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File 140943302526.jpg - (307.96KB , 1296x1287 , 1409369912824.jpg )
10822 No. 10822 [Edit]
What games can you say you've mastered and can kick anyone's butt with?
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>> No. 10823 [Edit]
I used to be pretty good at battlefield when I was still playing it, I remember I did a round with like 120/2 spamming the scout helicopter.

Never mastered any games that actually require some skill though.
>> No. 10824 [Edit]
Same, I only "mastered" shitty online games where the average player is dumber than a brick.
I guess it's because multiplayer games are the most addictive, you play it more and get better.
>> No. 10825 [Edit]
I wouldn't say mastered but i'm really good at tf2. Though my favorite class is arguably the worst it's pyro. Pubs are really easy but they're filled with retards so i don't really count them, but i generally do really well in most pugs i play.
>> No. 10826 [Edit]
Starcraft Brood War. Granted I haven't played against real people in about a decade but I used to be very good at the game.
>> No. 10827 [Edit]
File 14094415613.jpg - (104.00KB , 640x660 , yScion.jpg )
I'm master at Infinity Blade
>> No. 10829 [Edit]
File 140944644759.png - (17.98KB , 436x378 , wn.png )
World of tanks. I fit into "very good" on the metric everyone uses (WG metric is shit, use wn8). Basically about the low end of high end players. Pic related.

Its also what caused me to mostly quit it. XVM should be a banned mod, it sucks the fun out of the game to constantly get targeted so I have to play like a bitch to avoid arty.
>> No. 10830 [Edit]
>> No. 10831 [Edit]
File 140945824258.png - (80.28KB , 261x219 , 24_logo_e98665dd104abb1d1bfe962087fb3d55.png )
>> No. 10832 [Edit]
I used to be really, really good as the scout in Team Fortress 2. Nowadays just trackmania.
>> No. 10845 [Edit]
Oh wow, out of 20K I'm in the top 30 of the first slaughter map on Zombie Driver HD. I thought I didn't do that good. It was my first try too.
This game is pretty fun for a zombie game, I got it when it was on sale and it was totally worth it.
>> No. 11661 [Edit]
Master of MK9!
>> No. 11694 [Edit]
Command & Conquer
NOD forever!
>> No. 13002 [Edit]
I used to be stupidly good at those Tony Hawk games back in the day. CTR for ps1 comes to mind as well. Can't think of much else sadly. I always sort of jumped from one game to the other and never really stuck around to master them.
>> No. 13143 [Edit]
I'm the best theory-crafter in Super Turbo


>SSFIIX training mod
>> No. 13348 [Edit]
File 154728494059.jpg - (112.58KB , 1920x961 , 20190120.jpg )
Ace Combat master here. I hope AC7 has jap audio option...
>> No. 13349 [Edit]
Previous Ace Combat games have had it so I don't see why not.
>> No. 13358 [Edit]
It sure does and I love it. The Japanese radio chatter sounds great.
>> No. 13366 [Edit]
File 155029902732.jpg - (6.26KB , 233x217 , sea.jpg )
Also the best Zero3 Fei long in my town:
>> No. 13381 [Edit]
File 155256859945.jpg - (127.20KB , 719x1201 , 20190304.jpg )
Too bad Infinity Blade is dead....
>> No. 13390 [Edit]
File 155280135816.jpg - (249.14KB , 850x1268 , 32026389_1301436246655654_1301866336162414592_n.jpg )
I'm the best Baldur Gate player. Haha.
>> No. 13450 [Edit]
File 155466930353.jpg - (20.56KB , 480x360 , baldurs_gate_gather_party.jpg )
Are you good enough to venture forth before gathering your party?
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