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File 163217168253.jpg - (199.82KB , 1516x2048 , 0a4f8bd412c0ec7ad58d75d4c0ed7d2c.jpg )
38707 No. 38707 [Edit]
What's with the deal with eating food alone in the bathroom? Wouldn't the smell ruin the meal?
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>> No. 38708 [Edit]
File 163223663723.jpg - (80.81KB , 1280x720 , モテない.jpg )
Most HS don't have a cafeteria, which is a busy place anyways. Eating in the hallways is quite conspicuous. The stereotypical outcast or loner student likely won't belong to a club so they won't have authorized access to a clubroom during lunch break. Pretty sure the rooftop is off-limits. Courtyards are impractical during bad weather. You could eat at home, find a hidden spot such stairs or certain exit doors though they might be taken by the rebel and hooligan cliques or eat behind closed doors such as a bathroom stall.

I suppose the bathroom scenery gives it a more degraded and depressive vibe too, though IRL I never even considered a bathroom stall and simply hurried to and from home when the break was too short.
>> No. 38709 [Edit]
Toilets aren't always filthy. In any case, it reinforces the idea that an individual is more willing to put up with that than to be around people. As has been discussed in another thread, eating alone in public can be very awkward, and as the other poster mentioned there aren't really any place in school that naturally gives you privacy. Toilets are one of the safest personal space in public where people are less likely to intrude upon you. I've hid myself in toilets to give myself respite many times myself.
>> No. 38710 [Edit]
What about eating at your desk in class?
>> No. 38711 [Edit]
I agree with you, OP.
>> No. 38712 [Edit]
Students weren't allowed to remain inside the buildings (blocs as they were called) during breaks with the exception of the bar/lounge and library, and the classroom doors were locked. It was done to keep and eye on all students in the courtyard. Eating in the canteen or at home were the most common options. Bringing your own meal to heat up was done only by some teachers and seemed out of place for a student. Bringing a sandwich was perfectly fine but I really didn't feel like eating that everyday.

Simply eating and going back to class would be fine. The thing is most days the lunch break was long, more than 1h45, so it's not just the eating but also the hanging around. I'd rather play games, watch yt or animu in peace and comfort than sticking around with people who I had little to no shared interests with and sometimes got into trouble. Also the freedom.

Post edited on 21st Sep 2021, 11:36am
>> No. 38713 [Edit]
At school I'd just have lunch at any empty table, I was generally left alone. I'd eat quickly then head off to a corner to wait things out. I only hid in bathrooms at my first job when things got stressful and tiresome, and would spend a few minutes there on my psp to reduce that stress. It was worth putting up with the sounds of people pooping and pissing next to me. Eating there however? Yeah that'd be gross.
>> No. 38714 [Edit]
What the fuck kind of school has nearly 2 hour long lunch breaks?
>> No. 38715 [Edit]
My school was the same, the classrooms were locked during breaks but we didn't have such long breaks. Do students in your school live in close proximity to your school? It wasn't the case with mine.

There are toilets that are less visited and used, those are generally clean and secluded enough so you won't have people coming in. It's probably also wiser to eat something simple and easy to eat like bread.
>> No. 38716 [Edit]
I skipped lunch and went to the nurse's office or library. In my school, the nurse's office had beds with curtains to separate them into little private areas. They were supposed to be for sick people, but I laid there nearly everyday anyway.

Post edited on 21st Sep 2021, 2:33pm
>> No. 38717 [Edit]
School began at 8:30 and could last until 17. Long classes and long breaks. It was difficult to remain diligent for 90 minutes straight and there was definitely at lot of misconduct during lunch break compared to other 10/15 minute breaks.

A lot of students live reasonably close to the school they attend to here, yes. The region is characterized by a peri urban type of sprawl but it's not immensely vast.
>> No. 38722 [Edit]
File 163241629748.png - (2.65MB , 1603x2162 , __original_drawn_by_season_artist__cc83dbab66d2789.png )
My high school used to lock the cafeteria doors during lunch hours, so you weren't allowed to leave until the period was over, and you were typically assigned a table to sit at.
Eating in a toilet stall, dirty as it may be, would have been an absolute blessing.
I remember the few times I've tried that but got dragged out forcibly by teachers. Like they just wanted to see you suffer on purpose.

I envy you anons who had longer breaks and were able to go home or at the very least have a courtyard. They seem like nice schools.
>> No. 38723 [Edit]
Are you from the bible belt?
>> No. 38734 [Edit]
Bathrooms are too dirty to eat there but you could wait there until the break is over. The only toilet rooms worth visiting to wait in them were naturally the lesser-frequented ones, so it can't be the toilet near the schoolyard where all students are supposed to be during the break. Waiting, and maybe eating, at the roof is impossible so that makes the highest stairway in the building a perfect place to be left alone. But eating isn't worth under pressure, I would think and skip food until stuffing myself at dinner. But if there's such a psychological complex that a person can't eat around other persons, it can be extended to public places in general, no matter if it's a school toilet or a mall in which eating becomes uncomfortable.
>> No. 38735 [Edit]
>But if there's such a psychological complex that a person can't eat around other persons
It's way worse in school because you're all there at the same time, you all kind of know each other, and most people have a usual sitting area they feel entitled to.
>> No. 38738 [Edit]
At my high school there was a big campus that was totally open at recess and lunch so I'd usually find some corner away from everyone to eat in. Then when I was done with my food I'd move to the library so I could read on a beanbag chair.
>> No. 38741 [Edit]
I always thought it was meant to be a visual joke in media.
>> No. 38748 [Edit]
I always wished my school had a library.
>> No. 38752 [Edit]
I didn't eat in the bathroom, but I would retreat there during lunch or other blocks of time I would have had to be around my classmates. In junior high, we were assigned seats in the cafeteria for lunch and morning assembly, and since I didn't want to be around the vile people at my table, I would sit in the bathroom until we were sent to class. Apparently a bunch of teachers got angry that I was doing this, so I got yelled at and was prohibited from going to the bathroom at those times again.

I spent most of my lunch periods in the library during high school. It was pretty good; usually pretty quiet, opportunity to read a book while waiting for class to resume. However, there were instances where people would follow me in there with malicious intentions, forcing me to find somewhere else to hide.

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