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No. 31 [Edit]
Hi guys, Ive seen that you have published timmed soft subs. I have done already 2nd and 3rd episode and im doing it every week. So if you want I can share with you however its done in Polish but im translating from this ugly yellow subs. Let me know if you are interested in.
>> No. 32 [Edit]
That sounds like it might be pretty helpful. If it's already timed, that should save us a lot of trouble. So yeah I'd really appreciate that, thank you!
>> No. 35 [Edit]
Ok, so please give me an email. Ill send you whole pack with subs and fonts. Sorry for inconvenience but itll make things easier for me to cnotact you in the future.
>> No. 36 [Edit]
Sure, you can hit me up at Tohno@tohno-chan.com
>> No. 37 [Edit]
I have sent you an email. Let me know if you received it or not. Thx.
>> No. 38 [Edit]
I got it and sent a reply. Thanks a bunch for reaching out to us and doing this.

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