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File 161161494959.jpg - (205.49KB , 1920x1080 , dekkai.jpg )
133 No. 133 [Edit]
ARIA The AVVENIRE Sound Novel consists of four 15-minute specials: two included in the NATURAL Blu-ray BOX (2016), and two included in the ORIGINATION Blu-ray BOX (2016). They're like the ORIGINATION Picture Dramas, but with even less character animation. They technically count as anime, but they're essentially just voice dramas accompanied by PowerPoint presentations played over an animated water background, hence the name, I guess, putting aside that the term "sound novel" has also been used before to refer to games we might refer to today as "VNs". (More precisely, the phrase used in the title is "saundo noveru", while the games mentioned above have been referred to as "saundo noberu".)

I couldn't find them in any English anime databases, nor could I find any English subtitles for them. (Incidentally, Korean fansubs and Chinese/Japanese bilingual fansubs for them have existed since 2016.) I did find a MAL thread from 2016, but there was no mention of existing English subs there. They don't seem to be included among the US BDs from 2020 either, so I decided to try subbing them myself. I took the timings from the Korean fansubs by Airin & Aria Cafe, majorly adjusted them, and attempted to translate the Japanese audio and text. The resulting subtitle files can be found here:

ARIA The AVVENIRE Sound Novel "Sono Pair no Hibi wa..." ~Azusa B. McLaren-hen~
ARIA The AVVENIRE Sound Novel "Sono Pair no Hibi wa..." ~Anya Dostoyevskaya-hen~
ARIA The AVVENIRE Sound Novel "Sono Party no Ato ni..." ~Aino Ai-hen~
ARIA The AVVENIRE Sound Novel "Sono Ureshi Hazukashi no Bokutachi wa..." ~Danshi-hen~

My translation uses American English with Japanese honorifics, except for "shachou", which became "President". "Kouhai-chan" is used instead of "Junior" or "Junior-chan", but "Yuubin'ya-san" became "Mailman-san". Akatsuki calls Akari "Momiko". The Italian names are used for Venetian landmarks, even though the Japanese names for them use not only transcribed Italian but also kanji. More direct translations for them are commented out in the subs. There are also some commented-out TL notes. Cat voices are timed but empty. I even tried translating the credits.

I know nothing about proper styling or typesetting, and no fonts are attached, so I used Arial and Times New Roman, and some of the values for the style fields, such as font size, outline, shadow, and margins, are taken from nedragrevev's ARIA BD subs or Asenshi's Amanchu! subs.

I don't know if I even came close to doing a passable job. The text I wrote feels stilted and awkward (although sometimes intentionally), and there are likely multiple translation errors or questionable translation choices. However, I hope my work can help enhance someone's viewing experience, at least. I have no plans to do proper muxed releases myself. I was considering posting this somewhere more public, such as kitsunekko or that MAL thread, but these subs really ought to undergo some kind of TLC/QC/editing/proofreading/polish before being distributed to a wider audience. I would especially appreciate people pointing out and correcting my listening comprehension mistakes.
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>> No. 134 [Edit]
Thanks for this, I had no idea this existed at all.
>> No. 135 [Edit]
Thank you for this. If you don't plan on doing it, would you mind if I uploaded this as a torrent to nyaa? I will give credit to your tripcode, unless you don't wish for that.
>> No. 137 [Edit]
As mentioned earlier, it'd be better for someone competent to scrutinize all aspects of this and make any necessary improvements before this is uploaded there. If you can do that or you can find people to do that, go ahead. I'd appreciate it if you credited me just by name, no need to include the tripcode.
>> No. 138 [Edit]
I'm happy to QC this, but I can only find eps 1-3 on Nyaa. Does the 4th go by a different name than "AVVENIRE", or could you send me a link over IRC?
>> No. 139 [Edit]
A friendly person sent me the files over IRC, so I will try to get to QC for this soon. I need to finish some library books first since they are due soon. So if anyone wants to beat me to QCing go for it.
>> No. 140 [Edit]
Keep us updated on how QC goes whenever you get the time. I'll upload it to nyaa and give both of you credit, assuming you're fine with that.
>> No. 141 [Edit]
File 161231572265.png - (11.52KB , 924x144 , avvenire ep 1 changes.png )
Episode 1 QC finished. I'll probably finish the others by the end of the week. Really minor changes here (pictured). https://files.catbox.moe/cvdm4d.ass
>> No. 142 [Edit]
Episode 2 passed QC, no changes.
>> No. 143 [Edit]
File 161264502030.png - (11.57KB , 972x190 , qc.png )
Ep 3 https://files.catbox.moe/pima1j.ass

Ep 4 https://files.catbox.moe/1rpgr3.ass

Changes noted in attached image.

Feel free to upload anywhere you like as far as I am concerned.
>> No. 144 [Edit]
Thanks for doing this. Would you like to be credited in the torrent? If not, I'll just credit Traditore.
>> No. 146 [Edit]
Alright, it's up if anybody wants the files.

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