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File 151084937447.jpg - (385.48KB , 1291x650 , 1391169946941.jpg )
374 No. 374 [Edit]
Did you know that, ever since the US forced Japan to do Democracy, the Japanese have elected the Liberal Democratic Party 95% of the time?
That means the LDP has been in government ever since 1945, with only maybe two exceptions.

What ever the Americans had hoped Democracy would do, I don't think they achieved it.
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>> No. 375 [Edit]
It's more difficult for East Asians to accept individualistic features into their societies. I think it's probably biological. Also reinforced by thousands of years of cultural development.
>> No. 451 [Edit]
Every time another party or coalition gets power, they royally mismanage the whole thing.

Murayama statement, which Japan is still dealing with since any apology is considered an admission of national guilt, Hatoyama who was and is an impotent lunatic with a batshit insane wife and fucked with the SOFA, Kan, who mismanaged the 3/11 disaster so spectacularly you would think he was doing it on purpose. DPJ is a laughing stock for a reason.

If the opposition were hellbent on making your country a defenseless shithole that can't recover from the disasters that the country is known to be prone to, you would vote for the only party with a competent track record, too, instead of the Yoko Ono style whackjobs who live in some sort of land where putting flowers in QBZ-95 rifles does anything.
>> No. 453 [Edit]
I find it interesting how the LDP is practically guaranteed victory but tax money still has to be spent to put on the show of Democracy.
Mottai nai, yet they have to do it because of the foreign, military enforced constitution.

Also just saw this:
>From the 1950s through the 1970s, the United States Central Intelligence Agency spent millions of dollars attempting to influence elections in Japan to favor the LDP against more leftist parties such as the Socialists and the Communists,[14][15] although this was not revealed until the mid-1990s when it was exposed by The New York Times.[16]
The irony.
>> No. 959 [Edit]
>I don't think they achieved it.
It doesn't matter. What politics can't ruin, business will.
Globalism is chewing up Japan to spit out another "human capital stock" type of nationless non-country, infested with foreigners and faggotry.
>> No. 960 [Edit]
The Liberal Party has been in power for most of the time in Australia as well, probably not 95% though. People like stability and for things to be the same, it part of the reason certain brand names and fast food are so popular even though they are often worse than their competition.
>> No. 961 [Edit]
Asia has other issues than those facing the west.
>> No. 962 [Edit]
Not anymore.
>> No. 963 [Edit]
File 160237240559.jpg - (149.52KB , 968x873 , 1565932667961.jpg )
Don't let rightist fearmongering scare you, China-sympathizers, and pressure from other neighbors pose a far greater threat than typical western issues.
>> No. 977 [Edit]
File 160624481220.png - (81.10KB , 573x982 , 1323543424.png )
I don't know man, I have a bad feeling about this.
>> No. 978 [Edit]
Yeah because that worked out so well for the US.
>> No. 979 [Edit]
And across Europe. They did it to my nation and they will do it to the Japanese too, because that's where there's money to be made.
It always works out great for the rich and the powerful who get easy access to millions of new labourers and customers, and for the governments which always like it when there's more people and businesses to tax.
The middle classes can mostly afford to dissociate and avoid the worst of it. Their relative wealth allows them to stay intoxicated with comfort and convenience, letting them observe the dismantling of their nation with indifference or even approval as long as their wallets are full.
The lower classes are abandoned, left to struggle alone against the miserable melting pot nightmare bestowed upon them by the elites. It's not a fight we can ever hope to survive, let alone win.
If a nation-state internalizes the characteristics of worldly liberal democracy and global capitalism a great replacement of its original people is inevitabile.
Life is pain.
>> No. 980 [Edit]
As a positive spin to this, that guy is the foreign minister, so his job is to be the "outward face" of Japan. Japanese officials paying lipservice to western bs is nothing new either. As western bs becomes more extreme, it makes sense that their lipservice would too. That picture only mentions nondescript "policy proposals on the vision of a future Japan", whatever that word salad means. No timeline or anything specific.

Post edited on 24th Nov 2020, 8:39pm
>> No. 981 [Edit]
Foreigners can already vote, it's just that getting that right is such a pain in the ass.
I imagine if this isn't just appeasement, Japanese passive-aggressiveness will prevail.
>> No. 982 [Edit]
Unless they start doing things like allowing foreigners to use kanji names, there's still going to be a de-facto separation of foreigners/natives.
>> No. 983 [Edit]
File 160670962532.jpg - (363.20KB , 800x735 , anime vs cartoon templates.jpg )
historically Japan likes cute from the start which is why Bokko will always be better received than garbage like Minnie Mouse and the only reason westerners complained over Minnie looking sexy in that fashion commercial is because the west is a mentally ill culture, after all the west celebrates fat women.
>> No. 984 [Edit]
>the west celebrates fat women.
I'd say it's something that a lot of people here are reluctantly forced to live with. Yes there are some people who claim to like it, but for every one who does I think there's another who's only saying as much to hopefully win some favor. I refuse to believe everyone here is okay with it. I see average sized men with women twice their size all the time, and I wonder to myself how these guys don't mind that. Call me vain but I think physical attraction is half of a relationship, and you can't have a healthy relationship if the sight of your partner naked makes you want to vomit.
I think it's something men here accept because there's not much choice. They want companionship, but they can't be picky. When most of the women are like this and complaining would get you ostracized, they must feel like there's no alternative.
Ironically, these same men would consider someone like me pathetic for not giving in and taking whatever I can get.
>> No. 985 [Edit]
>Yes there are some people who claim to like it, but for every one who does I think there's another who's only saying as much to hopefully win some favor.
It seems like it's a commitment thing. Very few guys actually prefer fat girls and if you dig down into those who claim to it's because "they try harder" or "are more loyal". I've seen women use the same logic to justify dating someone far larger than them. I can understand the visual appeal of chubby but these people try to talk people who are downright obese into being sexy when fat fetishism is really rare. Just look at porn and then look at the amount of self proclaimed "chubby chasers". It's gross that people view a partner fatter than them as a plus because they "try harder" and "won't leave". The extreme of this is feederism but you see the same thing play out in a much lighter way all the time.

Polite sage for off topic.
>> No. 1085 [Edit]
File 161305051951.png - (638.10KB , 921x894 , XPSM8205.png )
Fat acceptance is widely mocked even by progressive types, the only celebration of that is by fat fetishists and that happens in the east too if you dare to brave certain tags on Pixiv.
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