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File 146332502394.jpg - (124.70KB , 800x450 , pokemon_sun_moon_starters_revealed.jpg )
12115 No. 12115 [Edit]
Are you excited for the upcoming Pokemon?
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>> No. 12117 [Edit]
File 146334244163.png - (458.81KB , 325x970 , KU5I1GX.png )
>> No. 12118 [Edit]
The seal looks dumb.
>> No. 12119 [Edit]
I was afraid of starting this thread because of negative feedback, but eh.

I like the owl and the cat. I'm gonna go with the cat even though I like the owl's design a bit more. The cat could be promising and sort of fits me a bit more.
>> No. 12121 [Edit]
No, I've stopped playing Pokemon after Emerald.
How are those games nowadays? Did they abandon sprites for 3D models or are the models in that screenshot only for the "choose your starter" scene?
>> No. 12122 [Edit]
I feel the same way, more or less. At least the starters look better as a whole than they have in the last few generations.

It's all 3D models/animations now. The core gameplay mechanics haven't changed much, though.
>> No. 12135 [Edit]
File 146439612551.jpg - (155.29KB , 800x570 , g20160629.jpg )
Kitty Kat!
>> No. 12164 [Edit]
File 146851300594.png - (86.57KB , 500x500 , Salandit.png )
They recently revealed another Pokemon besides the starters. It's a fire/poison type. Looks nice. I wonder what's the process to choose the reveals before release. Apart from the starters of course.
>> No. 12165 [Edit]
File 14685240192.png - (89.69KB , 400x400 , Mimikkyu.png )
They actually revealed 20-something by now, you can look them up here:
Just scroll down to Generation VII.
>> No. 12181 [Edit]
>> No. 12183 [Edit]
File 147134791223.jpg - (48.48KB , 480x576 , GOAT.jpg )
I'm definitely going with Rowlett, but... somewhat off-topic, been thinking of making another thread, but since it might be deemed unwarranted:

What's your all-time favourite Pokémon?

Mine is Empoleon. I like penguins, and its design is so elegant yet strong. Haven't seen yet any other that even remotely makes me rethink my favourite's spot.
>> No. 12185 [Edit]
File 147142676263.jpg - (275.49KB , 1800x900 , sample_81939ddc175f680c57ff34b20142a7be.jpg )
I've played quite a bit of it. I like using Gengar since he's a bit different, even if his HP isn't the best and he has an HP degen moves.

I'm going with Litten since it reminds me of Senketsu.

My favorite pokemon is Duskull. Although not really all that strong or decent for the metagame, especially with priority moves being a thing. But I still like its design and it being a ghost type.
>> No. 13676 [Edit]
File 157165169190.jpg - (147.39KB , 850x1202 , 20191020.jpg )
Pokemon: Sword & Shield
What kind of water pokemon will it have?
>> No. 13697 [Edit]
I haven't played much of S&S yet, but I'm already feeling disappointed. I'm glad I didn't pay for it. At least the girls are very cute. Picked Sword just for Saitou.
What are your feelings, friends?
>> No. 13713 [Edit]
File 157663774234.png - (0.98MB , 1414x2000 , Pokemon Saitou 015.png )
I didn't mind it but it was not one of my favourites. Saitou was cute, the water leader was okay, the Ice one looked alright but she was only in Shield. I didn't really like the story or the villains, much of the game felt streamlined and lacking because of this, like for example the villain organisation that operates parallel to the progression of the story. There really wasn't much of one in this game and when they did show up it was just for one or two battles and even when you go to the true villains base it's just a few battles set in an incredibly linier fashion, the whole game feels like that, linier. I'm not sure of this but it also felt like the Pokemon did more damage to each other, an enemy Pokemon only a few levels above mine would use bite and one shot them even though it was not a critical or effective attack, conversely my Pokemon would often one shot theirs and would sometimes do it even if the attack was not very effective(Hatterine's psychic attacks did this). There were not any amazing new Pokomon either although Hatterine was nice, the ultimate Pokemon looked stupid and you pretty much have to catch it so it feels cheap as well.
>> No. 13715 [Edit]
File 15766454093.jpg - (2.22MB , 2024x3253 , C U T E.jpg )
Agreed, especially about the linearity and new Pokemon. I never felt a sense of adventure or intrigue, which is funny considering the Wild Areas and such. Another thing that really annoyed me was the decision to tie badges to catching Pokemon. Absolutely stupid. The entire experience made me want to go play another game like Digimon or an older Pokemon title, or just go on Pixiv and twitter to collect that delicious fan art. Game Freak is doing a disservice to this franchise, and I'm not even a Pokemon fan.

