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File 15239375011.png - (95.46KB , 1080x393 , Danmemocensor.png )
489 No. 489 [Edit]
Not me ;_;
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>> No. 490 [Edit]
File 152393759041.png - (172.32KB , 1080x819 , 30704012_10215652343323293_5142306279837925376_n.png )
Basically to my understanding, moves have been made to insert ideology into the anime subcommunity, in a similar vein to how GG went down.

There were several articles written about the anime fandom not being "inclusive" because of the reaction to a 3DPD celebrity posting a DarliFra image online, and apparently CR has been teaming up with an ideological critic similar to Anita Sarkeesian (but with anime).

The results can be seen with image above, where CR removed a touching feature in a Danmachi game they localized (the first project of CR Games for mobile), despite it being advertised with the feature. Their response was to lecture down about how it was "inappropriate for English audiences" for some reason, and when the very real threat of an FCC audit for false advertising came about, they deleted the evidence.
>> No. 491 [Edit]
Well, at least it's just over some crappy phone game. If it were anything worth playing, there would be a fan release made if people are that upset.
>> No. 492 [Edit]
File 152393842959.png - (312.05KB , 1080x1920 , 30715103_10215641841940765_8617365800795242496_n.png )
In all, it seems as if there is a double push going on here:

Push A: Make anime mainstream. Turn it into a commodity for mass market consumption in the West. We see this mentality with CR posting shitty ads where some young college kids are in a night club watching One Piece, as well as projects like "Flying Colors Foundation" and the AnimePoser wanting to have western audiences influence anime creators.

Push B: Seeing as how they seek to influence and sanitize "geek media", ideologues of a certain stripe are beginning to insert themselves into creating hyper-critical "lense" viewing and attempt to censor or infect fans with ideological stances on the medium.

Culminate this with the fact that we see more hit pieces against the push against localization practices that sanitize and shoehorn and you get a situation that is sneaking up on the otaku subculture: There is an intent to make anime mainstream, and in the process, bring back near-4Kids style flopping abominations in order to grab a quick buck for these licensing and streaming platforms.

Couple this with the anti-piracy pushes getting more and more dire, the coming months and years could be very hard on us, especially if they end up influencing creators in Japan.
>> No. 495 [Edit]
This is just how it starts anon.
>> No. 496 [Edit]
Still, for anime to fit a the scope of these types of people, they would have to heavily censor every anime out there, practically changing the story at times. This would leave actual anime fans looking elsewhere for the untouched media. See, even if CR does start heavily editing and changing storylines for all of their new shows from now on, the originals will still exist. The only time when this will be a real issue is when it starts happening in Japan with the people actually making these anime. In the meantime, it doesn't matter what CR does, just don't give them money for their crap. Nobody should have been in the first place.
>> No. 497 [Edit]
>just don't give them money for their crap. Nobody should have been in the first place.
I've been calling CR shit for years and refusing to do business with them, but did anyone listen? nooooooo.
>> No. 498 [Edit]
CR makes all its income from normals, though. They don't even pick up all the airing shows.
>> No. 504 [Edit]
File 152436152350.gif - (1.00MB , 500x375 , neverending.gif )
>moves have been made to insert ideology into the anime subcommunity
I don't know how long this has been going on, but I've been seeing it for a while now. It's definitely a thing, it's definitely spreading and it seems it cannot be stopped, sadly. People like to think Gamergate stopped the juggernaut that is hobby subversion but if you look at the current scenery is quite grim: Shills are out in full force, reviews are more and more transparently paid for, "social justice" and political correctness along with racial and gendered in-game quotas are push higher ever single passing year. It's been a losing battle, and the pyrrhic victory of GG was nothing more than a "we slowed it down".
>into our own AniFem community
I felt a fragment of my soul left for greener dimensions when I read that.
>Well, at least it's just over some crappy phone game
If you have been alive long enough, you'd know how dangerous and powerful slippery slopes are. If you concede a yard, they -will- take a mile.
>the coming months and years could be very hard on us
I would like to believe the tide can be stopped, but the wiser part in me thinks we'll witness the decay and destruction of anime as medium in our lifetimes, like what happened with western animation (all the same garbage).
>especially if they end up influencing creators in Japan
It already happened with Devilman Crybaby and the "influence" the deal with Netflix had, even when they only bought the exclusive licensing deal. Hands down the most disgustingly 2DPD western-like anime I've ever seen.
>> No. 505 [Edit]
File 152458206349.jpg - (122.46KB , 1280x720 , [Anime-Koi] Walkure Romanze - 01 [h264-720p][CD287.jpg )
Crunchy Roll still do a lot, even ones feminists would hate.
Like, HorribleSubs is just stealing from CR.

HorribleSubs is run by shitfag normies who love Naruto so I avoid them whenever feasible.
>> No. 506 [Edit]
File 152461640845.jpg - (44.04KB , 480x549 , absolutestateofdubbing.jpg )
It has only just begun. It can still be stopped.
>> No. 507 [Edit]
The way I see shit like this, is that it only supports piracy in the long run. Funimation is desperate despite keeping up appearances, not that their dubs were anything more than slightly longer abridged series anyway.

