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File 163379800580.jpg - (720.18KB , 1080x1080 , 9b2e4dafa8c8953d40904ff4d7bf4fc3.jpg )
1428 No. 1428 [Edit]
Does a religion need any kind of supernatural element? Let's say I invited a religion called Soupism. The only rule is that you have to eat soup at least once a day. To be a Soupist, the only two conditions are that you follow this rule and consider yourself a Soupist. That's it. The symbol of Soupism is a cursive s. Does Soupism count as a religion?
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>> No. 1429 [Edit]
And if Soupism is not a religion, what is it?
>> No. 1430 [Edit]
Careful, I hear religions based on the concept of soup-remacy aren't popular these days.
>> No. 1431 [Edit]
File 16343911276.png - (1.82MB , 1651x2332 , B684B91C-44E8-4771-883E-5CAE9070DABC.png )
No, I don’t think you could call soupism a religion. In my own thinking, I’m not sure I ever identified the word “supernatural” as the unknown thing that takes something from a lifestyle or ideology to a religion, but I think you might be on to something. To me, what’s important is that a religion tacitly acknowledges the big universal questions of life (What am I doing here? How should I live my life? What happens after I die?) by giving mostly unquestionable answers to their followers. I wouldn’t call soupists, or even vegans, a group with much stricter rules, distinct moral beliefs, and culture a religion for that reason.
>> No. 1432 [Edit]
your point about vegans is good
>> No. 1435 [Edit]

Kidding aside, you raise a good point. But the distinction gets a bit blurred with cults, which may also provide "answers" to some of those questions you cited.
>> No. 1436 [Edit]
File 163451810394.jpg - (281.85KB , 771x1100 , 7248f541eef78e6a577c3ade1732de0c.jpg )
I think cults are a subset of religion, or maybe the larval stage of religion. Lots of popular religions started with a cult of personality.

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