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File 160558363354.jpg - (325.11KB , 1400x2000 , 7c3a7fdff2bc9bc8d6b54c6f47b27393.jpg )
7156 No. 7156 [Edit]
What kind of girls look best with guns and why is it nerds armed to the teeth?
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>> No. 7157 [Edit]
File 160558388539.jpg - (504.04KB , 1200x1600 , 7fc9c4399f8e82c9edf9eb086d97d409.jpg )
>> No. 7158 [Edit]
File 160558389857.jpg - (1.72MB , 1615x2250 , 250195742233f770d9ce319f41b78231.jpg )
>> No. 7159 [Edit]
File 160558391168.jpg - (341.51KB , 1288x1895 , a88a011c5fa70f88ef283cb9818921d7.jpg )
>> No. 7160 [Edit]
File 16055839263.jpg - (301.83KB , 1400x1979 , df217109b90b2922fdf83e6495557842.jpg )
>> No. 7161 [Edit]
File 160558396969.jpg - (205.76KB , 1900x950 , 大嫌いな学校に by エリック on pixiv.jpg )
I'm especially fond of school shooter girls.
>> No. 7162 [Edit]
I don't get the appeal of western memes infringing on anime girl territory. It's like those maga hat shops. In glorious nippon, teenagers don't idolize two matrix cosplayers who couldn't build functional bombs and didn't even kill their primary targets.
>> No. 7163 [Edit]
File 160558636462.png - (664.83KB , 1438x1057 , c8f23f28eb06ac1e5705bf04425acc0b.png )
If it's an explanation you want, you won't get it from me. I never saw school shooter girls, or shootings in general, as a meme. Blame zoomers for that.
>> No. 7164 [Edit]
File 160558746762.jpg - (77.51KB , 850x616 , sample_2e791718d1669adbaa2e7252a37cfd42.jpg )
>an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture
I'd say it fits. Pointless, self-centered, attention-seeking violence like that isn't something I would normally associate with Nippon. "School shooter girls" seem like a dumb, western influence.
>> No. 7165 [Edit]
I think "box cutter girls" would be more appropriate.
>> No. 7167 [Edit]
File 160558906915.jpg - (91.64KB , 600x869 , 72fd6a847544853f6377e29d4d04def8.jpg )
>> No. 7169 [Edit]
File 160558935366.jpg - (138.53KB , 1200x900 , 曇った顔も 今日は晴れ by エリック .jpg )
I didn't know you were using the old definition. Either way, congrats on figuring that out, I guess.
>> No. 7170 [Edit]
Anyone else finds the girls with guns subculture awkward? Seeing so much material like this being made in a country which has absolutely no guns is kind of embarrassing.
Even in American culture guns are mostly treated as props. You rarely see viewer's attention being directed specifically to a weapon, with some logical exceptions like Nic Cage in Lord of War waxing poetic about slavshit rifles being his bestsellers. I'd even say that most of the time western media briefly place weapon details in the spotlight it's done for laughs as seen in Terminator (Arnie in the gun shop), Jackie Brown (Sam Jackson reciting gun trivia he memorized from cheesy commercials) or The Fifth Element (Gary Oldman presenting the outrageous ZF-1 to his alien thugs).
Girls with guns on the other hand has this obsessive in your face quality, a tacky focus on the gun and other tactical operational operator high speed low drag tier 1 warfighter hooah meme equipment. To me it feels like the essence of the mall ninja, distilled and put on paper.
And for some reason I'm not bothered by let's say scale modellers who in a similar manner may seek to recreate every detail of a locomotive they'll never drive or even see with their own eyes.
>> No. 7171 [Edit]
File 16056229189.jpg - (1.17MB , 1000x1495 , ZZC 1431 Maid Musket t.jpg )
Well they are made by different people for different reasons. These images would be made by people with an interest in guns, Hollywood movies are not and they are made to entertain a much broader spectrum.

