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File 145768302214.png - (727.22KB , 1366x738 , Vx-ace-gallery-06.png )
11972 No. 11972 [Edit]
Anyone here ever play around with RPG maker?
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>> No. 11973 [Edit]
A long long time ago I used to join groups and we'd try to do games. It never paned and nothing ever left the stage where we had a script draft and some not-stolen-at-all resources and actually started implementing things in RPGM itself
>> No. 14439 [Edit]
File 164821069155.png - (225.07KB , 704x977 , Untitled.png )
Yes. I've been making a game on it for the past 2 years but sometimes I go months without touching it. I'm currently making a website for it on neocities and trying to make it a public thing (anonymously) in order to motivate myself, since so far it's been just a folder on my desktop.

I would like to make at least one endearing, charming little rpgmaker game before I die, it's a lot of work though. I'm about 50% done at this point. Here's a room I was working on recently.
>> No. 14440 [Edit]
Started making one, Made about 5 minutes of gameplay, realized what a monumental task it would be for what I wanted to do, and gave up.
>> No. 14441 [Edit]
I used to mess with 2000 and 2003 back in my high school years. But I didn't have the motivation to finish anything. I'd just grab some modern-day/scifi tilesets, make some characters on Charas-Project based on whatever RPG idea I was brewing at the time, and try to adapt moves and enemies from my idea's battle system to the engine's. Usually I'd only last a month before giving up.

I still want to make an RPG one of these days, but now that I have more programming experience, I'd rather do it in a more free-form engine than RPG Maker. Only problem is that I have a habit of dreaming big, too big for me to finish in a reasonable period of time.
>> No. 14467 [Edit]
Only to modify/fix Violated Heroine.
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