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File 142336483845.jpg - (135.23KB , 1050x342 , z19980127.jpg )
11369 No. 11369 [Edit]
With the power of modern computing is there any good reason for turn-based gameplay except to emulate retro-games?
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>> No. 11373 [Edit]
It adds some strategy to it and makes it easier to control several different characters. It's difficult to make rts or real time battles in BG without someone dying or at least without reloading many times.

FF implanted the real time battle system which I found great because it punishes for taking a long time to attack (unless that's your strategy).

Also, it's nice to have time to plan your attacks.
>> No. 11374 [Edit]
With the power of football, is there any good reason to play chess?

Real-time action and turn-based strategy are entirely different beasts, and both of them have value. Or they can also be mixed, with free pausing and/or slowdown in a real-time engine like in X-COM: Apocalypse or BioWare-style CRPGs.
>> No. 11376 [Edit]

>With the power of modern computing is there any good reason for turn-based gameplay

Yes. They are more fun. That should be reason enough.
>> No. 11377 [Edit]
All games are turn based if you are fast enough.
>> No. 11429 [Edit]
Are you implying that football has strategy?
>> No. 11430 [Edit]
are you implying it doesn't?
>> No. 11444 [Edit]
File 142735861979.jpg - (30.20KB , 326x446 , z20150326.jpg )
Hearthstone is turn-based card game on, so it's a great game when you're in bed using a tablet.
>> No. 11474 [Edit]
You want to play CHESS ( ) or some other board-game...
>> No. 11478 [Edit]
They're just different game styles, it has nothing to do with the computing power
What a dumb fucking thread
>> No. 11607 [Edit]
File 144421689024.jpg - (172.20KB , 850x804 , z20151010.jpg )
Turn-based gameplay can be used for games where you have lots of options. eg. Hearthstone
>> No. 11616 [Edit]
imagine trying to play Xcom as an RTS shit would be annoying with chyssalids fucking tearing teams apart (more so thn usual)it woul also make it so you wouldn't have to worry about each move as much as since it was real time it would be silly if you oculd still activvate pods
>> No. 11618 [Edit]
Field a team of assaults with close combat specialist and cheese through it.
>> No. 12043 [Edit]
Tank rush!
>> No. 12187 [Edit]
File 147160866836.jpg - (75.01KB , 600x375 , g20160920.jpg )
Turn-based games are more gentlemanly.
>> No. 12188 [Edit]
File 147166724592.png - (168.84KB , 1000x1004 , weeaboo.png )
i like turn based games. they give me time to think. i hate games that are kinda turn based and kinda not, like some of the snes rpgs (chrono trigger, ff6). if you're gonna make me wait, dont punish me for taking a while to choose my move! still good games though.
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