I think whether the country has guns or not is irrelevant and in fact I find many Americans probably awkward in the same way you see this even when they have guns. Having a gun does not mean you know about guns or that what you do is not embarrassing, sure airsoft is larp but they fully admit that, Americans often do not admit that what they are doing is larping as well however.
>> No. 7172 [Edit]
I tried re-reading your post but I still fail to catch your point. I live in a country were you can't have guns and I could never even have the chance to try one but I still like them and there's few things better than anime girls with guns. I don't really see what's exactly wrong with that.
>> No. 7173 [Edit]
File 160562400994.jpg - (82.63KB , 850x566 , sample_7d6715a7444a0dc14cf391c2a9f7a004.jpg )
Even if somebody knows about guns, the reason they picked guns as a hobby in the first place is probably larping. You don't see nearly as many bomb enthusiasts or pictures of girls building bombs because that's not as "glamorous". You can't wave a bomb around and look cool.
>> No. 7174 [Edit]
File 160562420193.jpg - (168.70KB , 1951x1359 , DZVIgxLVoAEKCI0_jpg large.jpg )
I'm dumb and I forgot to even post a pic.
Just curious, you're the kind of person that would criticize someone that likes or collects third reich stuff if the person in question isn't a nazi?
>> No. 7175 [Edit]
File 160562436619.png - (5.78MB , 2350x1835 , ZZC 1505 Mil Deu.png )
Well bombs are nowhere near as interesting to begin with so I don't think that point makes too much sense. It's not about looking cool, these people have a legitimate interest in firearms and militaria and thus want to draw anime girls with that.
>> No. 7176 [Edit]
File 160563139772.jpg - (60.01KB , 400x524 , 38da86a66f0bd93d41b87de86ba26d8c.jpg )
>Well bombs are nowhere near as interesting to begin with
Why? They're more destructive. A lot of bombs are one of a kind. They can be made out of many different things, they can function and be deployed in many different ways. Making and using them has a higher learning curve. There's also a lot of room for innovation, while guns can have been doing the same thing, just slightly better or worse in certain areas for decades.
>> No. 7177 [Edit]
The point is it's cringe, like a white guy with a hard on for oriental swords but worse.
>> No. 7178 [Edit]
File 160564617893.jpg - (468.58KB , 700x875 , __misogi_princess_connect_and_1_more_drawn_by_saku.jpg )
>Seeing so much material like this being made in a country which has absolutely no guns is kind of embarrassing.
That's exactly why. It's a fantasy. Don't think too hard about it.
I always liked the classic giant powder bomb type.

Post edited on 17th Nov 2020, 12:50pm
>> No. 7179 [Edit]
File 160564653875.jpg - (84.95KB , 667x800 , 1da206e1a611e90aca7fc8dc24da5f53c794aec2220bc8d1d1.jpg )
Oriental swords are cool, I don't see the issue.
>> No. 7180 [Edit]
File 160565641759.jpg - (714.85KB , 708x1000 , 25869f7fbeb1d83cec1a75e9a0822928.jpg )
>The point is it's cringe
Dumb, subjective, and frankly immature point to make. If you're going to go around looking for arguments you can at least try and be more subtle about it.
>> No. 7181 [Edit]
File 16056612521.jpg - (6.39MB , 3693x2543 , ZZC 1083.jpg )
Guns are more connected to doctrine and history and a more interesting object but that's just me. But even if somebody is a bomb otaku, that's fine and they can draw girls with bombs to their hearts content, nothing wrong with that either. It's whatever you find interesting, you may not like guns so much or see them the way that some others do but that's an individual thing. Syre bombs go bang but other than that not much can be done other than modify how they go bang and how they are detonated, even then often methods of delivery rely on another system like a jet or a cannon.

>There's also a lot of room for innovation, while guns can have been doing the same thing, just slightly better or worse in certain areas for decades.

I could say the same about bombs.
>> No. 7182 [Edit]
>I could say the same about bombs.
I wouldn't call car bombs and nuclear bombs the same thing.
>> No. 7183 [Edit]
Well the nuclear war heads themselves have seen little advancement since the hydrogen bomb, most of the development after that was about fitting them to various types of delivery system.

Car bombs again have not changed much since The Troubles.

In both cases it's basically the type of explosion and the delivery and that's it. There isn't much else to be done and advancements in delivery are more relevant to missile and aircraft technology than bombs.
>> No. 7184 [Edit]
>Anyone else finds the girls with guns subculture awkward?
No, that's fucking stupid. Don't post here.
>> No. 7185 [Edit]
No. You can go get ulcers from being mad at seeing an opinion different than your own.
>> No. 7187 [Edit]
File 160593791740.png - (283.09KB , 571x920 , d46c3227d89c1887ef278313f9515717.png )
>> No. 7191 [Edit]
File 160673655778.png - (2.37MB , 1796x2864 , bed98f2b4d75a2155741be24c6f58bc4.png )
>> No. 7196 [Edit]
File 160742209360.jpg - (5.17MB , 3072x4096 , 363dc6ce00b1e04c776187c372f3110e.jpg )
>> No. 7197 [Edit]
File 160742493139.png - (1.18MB , 1435x1500 , __original_drawn_by_gorilla_bun0615__4528b0f68626e.png )
>> No. 7198 [Edit]
(Nearly) flat chests and guns--the best.
>> No. 7199 [Edit]
File 160745697311.jpg - (788.52KB , 896x1754 , 1588439252611.jpg )
>> No. 7231 [Edit]
File 161566421645.jpg - (1.02MB , 2311x1884 , 習作 by ぐる on pixiv.jpg )

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