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File 146084405649.png - (386.19KB , 720x540 , dc3wxFo.png )
85 No. 85 [Edit]
In your own words; what makes women today unbearable?
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>> No. 86 [Edit]
Stopped caring altogether, sorry.
>> No. 87 [Edit]
Their egocentrism and extreme selfishness, mainly. Western society tells them that their lives have value above that of men and they typically never let go of that belief. The fact many have the audacity to play the victim (ie: parrot feminist ideology) despite having notably easier lives than men and living in a culture that overvalues women is the cherry on top of the shit cake.
>> No. 89 [Edit]
They are human.
>> No. 90 [Edit]
Even if there is a woman with a likeable character, she's most likely faking it.
Also because of the emancipation the women nowadays aren't very.. feminine, both look and behavior wisely, but they are still women so they can't be like men either.
>> No. 91 [Edit]
For me, its much less about women being unlikable, as much as it is me being unappealing. Honestly, I think increased individualism (ignoring other aspects) is a give-and-take situation:
Pros: Higher degree of choice and potential openness among relationships, less bullshit on trying to skirt with social norms (if it does not benefit either party)
Cons: Less desire for interdependence, less commitment, and overall higher instability and ephemeral relationships


A bit of this too

>Their egocentrism and extreme selfishness, mainly. Western society tells them that their lives have value above that of men and they typically never let go of that belief.
Its not just women for that first statement, and the second statement does not just apply to men; Gender/sex isn't even the half of it. I see that as a constant in most contemporary conflicts involving Western social classes, and it comes back down to self-identification, self-segregation into like-minded groups, and the resulting radicalism and politicization of these groups.
>> No. 92 [Edit]
>Pros: Higher degree of choice
Not if you want a feminine house wife.
>> No. 93 [Edit]
>Not if you want a feminine house wife.
Fair point

I guess my complete disinterest in dating and marriage is that I really do not want a wife, but rather an intimate friend. If it wasn't for my disinterest in homosexuality, that would probably also be an option for me.
>> No. 94 [Edit]
>Its not just women for that first statement, and the second statement does not just apply to men
Obviously. Men can certainly be egocentric, highly selfish, and prone to compulsive lying, but those traits do not reach nigh-100% prevalence with them as they do with today's women.

Don't get me wrong, I don't much care for humans in general- of which the males are included- but at least men are generally more grounded and easier to get along with.
>> No. 95 [Edit]
They have so much amazing clothing they can wear but 95% of them wear yoga pants, shitty hooded sweatshirts, and fuzzy lined Indian boots.
>> No. 96 [Edit]
File 146095614990.jpg - (530.52KB , 1200x1740 , 22.jpg )
>> No. 97 [Edit]
I really hate that too. Even what's considered boring in >>96 would be a much welcomed change from the norm around here. Tank tops short-shorts and flipflops may as well be a uniform for women in this area. I swear women's fashion is wasted on women.
>> No. 98 [Edit]
>I swear women's fashion is wasted on women.
Depends on where you are. If you are looking at 18-25 somethings in the city/college, they are just going to wear what is convenient and socially acceptable, because what's the point in prettying yourself up if you can seek validation in other areas, like dating, partying, etc. Back in the day, colleges would have "pretty boys" who did the same thing, but once the expectation fell out, no one kept it up because it was inconvenient.

Fashion is employed increasingly as one's physical appearance or other exceptional features decline, especially among 30 somethings in the workplace forward. While people will pretty themselves up for the sake of it, I would argue that many people do it for the sake of social economics; to add value when it is lacking. If you just have good looks, and you get the validation, it would be convenient to skimp the frills.

On the other hand, because fashion is not so strictly enforced and cultured, women who never really had a sense of self, yet alone a sense of self-aesthetics, will come to think that the yoga pants and sweatshirts are a good mix of cultured and convenient fashion. Its the same reason why I always wear jeans and t-shirts: people of my social class wear the same in almost any situation, so why stand out when you never had that conception in the first place. Surely you prefer the casual, slobby, but normal dress over the immaculate punk-girl, jugallo, hipster, or other subculture which has, at the very least, the preconception of a fashion sense.

As an aside, I feel like when people say women have no fashion sense these days, they do not actually refer to the IRL productions of the fashion industry in the last 50 years, but either:
>1. The pedestrian wear of women back "when they had fashion sense"
>2. Fictional fashion sense which panders to men (including #1), and has only a partial bearing on what women think is good fashion sense, even if they are specifically trying to appeal to men
...which are both cases of comparing the common masses with rose-tinted spectacles.

