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File 132922802071.jpg - (498.91KB , 1000x1000 , 7516192.jpg )
3722 No. 3722 [Edit]
Good morning, Tohno-chan~

How about you post your favorite pictures of your waifu here?

Now, before you say something like about how this is better suited for /mai/, I want you to remember that this is /pic/, and is for picture dumps, which this thread is. There wont really be much, if any, discussion, just people posting their favorite pictures. This really could have gone to either board, but I chose /pic/ because of the basic idea behind the thread, and because we can post as many as we want here, away from the masses on /mai/.
Expand all images
>> No. 3723 [Edit]
File 132926663764.jpg - (338.13KB , 566x800 , Yuyuko 068.jpg )
Sounds like a lovely idea!
>> No. 3736 [Edit]
File 132962668659.jpg - (959.77KB , 949x1405 , maid fix copy.jpg )
This one is simply incredible.
I think the uniform's design suits her just perfectly.
(The original version had something that really bugged me, but I think I did a pretty decent job of removing it.)

I think I might get it made into a poster someday.
>> No. 3739 [Edit]
File 132993849995.jpg - (68.72KB , 453x600 , Kanako Halloween.jpg )
Usually i am not the man who likes witch costumes.....well, i think this´ll change.
>> No. 3740 [Edit]
Without the hat, it would basically be a gothic lolita outfit.
just saying.

Post edited on 22nd Feb 2012, 2:03pm
>> No. 3741 [Edit]
File 13299535192.jpg - (1.57MB , 1600x1200 , 78126.jpg )
It's been posted in /mai/ already, but it's my definitive favorite, so, worth the repost.
>> No. 3742 [Edit]

Come to think of it, most witch outfits are basically some kind of gothic lolita outfit with a hat. So its the hat that makes the witch?
Well, its cute so i don´t complain.
>> No. 3745 [Edit]
How did you find that man

I mean its obviously from, but 'm wondering how you came across it
>> No. 3747 [Edit]
I dunno, to me, witch outfits are typically very plain and simple, looking very poor and like something they might have made themselves from old rags.
Their outfits like witches themselves are usually supposed to be ugly.
Gothic lolita (and Victorian for that matter) style outfits tend to be rather elaborate, beautiful, and really stand out.
They're something that only the wealthy and high class would wear back in the day, not a class of society witches are usually represented as belonging to, often they're shown as living as outcasts in caves and old huts, isolated from the rest of society in places where they can't really get nice things like pretty cloths, and have to be self sufficient.

Post edited on 26th Feb 2012, 7:44pm
>> No. 3748 [Edit]
Uh, you asking something, i know that i have this image for quite some time now.
I must have found it on a very small site because it isn´t on the ones i´ve bookmarked, sorry that i can´t be of any help with that.

Yeah you got a point, nice explaination.
>> No. 4134 [Edit]
File 13407352825.png - (211.42KB , 536x858 , 007.png )
Here's one I like a lot, not sure if it's my favorite...
>> No. 4140 [Edit]
File 134168028822.png - (236.13KB , 640x478 , dorothy.png )
It may seem weird, but this is my favorite picture of Dorothy. It's a simple screencap but she looks so beautiful in the shot. Plus, when I saw her for the first time, it was this shot of her beautiful face looking at the viewer. It'll always be special to me...
>> No. 4192 [Edit]
File 134771767078.jpg - (105.31KB , 717x1000 , yande_re 22585 sample.jpg )
...I couldn't even tell you why.

It's just... "right".
>> No. 4195 [Edit]
File 134854366126.jpg - (489.48KB , 609x1000 , Asuka_I___We_all_love_Piano____by_NeoMarKOD.jpg )
I love piano as well.
>> No. 4196 [Edit]
File 134875269451.png - (2.25MB , 1355x2872 , kurisu.png )
This one is perhaps my favorite. It makes me want to go hug her from behind, lay my chin on her shoulder and kiss her on cheek.
>> No. 4451 [Edit]
File 13526021087.jpg - (452.08KB , 612x859 , ffea5bdae7e8d9578d6ebea1bebe0dc8.jpg )
posting one of my favorites, to celeberate my birthday i guess
>> No. 4674 [Edit]
File 136718597389.jpg - (96.18KB , 650x487 , 75a6010e30e152d6b69f19c3e7d974c1.jpg )
I think this picture captures her personality well.
>> No. 4675 [Edit]
File 136718996855.jpg - (971.13KB , 850x1200 , 7869451.jpg )
An older favorite
>> No. 4738 [Edit]
File 137842059235.png - (393.11KB , 735x575 , vlcsnap-5.png )
"It makes me so worried." Beautiful.
>> No. 4739 [Edit]
she's very pretty, indeed.
>> No. 5423 [Edit]
File 139672545698.jpg - (192.04KB , 715x1000 , Suzukawa_Naoto_full_1599645.jpg )
Wish there was more of him...
>> No. 5607 [Edit]
File 14227623698.jpg - (413.39KB , 700x646 , hiso12.jpg )
I love him the most with blue hair.
>> No. 6110 [Edit]
File 149938335676.png - (4.12MB , 2039x1447 , 1458953972670.png )
One of my favorites. The eyes are especially well done here.
>> No. 6738 [Edit]
File 152444300821.jpg - (1.04MB , 1010x1660 , salutierende Prinz (novcel).jpg )
I've been using this one as my phone's wallpaper for a while now. It's done so well.
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