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File 147358111486.jpg - (54.45KB , 660x410 , hatsunemiku.jpg )
12224 No. 12224 [Edit]
Which games have the best music?
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>> No. 12225 [Edit]
Banjo Kazooie has one of the best sound tracks ever. FACT
>> No. 12226 [Edit]
I think the shmup genre as a whole tends to have better music, but that's just my taste.

Here's some of my favorites
Ketsui stage 2
Battle Garegga stage 1
Mushihimesama stage 4

Not to mention any of touhou which I think is pretty well known for its music considering how many secondaries are attracted to it because of that.
>> No. 12227 [Edit]
There are thousands of video games with good music, and since ultimately it's subjective, there isn't much we can do about answering. The best link I can refer you to, which is 5 years old:
>> No. 12228 [Edit]
Also, from another article from around the same time, with over 100k votes, regarded Diablo's "Tristam" as the all time best western video game music / theme. Even now, I still agree... and while I might be clouded by nostalgia, I ask any dissenters to listen to the song, from start to finish, while doing no other activity, before casting judgement:
>> No. 12234 [Edit]
The Heroes of Might and Magic series is pretty great for it's music especially the early games.

Have'nt played them beyond the 5
>> No. 12240 [Edit]
File 147588663447.jpg - (62.22KB , 608x362 , 20161007.jpg )
DiabloI and II

>> No. 12244 [Edit]
>> No. 12248 [Edit]
well, we do have an entire board for that here. Just sayin...
>> No. 12249 [Edit]
There's a completely separate board for Touhou related stuff.

Also, please remember that you can get banned for posting reaction images and misusing the green text function on TC.
>> No. 12300 [Edit]
Street Fighter IV (ストリートファイター 4) "Indestructible" Japanese Opening
>> No. 12347 [Edit]
File 148611524825.gif - (28.82KB , 200x150 , 20170130chess.gif )
>> No. 12389 [Edit]
>> No. 12397 [Edit]
Hotline Miami. Although I prefer the first game, I do prefer the soundtrack of the second.
>> No. 12415 [Edit]
I always liked Falcon's soundtrack

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