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File 153108960040.jpg - (51.07KB , 1024x819 , 1524791284_84038297.jpg )
533 No. 533 [Edit]
/tat/ do you feel that anime artists depict females with unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals in order to appeal to homosexual, bisexual and other cock-hungry viewers?
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>> No. 534 [Edit]
In human anatomy, and in mammals in general, the mons pubis (pubic mound, also known simply as the mons, and known specifically in females as the mons Venus or mons veneris), is a rounded mass of fatty tissue found over the pubic symphysis of the pubic bones.
>> No. 535 [Edit]
Not this again....
>> No. 536 [Edit]
No, fuck off.
>> No. 540 [Edit]

sexy girl pic got my attention (yes, i'm that shallow and weak) and then i was annoyed by her over developed labia bulging in her panties. then i saw you posted the pic to bitch about this issue i cracked up laughing because it annoys the shit out of me. when i see adorable girls putting themselves on display, i don't like having something making me thing of ballsacks.

made me laugh. so true. but i still couldn't help posting...
>> No. 543 [Edit]
I wonder how many of the people who like puffy vulvas are closeted homosexuals who enjoy the similarity to a cock bulge.
>> No. 550 [Edit]
>> No. 623 [Edit]
vulvas arent that big
>> No. 625 [Edit]
I just see a very thick, puffy labia and I have no problem with that. From the little bit of her face I can see, she is showing signs of arousal so that may be why it's so puffy. I don't know, I think it's hot.
>> No. 636 [Edit]
> labia
I don't understand why you're leaping to the conclusion that the bulges and protrusions you're fapping to in OP pic are female in nature. If you compare the appearances of the genitals of both genders you'll find that it is male genitals which produce large bulges in the crotch region while female genitalia tends to be much, much less convex in appearance when covered with a thin layer of fabric.
>> No. 637 [Edit]
They have a sports bra, short hair, thin arms, and a massive ass. The crease in the middle is from the seam. There's no reason to think that's a male. The labia is emphasized so much for the same reason every other feature is. Cartoony drawings exaggerate things.
>> No. 638 [Edit]
Also it's Taihou from kantai collection.
>> No. 643 [Edit]
>unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals
If one give a damn about unreasonably sized or uncharacteristically drawn body parts, I don't think that image would be appealing to one regardless.

I like both!
>> No. 687 [Edit]
According to my understanding, I think it's either baboons or chimpanzees for whom, when in heat, the genitalia of the females swells to an enormous size so I don't think the people who have the puffy vulva fetish are closeted gays. I think they're just more animalistic than normal. Just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever been aroused at the sight of a mare's genitalia? I know I have. It's like regular genitalia, but larger.
>> No. 729 [Edit]
That's actually how they look on younger girls though, particularly 10-14(maybe later as well). I think it grows out of proportion to the hips and the hips catch up later.

I'm not a paedophile or anything I just have three younger sisters who were not always that shy about the way they dressed or acted at home.

It's their arse that gets bigger.
>> No. 1732 [Edit]
that pic is undoubtedly depicting testicles
>> No. 1733 [Edit]
It's not, sadly.
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