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File 14629936184.jpg - (1.15MB , 1215x1300 , 47b1ef0c58bd40dc44f6b714d7ce0a45.jpg )
105 No. 105 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on genetically modified organism?
>> No. 106 [Edit]
As long as they can't genetically modify organisms into 2DQT sending them into the 2nd dimension turning them into beings that only are in the ideal plane of existence I don't care.
>> No. 107 [Edit]
The majority of GMO technology employed today is very useful (ie: high-yield crops and sterile insects). I've noticed that normalfags tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to the term "genetically modified" and ignorantly lash out at anything and everything bearing the label, though.
>> No. 114 [Edit]
Depends on what you mean by "GMO". Technically, we've been "genetically modifying" crops for tens of thousands of years (i.e. for as long as we have been selectively cultivating them for specific traits). On the other hand, factory meat and factory fruits and vegetables in cuckold countries like the U.S. are usually injected with or otherwise exposed to some truly heinous chemicals, the long term effects of which are mostly unknown at this point, but probably not good, and I wouldn't be particularly surprised if there's still even worse shit in some of the food in America than people are currently aware of.

tl;dr if you live in russia, buy gmo; if you live in america, buy organic
>> No. 116 [Edit]
I hope they release new fruits and vegetables soon. It would be cool if they released the developer kit too so you could invent your own. And I think randomly mutating seeds is a bad idea but other methods of genetic modification seem okay. I also think there are some really unethical practices involved but that's a different thing that's more related to just the companies I guess.
>> No. 117 [Edit]
Also, are posts from hidden boards now showing up on the front page?
>> No. 118 [Edit]
So people like to cite those foods being bad for you in the long run, but I think it's sadly a necessarily evil. Buying organic in most cities is cost-prohibitive unless you are lucky enough to live with your parents, are in a good economical situation, or have some amazing deals with your local markets / marketplaces. For example, I could buy a sack of potatoes to make puree, or I could just buy those powdered ones that cost €0.20 the packet.
How can a country be a "cuckold"? It's unable to engage in a romantic relationship.
>> No. 120 [Edit]
I'm not sure about the science of it since it's one of those things that's going to have fudged science on all sides of the issue. So you can't really go off the "facts" since you're just picking facts that already support your kneejerk reaction.

As an idea though? I don't really like them. Every time mankind invents something it seems to result in a great deal of short-term happiness at the cost of long term misery. It's been that way since the industrial revolution. I don't see why GMO's would be any different. They can claim they're safe but how can we know really? Companies are out to make money and if people feel a bit too stressed economically the government will try and kick the ball down the street for the next generation. Borrow from the future so the present won't revolt.

And like >>114 said, we haven't seen any long term studies. They haven't been around long enough, so claiming to know is a bit of a folly.

It depends on what sort of thing you're buying. If you're going for 100% organic, no pesticides, 100% fresh. Then yeah, it's going to cost tons. If you just pick up say, a bag of frozen broccoli it's usually pretty fair.

Unfortunately you don't know if it's GMO or not since requiring a label on GMO products is some sort of great profit killing evil. If they're so great, so safe, why do these companies shirk back at the thought?

You can also get your food cost really low if you're willing to eat tons of dry foods. Like rice/beans/oats.
>> No. 1533 [Edit]
GMOs aren't inherently bad because they're genetically modified (we've been selectively cultivating to induce changes over a longer-timespan for millennia), but rather because genetically modifying them opens up lots of downstream consequences:
* It allows crops to now be "patented." We're in the age of DRMd crops, and you can get sued for growing them without a license.
* Knocking our or inducing gene expression in crops can result in a situation where you're presenting the body with a novel compound (or combination) that it has not adapted to handle. This is less of a risk for minor adjustments (e.g. up-regulating or down-regulating expression), but for more radical changes where you're crossing species liens, it's a definite risk.
* Probably the most significant one: "roundup ready" crops just mean that the crops that you end up eating get doused with more pesticide than they used to. Also almost always they end up prioritizing hardiness over nutrition, so what you're eating is tasteless gloop anyway.
>> No. 1645 [Edit]
I want them to make a GM banana that tastes like banana candy.
>> No. 1649 [Edit]
It's called Gros Michel banana.
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