Despite my previous statement about many people in general having no fashion sense, I think women are more acculturated than ever before, thanks to almost universal media influence, but that modern fashion trends do not appeal to the disenchanted because they are inevitably associated with the modern women, as fashion, deceitfully so, is a human shorthand for categorizing and sorting others into social class, sensibility, and interpersonal compatibility, while hiding the (unfortunate) realities of the person underneath.
>> No. 100 [Edit]
I think you're reading far too much into a simple comment. Virtually everything is "socially acceptable" to women, of which fashion is included. Compare the outfits women wear to formal events compared to the suit and tie that men can't deviate from.

> sense which panders to men
If the purpose of fashion is, as you put it, for social economics, I hardly find it noteworthy or reprehensible that fashion might "pander" to the opposite sex (especially in fiction). The aforementioned suit and tie has repeatedly been found to be near-universally attractive to women.
>> No. 102 [Edit]
On topic- it seriously feels like I can't go a single day without reading women on the internet bitching about how ``oppressed" (sic) they are and how much they hate men and stereotypical male behavior. And I certainly don't go out of my way to look for this shit. Any place with a comment section will inevitably be subjected to it, because it's apparently just a social norm for western women today. I feel nobody would be talking about this crap right now if women would just stop inventing gender politics where they didn't originally exist.
>> No. 103 [Edit]
>I certainly don't go out of my way to look for this shit.
Same, it's fucking everywhere now.
>> No. 110 [Edit]
What sites do you two go on? I'm just wondering. I mostly frequent Japanese sites so I don't really see this.
>> No. 128 [Edit]
File 149057746139.gif - (1.98MB , 540x408 , tumblr_o43am0Qout1u8s9k9o1_r1_540.gif )
They don't try to be pretty, in dress, airs, outer acts, or in their soul. But prettiness is the reason for girls to exist.
This isn't limited to girls of course though.
>> No. 130 [Edit]
The big thing for me is their doublethink. They'll bitch and moan about the slightest difference in treatment between the sexes while feeling free to beat on men with complete and total freedom. Other women support it, most other men support it. And the moment a woman needs muscle or money they'll drop the entire charade and be rewarded for it. And right after the man is done doing the woman a favor she's right back at square one. It doesn't matter if the male is Chad or one of us. The woman doesn't give a shit. It's me, me, me. And when they do this they seem completely unaware of their own actions.

I've also found women are often incredibly cruel. Call it hysteria but I honestly believe women are terrified of being impregnated by what they deem inferior seed. When you sit alone and read books or draw who's the one behind the shaming? Usually women, at least after high school. The men don't give a fuck if you aren't in their way. But the women need consensus, they need security. So they exile you. The "nice" way is to treat you like a child or pet. The more honest way is by making snide remarks about how you don't belong in their group when a good opportunity arises. They do it to rot your status, so the men get off their asses and remove you from the tribe. So that you're no longer a threat to their precious status as "queen".

Obviously not all women, some, by miracle, have escaped this. And feminized men suffer from many of the same problems. They're unfortunate innate tendencies that have been fed crack by technology and mass consumer culture.
>> No. 132 [Edit]
I used to simply not care about women. I live with my sister now though and it's hell on Earth and I've come to view them with suspicion at best. One time I went through the effort of making a spice mix, marinading meat in it and making a kind of pilaf. Took me the better part of an afternoon because of the marinading phase, and when I serve dinner she doesn't even look up from her phone or eat what I put a lot of effort into, and then 15 minutes later when she's done texting her friends or whatever, moans that it's cold and ends up not eating any.

It's the same whenever I make anything, though often it's more 'oh I won't like that/don't know what it is so I won't eat it'. It's not even something like knowing she won't like it, it's usually that I've used something that isn't chicken and a jar of sauce. It's happened when I've made dumplings, when I've made puddings, curries you name it. I'm not asking for much, it's not like I'm cooking up lamb's fry or some other kind of offal, which I do have an awesome recipe for that she'd like if she would try it mind you, I'm just asking for her to eat some pretty inoffensive food, and appreciate that I put some effort into it. I don't cook from a jar. The opposite is true if I'm not feeling like dinner though. Then I'm a bad person for making her feel 'guilty' about cooking just for herself or some stupid bullshit like that. It really is a me me me mindset.

