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File 140786579191.jpg - (28.87KB , 240x240 , 45.jpg )
10787 No. 10787 [Edit]
Could you guys state some games that allow to modify the physical characteristics of your player to an exceptional extent?

I really want to play a game where I get to be a raven-haired, twig-thin witch in her late 30s who has extremely long, sloping breasts.
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>> No. 10788 [Edit]
Elona+, the graphics will probably turn you off though because a lot is left over to your imagination. Overall there are a LOT of settings though and also lots of races and classes you can play as.
You can change your height, weight, age, gender, and looks. Especially the looks are very customizable because you can draw your completely own sprite for your player because the game is mod friendly. You can also create special accessoires for your character by adding sprites.
There are lot of weird races:
You can play as a snail, harpy, centipede or a stone if you want. There even is a dedicated loli class:

Other than that The Sims comes to mind.
>> No. 10789 [Edit]

I love Elona! I'm going to play it again soon.

Yeah, I should just create my own sprites instead.
>> No. 10790 [Edit]
I won't recommend this game to you because the customization is very limited, but it's slightly relevant to this thread. I made Kiryuuin Satsuki in Soul Calibur V today. I didn't care to learn the game all that much until I recreated her. It seems so hard compared to other fighters I've played.

Wow, this looks really neat.
>> No. 10799 [Edit]
Kingdom Under Fire II

Doesn't KUF2 have a custom character builder?
>> No. 10801 [Edit]
Someone's top 5 custom character builder in games
>> No. 11027 [Edit]
File 141246167031.jpg - (33.30KB , 651x404 , XBONE.jpg )
Mod it and your character can be anything you what it to be
>> No. 11045 [Edit]
File 141308807110.jpg - (55.96KB , 258x555 , zKhL8gr.jpg )
Blade and Soul Character Creation
>> No. 11155 [Edit]
File 14147506383.jpg - (232.19KB , 1080x920 , withc.jpg )
DB Xenoverse
>> No. 11828 [Edit]
File 145275226738.jpg - (152.41KB , 1920x1080 , a20160117.jpg )
Fallout Four
So many scars and skin discolorations...
>> No. 11829 [Edit]
File 14527524475.jpg - (122.30KB , 758x1000 , a20160116.jpg )
>> No. 11925 [Edit]
File 145582904859.jpg - (48.34KB , 800x450 , c20160223.jpg )
Fallout Four:
>> No. 11947 [Edit]
File 145653419298.jpg - (109.70KB , 779x1025 , c20160302.jpg )
Lineage II Character Creation
>> No. 12103 [Edit]
File 146293902887.jpg - (189.22KB , 561x1001 , qt.jpg )
That one was great. I'm not an MMORPG guy unfortunately (and I only have a toaster) so I stopped playing after a few times like with every MMORPG. First time I really liked my character though.
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