They don't pick up all airing shows because of licensing. Netflix keeps taking advantage of studios with "deals" and end up killing the hype because of their shitty practices and refusing to simulcast (Hisone definitely is going to be completely missed by the majority of Anglophones because of this, just look at the lukewarm LWA reception).

CR is just doing what it thinks is profitable, and consulting with this "anime fe#ini#st" for now. There is nothing indicating that they will not listen to her more in the future, especially if titles become labeled as "problematic" in the future (I.e.: not passing her ideological litmus test). The fact that she is only judging these shows based on their merits in her ideology is very telling of what the future may look like, and how sanitized things will be if anime becomes more mainstream and "normalized".

In essence, the issue isn't just limited to licensors and localizers and streaming platforms. It has wider reaching implications for the subculture at large, and there is a very real possibility that the efforts of bullshit Western culture imperialists will have an effect on the anime industry. Be on the lookout or your backlogs will be the only thing you have left. In the end, the decision lies with the people who think they can make money by doing something differently.
>> No. 508 [Edit]
Dear god, you can't be serious.
>> No. 510 [Edit]
File 152494820982.png - (226.92KB , 500x360 , kannatears.png )
If only that was the case:
>> No. 541 [Edit]
File 153166208883.jpg - (789.01KB , 3024x3527 , 2017-07-06-912960.jpg )
this fear is common in the anime community, and has been brought up many times. but the fact that this fear is so commonplace should reassure you. a big reason anime fans like anime is because of the ethos which is so distant from the ethos of the west. if they were to significantly change anime to make it more PC then it would alienate the majority of its audience while appeasing a tiny minority that only exists in western nations.


every anime fan i know hates official dubs (excluding nostalgia ones like cowboy bebop) and i would argue dubbed anime is aimed towards more casual western fans and as such, this PC fucking garbage jammed into the anime is meant to appeal to this audience. however, those casual western fans make up a small fraction of the global market. as such these fears that anime will be poisoned is not realistic.

we all just get into a panic when we think our loli girls are at risk.

the issues that are poisoning the gaming community will not spread to anime in the same way. the videogame issues refered to in this thread pertain purely to what is happening in the western market, where trends are set by western compaines making games aimed at westerners which are subject to western evaluation and censorship. the horrifying shit going on in this facet of the media world is not indicative of what is going on in the anime world.

tldr; don't worry, our lolis are safe
>> No. 628 [Edit]
Well it's finally here and it's fucking gay. There were two main goals of animegate: to stop censorship of anime/otaku media before it starts, and to cleanse to otaku community of posers and ironic weebs. Both, so far, have not been successful.
Most of the people involved in this movement are posers and ironic weebs. Hell, I actually saw a tweet where these neckbeards, claiming to be a part of animegate, were defending this Stacy from "harassment". So basically, instead of kicking out posers, animegaters are encouraging them and it's fucking frustrating.
The only good thing coming out of this movement is that Vic Mignogna is receiving support after being falsely accused of rape. Other than that, this movement needs to get it's shit together.
I remember that tweet (or tweets rather). I remember everyone in the online community I was a part of, were PISSED and were saying that it was the beginning of the end. Shortly after that tweet, I began seeing normalfags use anime as a social statement by changing their yt icons to anime girls and posing with katanas. Then, anime ops and eds began to skyrocket in views. Where there used to be around one to two million turned into twelve to twenty million. Anime became the "cool kid thing" and it pissed every otaku off because these were the same kinds of people that would kick their ass in highschool for watching anime. And then, of course, this led to companies already beginning to try to sanitize anime to make it PC and easy to swallow.
We wouldn't have to have these online mobs or "gates" if we simply knew how to tell these posers to fuck off. The metal scene in the 80s did a pretty good job of it, see we need to learn from them.
>> No. 629 [Edit]
>Well it's finally here and it's fucking gay.
It is? What is? before seeing this thread I don't think I'd have known something called "animegate" existed. In my eyes, not really much has changed lately, so how does this affect anyone side from those keeping close eyes on celebrity twitter accounts or what have you. I still have a real hard time believing anime is the "cool kid thing" now.
>> No. 632 [Edit]
>I actually saw a tweet
>I remember that tweet (or tweets rather).
>Most of the people involved in this movement are posers and ironic weebs

you've clearly got a social media obsession just like the rest of norman society, how certain are you that you're not part of the problem the you're complaining about?
>> No. 1718 [Edit]
I think the only reason left-wing boycotts work is not because little green haired goblins start boycotting you, but because they get all the banks that provide financing to look at boycotting you. Cultures within those banks are all universal, and are all foregone concluded. The co-opting of our financial services is a success. I don't know what we are going to do now.

We hurt budweiser to the tune of a billion dollars income a year, but due to the nature of the corpo we picked all it means is that they will make 14 billion dollars instead of 15 billion dollars.

Anime companies are smaller and can be hurt worse, but ultimately you are not their paymasters; ultimately that job goes to the banks.
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