Normally I'm not one to go off like this about women online, I try to ignore them. But my sister returned from a holiday today and I got bitched at before I even got a hello.
>> No. 133 [Edit]
I don't think there is really any "today" about it OP. I don't even really think it's a problem with women to be honest. I think it's just that I can't stand shallowness or fakery, something embodied by many women. I can't stand it in men either; most people just aren't as bothered about it as me, or anyone else here I would wager.
>> No. 135 [Edit]
>I don't think there is really any "today" about it OP.

This is a good point. I've seen others elsewhere argue that women haven't changed, it's just that modern societies have recently given them carte blanche to do whatever they please without consequence. Only now that they have privilege without responsibility can we see their ugly nature so clearly.
>> No. 136 [Edit]
Similarly, I don't think that we are a modern phenomenon either. I'd wager most monks and hermits were just like us
>> No. 236 [Edit]
Because they'll go somewhere and play the victim incessantly until someone kneels to them.

To their credit they're good at it, even if it is just a survival strategy.
>> No. 250 [Edit]
and all that amazing clothing is 1: impossibly expensive and 2: in bits and pieces spread all over the place. guys can wear pretty clothes too, but almost none of them do either; just surviving is hard enough a lot of the time. richness is requisite to having the time and money for clothes.

and what're you both doing right now? everybody has problems and everybody likes to whine; you're seeing one side as annoying and the other as cathartic.

and this is how my brother reacts when i make food as well. anecdotes, creatures of habit, etc etc.
>> No. 1023 [Edit]
File 160944669445.jpg - (203.07KB , 850x531 , sample_6047dc2eac019c7a37fa306752c258a8.jpg )
It's not them but society that's unbearable. Men and women are both terrible, but in different, distinct ways. Women however are legally and culturally enabled to be monstrously selfish in their manner, but nobody will ever be honest about this in a public space. Ever. It's frustrating when the only thing you can do about the giant wasps surrounding you is try to ignore them. I really wish there was something I could do about it. I want to be a space alien free from all this shit on Earth.
>> No. 1024 [Edit]
They act like their shit don't stink, and everyone else has to pretend it don't too.
>> No. 1026 [Edit]
>impossibly expensive
I don't see how wearing a simple skirt and boots would be more expensive than wearing big brand sneakers and a hoodie.
>guys can wear pretty clothes too, but almost none of them do either
I do. Plus maybe a lot of guys want to dress more formal or whatever but are afraid to get made fun of women, who generally care more about what's 'fashionable' than what actually looks good so they'll just go with whatever is the safest option. No one will make fun of a woman dressing feminine.
>> No. 1259 [Edit]
Very vain and also them being sluts. I hate impurity.
>> No. 1459 [Edit]
As others here are said, it's not women in particular per se but society itself, and women are just the ones who embody it the most (since it's in their nature to fit in). I'd almost certainly hate a randomly chosen man as well.

Hence why I prefer 2D in terms of both friendship and lust.
>> No. 1720 [Edit]
Arguments about clothes are vain and I don't care very much.

What women have done is get together in New York circa 1848 and decide that they're going to be feminists, and that feminism entails that they're going to be just like men. In being identical to men, they're awarded responsibilities which they are bad at carrying, but refuse to delegate those responsibilities to anybody else even though they're not cut out for them, because they know those around them won't make them pay any accountability. This is also true for men. The difference is that men tend to self-regulate responsibility more, are held to it moreso, and don't latch onto it as though if they let go they'll be worthless and left for dead;- they were already held worthless from the start.

That's the problem. Women make such undesirable company because they're performing a drag act in which they all larp as men. If you got a Thai bride, she would still talk more than a Thai man. She would still use more deceit than a man. But you would not care half as much because she's behaviorally just doing woman things. I don't even care that western women have abandoned traditional beauty. But to have a nurturing element that manifests worse than mine is inexcusable.
>> No. 1728 [Edit]
I got an email from a woman peppered with exclamation points, and I thought "why the hell do they do this". Found an article about it, and as predicted, its explanation is that women are expected to as way of appearing friendly, and basically the patriarchy.

Colleges have more women, in a lot of places they get paid more, they get preferential legal treatment, and every mainstream piece of media puts them on a pedestal, but they STILL go on about that shit.

Anyway, that's not my expectation. I find it annoying and prefer people write like how I do. I don't want to be able to tell a woman wrote something just by reading it. I think that's the real reason why they do it, to communicate that they're a women, which is something they do subconsciously.
>> No. 1730 [Edit]
Low intelligence + low compassion + hatred of men.
>> No. 1731 [Edit]
The lack of compassion and hate of men seems really blatant and hard not to notice. Lot of them seem to even take pride in it.
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