit]
Is Neptunia any good?
>> No. 13357 [Edit]
File 15484457801.gif - (2.18MB , 498x280 , yes.gif )

>> No. 13484 [Edit]
File 155837762777.png - (2.29MB , 1920x1080 , Super-Neptunia-RPG-Details-Release-Dates-Followed-.png )
Are you guys looking forward to Super Neptunia RPG?
>> No. 13485 [Edit]
I am now, looks nice. I never played any of the previous games, maybe I'll try this one.
>> No. 13520 [Edit]
File 156005668916.png - (1.32MB , 1280x720 , Super-Neptunia-RPG-Re-introduced-the-Cute-Goddesse.png )
hint hint wink wink
>> No. 13521 [Edit]
I'm a retard, I don't get it. Please explain the joke.
>> No. 13522 [Edit]
Maybe we'll get a 4GO 2
>> No. 13526 [Edit]
Oh, I didn't realize these games had so many spinoffs. That reference went way over my head. Sorry for being a retard.
>> No. 13543 [Edit]
No worries, there really are a lot. There's more spin offs than there are main line games I think, unless you count original games and their remakes separately that is. You've got everything from an idol dating sim, to a 2d platformer. A zombie horror game to an old school style rpg and an mmo style rpg.

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