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File 161657022977.jpg - (1.06MB , 1203x1543 , dd6c4cad8439a42de40ed0e740ca6f0a.jpg )
37957 No. 37957 [Edit]
Are there any character archetypes you are fond of or would like to see?
I like pure girls with dark skin and light hair. The resemblance to gyarus while having a very different personality is refreshing and the dark skin adds an exotic bit of excitement with the personality making for a strong amount of moe. It's even better if they're busty girls.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2021, 12:56am
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>> No. 37958 [Edit]
File 161660298773.jpg - (163.09KB , 850x631 , sample_901b2381d58a95011d45f92dbd42d679.jpg )
I'd like to see a show about actual military girls who wear uniforms and stuff, not ones playing pretend. The set up doesn't matter, it just has to have all female soldiers doing soldier stuff.
>> No. 37959 [Edit]
File 161660427196.png - (551.16KB , 751x923 , houri.png )
Houri(a type of angel) sounds pretty close to that.
>> No. 37982 [Edit]
Air, land or sea?
>> No. 37983 [Edit]
File 161677103439.jpg - (775.53KB , 850x993 , sample_a75ba2dcc7cbba7d9afb0af5e29f7e31.jpg )
Land. It would also be really cool to have something entirely focused on submarines in a waterworld kind of setting.
>> No. 37985 [Edit]
Oh, I don't know any land based anime that fits your description. Submarines are cool too.
There's a cool and funny air based anime that may fit your description. Aozora Shoujotai, I like it.
>> No. 37986 [Edit]
How about Soranowoto?
Maybe the upcoming Girls Front Line anime?
There's also Valkyria Chronicles, which has mixed gender armies.
>> No. 37987 [Edit]
File 161677988359.jpg - (216.73KB , 850x601 , sample_ceb119781ae2c3aab08a2e65f4bbf14f.jpg )
Soranowoto and Aozora Shoujotai look interesting. Something that feels grittier would be good. I guess there isn't much of a market for that kind of thing.

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