>Saitou was cute
Saitou is beyond cute. The guy who who designed her should be given a raise.
>> No. 13850 [Edit]
Not really. I think I outgrown Poketto Monsters.
>> No. 13852 [Edit]
masuda and that westcuck britbong they hired killed pokemon
james turner is also known for insulting fans
>> No. 13853 [Edit]
>james turner
Didn't know who this was. Apparently I haven't liked even a single one of his designs
>> No. 13855 [Edit]
Not even Golurk?
>> No. 13879 [Edit]
No. It always seemed like another throw-away to me.
>> No. 14187 [Edit]
File 161437513258.jpg - (766.15KB , 1338x1333 , 0255f21405d35536452102a55c6743b6.jpg )
Diamond and Pearl remakes on the way. I don't like the way they look that much, it feels like it goes too far back with all the grid stuff. The overworld chibis is nice, I always liked and missed that but the grid bothers me. Hopefully it will still allow full 360 movement but even if it's not stupidly locked to certain areas for reasons I don't think the Ruby/Sapphire remake treatment is a good one. Also "Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl" sound pretty underwhelming as titles.
People can puke all over Sit/Shit all they want but it at least made progress and D/P just seems to be throwing out all of the progress made by gen 6 and onwards for the sake of nostalgia like usual and probably cost cutting. Poor small indie Pokemon Company. Can't wait to have my pokemon from past gen 2 still not follow me in the base game without some dumb designated area or DLC to do it. I just hope they don't try too hard to revive my nostalgia by making the game run like sludge. Don't wanna make me have too hard of a nostalgiagasm.
In more important news, for Pokemon at best, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been announced. Pokemon apparently decided to start jerking itself off to Japanese history even harder while furthering the nostalgia treatment by adapting the D/P trainer designs to feudal Japan (I think it's feudal, I don't know history). But Pokemon seems to have dragged it's feet to make another step and gone further with the Wild Area concept from Sword/Shield by finally letting you catch Pokemon in the overworld and having battles that don't seem to have menus or something. You can even dive or hide in grass to pretend that Pokemon isn't made by boomer executives and is a real actual modern game, truly a milestone in Pokemon history. But all good things come at a cost and because it wasn't enough for the great and generous Pokemon Company to not take us back to gen 1 but go back even further Pokemon Company taketh away it's framerate. Hopefully they'll fix that but the past 10 years have made me a pessimist for this industry.

And if my snarky attitude made me sound like some kind of soy-chugging fart-inhaling monkey nigger cock worshipping negative quadruple IQ body mutilating greedy disgusting bitter cored dishonest emotionally stunted childish simultaneously sadistic and masochistic sociopathic psychopathic overly controlling commie scum normalfag starbucks funding china loving self-contradicting kiddly diddling constantly confused lobotomized uncreative twatter obsessed meme slurping overly sensitive hack game "journalist" subhuman then I'm very sorry. I just really don't have much respect for Pokemon as anything more than complete jew shit that takes far too long to give it’s own fans what they want and even when it makes one step it takes another back through cost-cutting or taking out features that people liked all centered around one of the most boring styles of gameplay in existence while their spin-offs are almost objectively better and more interesting in every way while staying true to it’s own in-world ideas but they can get away with it because people worship this franchise like it’s made by the hands of gods. Fuck. At least the girls and gijinkas are cute. It really is all this stupid franchise is good for other than giving your kids a Switch so you don’t have to be oppressed by raising them yourself or scalping merchandise.

Post edited on 26th Feb 2021, 1:44pm
>> No. 14188 [Edit]
File 161437661658.jpg - (682.79KB , 850x602 , sample_121565f268d49bbd9736ea95d21ae0b0.jpg )
Why do you still follow this shit? Are you a masochist? All of it looks awful, including the overworld models. It's impressively bad. The coloring, the set design, all of the models, everything looks ugly and pathetic. n64 level, 3d graphics does literally nothing good for the aesthetics. As someone who started with gen 4(platinum), this is nothing short of insulting and anyone who buys it is a gullible, enabling moron. Play other games and stop being a /vp/ fag. It's nothing but a dumb, kids' game franchise waaaay past its prime. Not even worth talking about.
>> No. 14189 [Edit]
The voice work on that video is so horrible it's hard to watch. Do these VAs not practice their lines before hand or something? It sounds like they took one take as the person read the script for the first time.
>> No. 14190 [Edit]
File 161438586222.jpg - (108.87KB , 711x1000 , 9ddf72bebdb82a074faa7d370e50ec82.jpg )
>At least the girls and gijinkas are cute.
One one hand, their games continue to become worse, and I haven't paid for one in many, many years; on the other hand, the girls' designs are possibly becoming even better than before. Saitou is stupidly cute.
>> No. 14191 [Edit]
File 161440296652.webm - (118.91KB , Hex Maniac variations.webm )
For me the designs peaked at the hex maniacs. I'm still sad we'll never see any of them again. At least Scottish drunkard was cute.
>> No. 14194 [Edit]
File 161473912730.jpg - (333.52KB , 856x964 , 4851a02058b9bd41692b758cf90ae38c.jpg )
I don't like the way the remakes and Legends: Arceus look but at least there will be cute art of past Dawn and her modern chibi.
>> No. 14537 [Edit]
There's a trailer out for scarlet & violet. also, everyone's favorite meme composer I guess.
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