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File 147211071210.jpg - (142.02KB , 1280x960 , Nice meme for my 2nd post ever_.jpg )
12205 No. 12205 [Edit]
Anyone play this game here? Its got some good meme's and i think its fun. a bit to competitive sometimes tho.

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>> No. 12206 [Edit]
>> No. 12207 [Edit]
File 147211205886.png - (1.44MB , 1280x1684 , good overwatch meme for the gang.png )
found another good meme
>> No. 12208 [Edit]
File 147212028644.jpg - (179.31KB , 900x1165 , beepboop.jpg )
Overwatch is definitely a game I would like to play and could see myself playing, but I don't have the means of playing it because I don't own anything to play it on. My laptops are most likely too old and shitty to play it on.

Anyway, I did find this picture yesterday that just makes me laugh because of how stupid and silly it is.
>> No. 12209 [Edit]
it's 20 tick meaning it will never be competitive.
>> No. 12210 [Edit]
I play. Do you want my Blizzard thing?
>> No. 12211 [Edit]

That's a good thing for me.
>> No. 12212 [Edit]
and anyone who plays blizzard games on 2016
>> No. 12213 [Edit]
how do you explain the "competitive" mode?
>> No. 12215 [Edit]
callig somethig competitive in no way makes it competitive.

new cod games dont have dedicated servers meaning the game host gets an advantage. "competitive" tourneys are played on consoles, which have autoaim to compensate for the shoddy controls (joystick)

league of legends has "competitive" modes, but the developers are constantly trying to remove competitive features and homogenize the characters to make it easier to play.

even wow has "competitive" arena, but that is just a battle of who would waste more time on getting welfare gear...

20 tick means the server only updates once every 50ms. obviously its that way to make it easier to play on worse computers and worse internet. it severely limits the skill ceiling; it's a low skill game

even the "competitive" mode in csgo uses 60 tick for the servers, but actual competitive tournaments for that game use server mods to run at 120 tick.

tl;dr low tick = low skill != competitive
>> No. 12216 [Edit]
i mean overwatch was made to be competitive. Even in the quick play option it gets competitive. its a 6v6 team based fps, that alone makes it competitive.

I know what 20 ticks means, but what you dont understand blizzard designed the servers that way because they are brain dead. look it up Overwatch "favors the shooter".

No one is arguing if its low skill or not. but blizzard clearly designed the game to be competitive.
>> No. 12218 [Edit]
>blizzard clearly designed the game to be competitive

If they did, they failed miserably. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game to hop on and screw around on once in a while, but I'm going to have to agree with the other guy here- nothing can be truly "competitive" at 20 tick. And that's to say nothing of the aim assist, gratuitous iframes on almost every character, and a broken ranking system.
>> No. 12221 [Edit]
I used to write like this...

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