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File 156387472268.jpg - (231.72KB , 640x480 , lonely-house-in-the-meadow-4608x3456_30362.jpg )
657 No. 657 [Edit]
Less noise, less congestion, less corporations, less rules, less taxes, less concrete... maybe not quite a world of hunter-gatherers and stone huts, just a simpler and more free one.
>> No. 658 [Edit]
Simple usually means less civilized. No internet connection. Having to grow your own food, and then cook it, and then clean up after cooking. Long distance away from supplies, like basic cleaning necessities. Who knows about the bathroom situation. Getting your water from a well or something.
>> No. 662 [Edit]
What's wrong with any of that? I would love to do that if I only had the chance. In this world, it's been made increasingly prohibitive to live that way to the point it really can't be done.
>> No. 664 [Edit]
Move to Moldova, or some other poor as fuck place. It's simply not hygienic. It's really fucking gross man, I'm not joking.
>> No. 716 [Edit]
I dont mind primitive living, I go camping/hunting all the time. Some people dont care that its gross or dirty, they prefer the simplicity and connection to nature.
>> No. 718 [Edit]
You always have a comfortable house to return to though, right? Camping and sleeping in a tent is different from actually permanently living in a filthy shack.

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